They sued the Vatican!

This is shocking:!/notes/catholicen/sexual-abuse-case-filed-against-vatican/131993863490844

So why don’t we just start suing any country who has a citizen whose citizen comes here and commits a crime.

erm… Facebook is kind of dodgy when it comes to reliable news sources.

Here is a link from ABC News.

Apparently the lawsuit was filed in March, and what happened yesterday was the Vatican’s response to it.

[quote=ABC News] The Vatican is asking a federal judge to reject an attempt to question Pope Benedict XVI under oath in a Kentucky sex abuse lawsuit on the grounds that there has been no evidence of a link to church officials in Rome.

The arguments filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Louisville also say that forcing Benedict, a head of state, to give a deposition would violate international law. The U.S. considers the Vatican to be a sovereign nation.

Louisville attorney William McMurry asked to depose Benedict and other Vatican officials in a motion in March and the filing on Thursday is a response. McMurry has also asked that the Vatican turn over administrative documents and respond to questions related to the abuse scandal in the U.S.

The Vatican contends that it has already released thousands of documents, and that these show no connection to Rome.

The Archdiocese of Louisville reached a settlement with McMurry back in 2003. He was representing some 240 victims, and the settlement was for $25 million.

I guess that wasn’t enough for him.

Actually that particular FB source writes directly from the Vatican Information Service and Vatican Radio - sorry my bad on the headline here on the thread.

Why not just sue the president of the US, it happened in his country, or sue his own parents for having him… It’s absurd to sue an unrelated head of state for an unconnected crime that happened in another continent.

How about doing the logical thing and suing the person or persons who committed the crimes, instead of the head of state? If it weren’t for their blatant anti-Catholic agenda, that’s what they’d be doing. :rolleyes:

The individual filing the suit is driven by nothing but hatred of the Church.

Here’s a good summary of what’s happening:

Because there is no where near as much money in that!

and money is the root of all evil.

Perhaps, but the Facebook message was wrong. The lawsuit was not filed yesterday. What happened yesterday was the Vatican’s response to the lawsuit which was filed in March. You might want to double check any news you read on Facebook.

Love of money, not money itself, money is an inanimate object and so is morally neutral, man’s attitude towards it is what is evil.

"For the desire of money is the root of all evils; which some coveting have erred from the faith, and have entangled themselves in many sorrows. " 1 Timothy 6:10

An important distinction.

I think we can all agree that the lawyer is in it for the love of money. Bloody ambulance chasers.

I am always amused by the observation that lawyers are “in it for the money.” Most professionals are “in it for the money” as are most working people, whatever they may be doing. In these cases though, they usually didn’t have to chase an ambulance since in many cases they were not retained until decades after the injury had been inflicted.

I think the important distinction to make here is there are actually two different issues here. One was the suit filed in March. The other was the motion to depose Pope Benedict XVI himself. Please, the abuse happenned well before he was Pope - so what are they looking for. They want in to the Vatican records. Please - those records are closed for a reason and we must have faith.

These have no regard for the Church. they are doing something very evil here. they are trying to lead the world into believing that Church is nothing but just another business. they dont see the Church is a divine intitution stablished by Christ. they have no fear of God.
those who fear God would not do such.

Obviously that’s not true. Members of other denominations, e.g. the Church of Christ, fear God, but do not see the Catholic Church as a divine institution established by Christ.

I read the link and I don’t want to derail this thread but at the end of it, it said that head’s of state can’t be prosecuted. How then did Milosevich get sent to the Hague? At the time, he was a Head of State.

Actually, I think he stepped down as president and was arrested six months later. After authorities decided they couldn’t successfully prosecute him in his own country, they transferred him to the Hague where he could be tried for war crimes.

I believe so, and “war crimes,” “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” are considered a special kind of crime, that can be prosecuted where other crimes would not be allowed. This is just a civil suit so they do not have the force of criminal law nor these special crimes defined in international law to help them win this case.

Yes, after he stole the election there was a popular but essentially peaceful uprising, and the true election winner Vojislav Kostunica was installed as president. There was some legal wrangling, but Milosevich’s & Kostunica’s party which controlled the parliament was unwilling to change the constitution to allow extradition, so Slobo sat under house arrest for awhile, with his own loyal goons as security around his residence.

If I recall, the justice minister took the unconstitutional move of securing the former president (which could have been rather dicey), and flying him off to the Hague. A couple years later the minister was assassinated. I think Kostunica’s party is now in the opposition.

is it not what i just said?

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