They got the Host back!

Yippie! I just heard on the Catholic news radio that the Host that was to be desecrated publically in Oklahoma has been returned to the Archbishop and it was the lawsuit filed that got it resolved this quickly. I guess there wasn’t enough money behind that particular group to keep it tied up in the courts for as long as it took for their public sacrilege to happen. However, the Host has been already desecrated by the theft and mishandling of It in the process of being stolen and handled and passed around, etc. This too is horrid, but I’m glad the legal trick worked.


Not to be difficult, but when I read the news story this morning, the first thought that entered my head was “How does the Archbishop know?”

Dogma states that there isn’t anything different in the appearance after consecration, and I’m surprised that catholics are rushing to accept the word of satanists that this is the actual one stolen and not an unconsecrated one that’s been substituted.

So why is everyone so certain that they’ve returned it?

We can’t be certain that they aren’t being deceptive. But the fact is they have formally declared so, and in doing so, they lost. If it turns out they hoodwinked everyone, that’s another loss because they will have proved they cannot be trusted. No one can abide liars; not even people disposed to be sympathetic to pagans.

So what is the prescribed method for proper disposition of the desecrated Body of Christ?

Hello Neofight.

That is at the discretion of the Archbishop who retained it. He may have simply consumed It. It may also be locked away to see if anything occurs to It. Some Hosts that were mishandled and returned turned into Flesh and when this happens it is a Eucharistic Miracle. Wouldn’t that be a hoot if this is how this horror story turned out?


Te Deum laudamus!!!

Peace and all Good!

Praise the Lord for its return!

It would be a true blessing if this happened & we had another Eucharistic Miracle for our time!

Don’t want to sound like a skeptic or cynic, but how do we know it’s a consecrated host? I don’t believe the satanists are above lying to get the lawsuit off their backs.

Sorry to be not completely happy about this, but like what some have replied. How can we be sure that its the same one? sure they have returned it, but I have not heard any news that they have cancelled the black mass.

Satan is the Lord of Lies, these people can lie at our faces and show a statement that they are returning it.

A consecrated host looks the same as an unconsecrated one, how are we sure that they did not just buy a host from a store and returned that instead of the consecrated one just to put on a show?

I think we should be on our guard more than before for this. Something smells fishy to me.

I’m glad it was returned.
The Satanists need credibility to con people into joining them.
Beyond that, Jesus can take care of Himself. If can make Himself present, He can abandon it when necessary, and return it to the form of bread. We don’t definitively know what Our Lord will do when these things happen.
It would be nice to see a Eucharistic miracle, but that is for God Himself to decide.
In the meantime, we rejoice.

I disagree…many people love liars.

It would be completely awesome to see a Eucharistic miracle in this age.

A number of years ago a friend of mine was at a Mass at a nursing home, and one of the elderly recipients dropped the Host. I don’t think the person who was receiving was aware enough to even notice. She alerted the priest, who sort of dismissed it. Thinking he would wait to retrieve it after Mass, she stayed, and told him again. He said “I told you not to worry about it!” and he left. She was horrified, and picked up the Host and wrapped in a tissue. She called a priest friend, who advised her to bring the Host to him and he would take care of the situation. My poor friend, whose Faith was dealt a severe blow (she grew up in the time when it was rarity to find a priest who was not 100% faithful to Church teaching), had to convince her Fundamentalist daughter-in-law to bring her to the “good” priest. Of course, her daughter-in-law, a former Catholic, laughed at her for being so upset. I guess the point is, the good priest dissolved the host in a glass of water. I think he then poured the water down the sacrarium (the special sink in the sacristy that goes directly into the ground).

If this was the consecrated Host, then how can they proceed with the black mass?
Will they have to steal another one?

I’m so grateful that the host was returned, but am horrified that Christianity is so despised by some. If this was a meeting to burn a Koran or to vilify the atheists, it would not have been allowed and the press would have been going insane with the story. The archbishop did the right thing. I also believe that Christ can remove himself from a consecrated host if it is not used properly. He cannot suffer again.

I am new to the site. Does a priest visit and give guidance or is this just a group of people with their points of view?

There are priests here, on staff for CAF, some that are mods, and some that simply post.
Welcome. :slight_smile:

This. There’s no point for them to proceed with their “black mass” if they don’t have a consecrated host to desecrate.

I think they are using ham. :shrug:

Speaking for myself, my first reaction to this news when I read it yesterday is that the last people on earth I would believe are the disciples of the father of lies.

With the grandstanding they’re doing, there’s no point in doing it unless they can tell everyone they have a consecrated host.

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