They're At It Again At My Job

This time my job is making us do a class that they say is required. The class is two days long and we’re not being paid for it because they’re allowing us to use the continuing education credits towards renewing our EMT or Paramedic certification.

The first day we can choose from is on one of our shift days and the second we can choose from is one of our days off. Also have to drive 90 minutes to the class from my apartment.

Tbey are making my partner and I choose different days so that they can try to find someone to cover for the person in class, however people tend not to pickup shifts from others. My partner lost two days when I was out sick. So, my partner and I will possibly lose out on three different days of pay because we’re not getting paid for the two day class and our shift may get canceled.

What is also making me mad is that I am already having to pay for CEUs because we need a total of 32 and this will only give 16. So, I still need 16 and the price I will pay will be as if I need 33 still. So, I am losing money there as well.

This has my very mad and upset that this company is like this. They say they are Christian based and out New patch will have the Ichthys on it with the company y logo, but I feel this company is anything but Christian.

I washed my shirts and my dryer didn’t dry them overnight, so I wore a t-shirt that has the company name and logo, and the big boss asked me why I was wearing that shirt and I explained it to him and his response was “I should have worn it soaking wet because he has done that.” I almost lost it then.

I just don’t even know how to handle this. This is the only company that had allowed me to work the days that I work, but I had to fight to keep them.

I just want to cry at this point because I feel trapped!

Contact your state labor board. It sounds like you are a non-exempt employee. They cannot require you to do work they don’t pay your for, including company required training. You should seek legal advice from the state labor board.

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Agree, your State has labor laws, the Federal Government has wage laws.

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