They say it starts at home

Our CCD program uses the Catholic school classrooms to teach CCD on Sundays. How many of you that put your children in CCD would love for your child to be in the class of a teacher that uses graphics, treats, and crafts to teach the children? What would you think if the DRE put out a letter that prohibited the CCD teachers from using the chalk boards, forbid leaving any trash in the waste basket and distributing any kind of treat to the children even if the purpose is to teach? My wife went off on the DRE today, justifiable in my opinion, because she defends the children. She’s been teaching bible classes since she was a teenager and helped her mother before she started teaching herself. She’s an amazingly effective teacher. This is the norm from our Protestant faith. Tell me what you think about the CCD program that is limited because of Catholic school teachers not wanting them in their classrooms or to leave even a little trace. In our faith we taught in bible classrooms of the school. No one ever complained about anything. In fact the elders would tell them to get over it and be happy that people volunteer to teach the children of parents that can’t afford private school. In fact, the children of the members that attend private Christian schools would be in bible classes anyway and frowed up on for saying we take our bible class in school.

I taught CCD for 10 years in the class rooms of a Catholic Elementary school. Yes, we were advised to leave the classrooms as we found them, but were not restricted from the blackboard, snacks, crafts etc. That sounds a bit much and unreasonable.

I would think you have volunteered to teach in my parish in my program. We use each classroom in the school for at least 4 sometimes 6 classes a week. One of the most important points in my job description is “don’t let the school have any reason to get mad at CCD” and rule #2 is “don’t give the school principal any reason to complain to Father about CCD”. yes we have an agreement with the school not to serve snacks in the classroom. Children must be taken to one of two approved gathering areas, where there are supplies, sinks, tables, trash cans etc. This is SoTex we have a huge insect and rodent problem. If even one crumb is dropped on the floor and I miss it, the classroom will be crawling with ants or worse when the school children come in Monday morning. There is no maintenance help on weekends, and I am the DRE, not the janitor, I don’t have time to clean 12 classrooms after each of 4 CCD sessions during the week.

I negotiate an agreement with each classroom school teacher on use of white boards, storage for CCD books, use of A/V equipment. Some are very generous, but the general rule is catechists are to use CCD supplies, including A/V, not anything that belongs to the school. White boards must be cleaned. Each catechist has a tool box with whiteboard markers, eraser, pencils, and all needed classrooms supplies. Using anything that belong to the school, the teachers, or their students is grounds for dismissal, for a CCD student, catechist or aide.

If you have volunteered for our parish program those are the rules which were explained in detail at the catechist orientation, and which you signed, and which every parent signed at CCD registration.

Home schooling is always an option and I will give you a free book.

Same with craft projects that are messy–classes are invited to use either of the large gathering areas where there are tables, art supplies, and they can dabble to their hearts content. I spent over an hour trying to clean glitter glue off desks in a classroom last week, and had to come back on Sunday afternoon to finish the job with better cleaning supplies, and make an arrangment with the school cleaning crew to handle the rug, which I had to pay out of my pocket to clean. You break those rules and you will not be volunteering with my program.

It’s a sad day for both the Catholic church and Catholic schools when Catechists/students have to walk on eggshells for fear of “giving the school any reason to be made at CCD” or “giving the principal a reason to complain to Father about CCD.” Some people might think the school/principal if really Catholic would be supportive of any program that teaches the Catholic faith. I once saw a sign in a Catholic school that said “Christ is the reason for this school.” Sounds like this has been forgotten - even in the CCD program as stated by puzzleannie “you break any of those rules and you won’t be volunteering in MY program.” YOUR program? I don’t think so.

I work in a Catholic school whose classrooms are used for religious ed classes.

It has not been a good experience.

*]The 2nd week of classes, one of our school kids was missing every single pencil, pen, crayon, and marker out of his desk. They never were found. This is called stealing - it is one of the big 10.:mad:
*]The 3rd week of classes, somebody wrote on our Smartboard screen with an erasable marker. Nevermind there was a HUGE note taped to the top of the Smartboard asking the RE classes to not touch it. They were welcome to use the whiteboard on the other end of the classroom, but that was never touched. Now we must take the extra trouble to tack up a blanket, physically covering the Smartboard screen, so no one writes on it.:eek:
*]We forbid snacks in any classroom. There are a few kids with allergies that we just do not want to take a chance that some kid with a peanut butter snack eats at the desk of a kid with a peanut allergy. Besides, classes are 60 minutes! I think kids can go 60 minutes without eating something!:rolleyes:
*]Despite clear desk arrangements being left, the desks are NEVER put back as they are found. The school teachers must come in earlier the next day to put their rooms back as they should be.:confused:
*]This week, a school kid placed her musical instrument inside her classroom at the end of the school day after practice. The next day it was GONE! Luckily, it did turn up - moved to another location inside the classroom. Some RE kid apparently moved it, and who knows what else. If it is not yours, DON’T TOUCH IT!:mad:
[/LIST]Oh, almost forgot the Christmas ornament decorating project CCD did last year using glitter…there was glitter EVERYWHERE - I kid you not. It was inside desks, on the floor, everywhere. The lack of cleanup was obvious. It was not appreciated.

I believe this is the reason Protestants are so much more knowledgeable and faithful in comparison to Catholics. Good post. I believe there is a direct correlation to poorly catechized Catholics and this hateful act of control and politics. We pulled out children out of Catholic schools after discovering what they were really like. They don’t teach love but rather how to be mean. Remember the movie “Mean Girls”. That’s what it reminds me of.

it is my program in the sense that I am the one who has to clean up your mess, and I am the one who is going to get fired, or pay out of pocket, or fix it, or get sued, if there is a problem. If you think calling it “mine” is a power play, you are welcome to name and claim this responsibility. These rules are for the health and safety of all the children and all the teachers, school and CCD. They do not have to be explained, they just have to be stated. If you have a problem, please call your pastor he will love to hear from you.

We bought our own supplies and much better than what was provided to us for CCD. Anything moved is because a teacher or student left it in a bad place that would be easily messed up. I realize the teachers are trying to protect their own children’s things. But really. Supplies can be replaced and like I said, if this happened in our class it would be dealt with. But these teachers refuse to allow us a storage place in their room and thus we have to do the back breaking effort every Sunday of moving a big box along with our own stuff to teach. It’s difficult sometimes.

You can’t paint with a broad brush! We don’t teach our kids how to be mean…we teach them to respect property! If it isn’t yours, don’t touch, use, or destroy it. Put things back the way you found them. Don’t leave a mess. Too bad the RE teachers in our parish don’t teach the RE kids the same policies!

I’m glad you have employement with the Church, but this is my point. Getting fired for doing the right thing is one thing, but ignoring your obligations to fighting for your children is another. Would you treat your ow children with such disdain?

You assume so much with so little information.

I see a tendency for Protestants to be more peaceful with each other than Catholics are with each other. The evidence is in the pudding.

tell me about it, I have damaged my knee permanently pushing book carts around the halls each session so I forced to ask the catechists or volunteers to do it, and make sure the older catechists don’t try. Previous DRE invested in 2-drawer file cabinets for each classroom for CCD books, and new principal dumped them without asking. So I put rubbermaid bins in each classroom, with principal’s permission, but some teachers have moved these out to the hall, it is a continuing battle, and resolved as I say only if I am able to spend time–when I should be doing something else–to negotiate a truce with each and every school teacher. some are so nice and helpful but others are not.

the rule remains, you cannot touch anything that belongs to the school, teachers or students. that is grounds for dismissal from CCD. School parents pay over $4 grand tuition, CCD parents pay $25, not enough to cover damages from even one rampage (spreading glue all over the inside of a desk, damaging with indelible paint a craft project a school class had worked on for weeks intending if for their fundraising auction a loss of over $1000, damaged computers, CD players, chairs, tables, etc. I have to buy a new CD player because I know now without a doubt it was a catechist who used it and broke the latch on the player and the teacher’s CD that was left inside). I don’t have the budget for this.

$40 for us. You deperately need to get your priorities in line then…I mean defend your children and defend your catechists. Foowy on anti-Catholic catholics that hate those of us whe can’t find a place in Catholic schools or friendships. Catholics are by far the most snobbish folks I’ve ever met. The only reason I’m here is because I don’t have a choice. The Eucharist and for me salvation, knowing the truth. What did Jesus pray…“that they may be one”. This is a case for Peace and Justice, being treated so hatefully. …and by whom??? Catholic educators. shameful

I am just basing it on what you’ve posted! If there is more, please do tell!

Too long. But my son’s teachers is a fallen away Catholic with an uncle that left the Church as a Catholic priests and married. Now he’s a Methodist minister and the family followed. She revealed her disdain for Catholics as people. I knew it was time to get him out because was smart enough to compare his previous public school by saying “at [school name] the teachers had bad days once in a while.” Then I said what about [catholic school name] he said she’s mean to him everyday. Had I not visited her on several occasions I may have thought he was exagerating. But I witnessed her with my own eyes and ears. I’m surprised she’s still there. I talked to father and the principal about it. But as long was we have Catholics unwilling to stand up to mediocrity then this will end up like those Catholic schools in New York…charter schools.j 50 years ago the public schools were not better and many are not today. But laws are slowly changing that protect children from abusive teachers. I remember mine in the public school. My wife is a teacher and I’ve taught before. I’m glad for some of the laws in existence today - but that’s another topic…


We really only had one “mean” teacher, and she retired a few years ago. She was only “mean” to those who did not follow the rules. My kids were sometimes on the receiving end of her ‘mean’, but usually they had not been listening while she was teaching, or running down the hallways, etc.

I do think everyone should follow common courtesy…including RE teacher! :smiley: This would include not using school kids’ supplies, returning things as they found them, not jeapordizing a $1000 Smartboard screen by writing on it, etc.

What exactly ARE they teaching the RE kids by example when they do (or allow) these things to happen?!?

It’s a sorry day when a lousy school supply item is more valuable than a child, It’s even worse when a violation of a rule is grounds for dismissal. Maybe that’s why so many CCD programs are going under - children aren’t allowed to make a mistake without fear of excommunication.

What you don’t know is that my son is one of the sweetest boys you’ll ever meet. He’s anxiety prone on top of shy. He’s very timid. He crawls inside. I was just like him as a boy. So was my wife. It’s no wonder people compliment us on our children quite often. In fact they received many awards for good and respectful behavior. No, It wasn’t right to allow him to fall behind in academics in a Catholics that was supposedly ahead of the curve. That couldn’t me more untrue. We discovered he was doing 2nd grade material in a 3rd grade class.

Our oldest son went from a private Catholic college prep school and when we chose to transfer him back to a Public high school we also discovered just how far behind he really was. We were appalled and very thankful that we caught it in time. In his class the school owners children were caught red handed cheating and others were doing the same to make the grades. We’ll have nothing to do with them now. The principal tried to defend the kids by saying they score really high on the SAT. I told him but at what cost? Allowing children to teach sends the wrong message and no telling what they’d lie on in their future - like killing a patient or designing a bridge beyond their capabilities. etc. No, We’d prefer to teach our children ethically clean behavior over prosperity.

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