They're building a Mosque in my neighborhood


Should I be concerned? It is a stone throw away from my house.


No. There are other people in this world who have different religious beliefs than yours, and if you want yours to be accepted, you have to practice a little tolerance yourself.


Common Sing if it was in your neighborhood you wouldn’t be a little concerned. Be honest.

If you say no then I think you are way too naive.


Is it a concern that there are Muslims in your town? If not, why then be concerned about having their place of worship near your home? :slight_smile:

What are you concerned will happen?


A mosque in the neighborhood is an opportunity to talk with (read: “propose conversion”) a whole new set of people…!

Go for it…! :slight_smile:

No christian “seeks” to have their faith “accepted” by anyone.

They simply have it.

They do not “bargain” with others in any way for the acceptance of their faith, and do not “bargain” with others about theirs.

But they do UNDERSTAND that others DO have other faiths, and those people are to hear what the christian has to say about the truth.

One does not tolerate the fact that different people have different faiths,… one accepts it.

To “tolerate” implies that one “puts up with grudgingly” a situation.

To “accept” is simply living within reality.

It is unwise to be “tolerant” of anything that one considers an “evil”, and only an evil can be “tolerated”.

Do not be “tolerant”,… be respectful of reality and strive to accomplish the opportunity that this new “reality” presents.


I have a mosque about 3 minutes walk from my house. In all honesty - I am not a bit afraid. For one thing Muslim terrorists would probably NOT attack an area that had a mosque in it, no??

Franciscan, you really ought to get to know at least a few Muslims as people. I shared a house with one for three years. Funnily enough the vast majority of 'em are just like you and me. And don’t tell me that we Catholics and Christians don’t have our share of murderous nutjobs (IRA anyone?)

I am much more afraid of the ‘womens health clinic’ up the road in the other direction - after all, they are right this very minute advocating and performing abortions and killing babies :frowning:


I am on a college campus with a high percentage of students from foreign countries. This includes Muslims. I am most definitely not afraid. I don’t know if there’s a mosque anywhere near, but I wouldn’t be worried if I saw one. I’m not judging all Muslims by radical terrorists, just like I would hope they won’t judge me by George Bush and the invasion of Iraq.

I guess that makes me naive. Or maybe following “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.


There’s always a chance that the Muslims who worship there may be extremists.

I realize that there are non-violent Muslims but the problem is with the Koran and the belief system which itself can be very ‘intolerant’.

In WWII we Americans created internment camps for Japanese. As unjust as this may have been we were at war and there were many normal people who supported that.

We are at war with people who claim to be motivated by the very religion which now has a material presence in my backyard.

It’s not a fear, it’s a concern. I dont want people preaching that Jews and Christians are sub-human, and ought to be second class citizens. I dont want so-called moderate Muslims participating in the same religion as the radicals without speaking out against them to their own congregation.

So even if they were moderates, a silent moderate is an acclomplice to terrorism. I believe all Imams have a duty to vocally reject terrorism to their congregation. If they did this I would be happy.

But who knows what they’re saying in there.—That’s my concern. Could you raise a family in that uncertain circumstance without being a little concerned? (Dads are you hearing me?)

Where am I going wrong on this?

BTW I am very level-headed, not paranoid, and respectful of the freedom of religion.


I would be concerned as to what they were teaching there.


You really think that if the mosque isn’t built these extremists will disappear? Of course not - they will continue to preach and spread their message and people will continue to believe it if they choose. The existence or not of mosques has nothing to do with it.


I heard a recent episode of Kresta in the Afternoon (Catholic radio show) where they had actual recordings of what was being said in the most mainstream mosque in the UK. Now, I was listening to this during the hectic dinner-preparation hour with toddler running around and baby crying and trying not to burn dinner, so I missed the name of the mosque. But basically, they were teaching what Mohammad wrote. I remember one quote “If anyone changes his religion from Islam, kill him.” It wasquite chilling to hear the Imam(?) say that. Directly from Mohammad’s teachings. And being taught in the *most mainstream *mosque in the UK. Not an “extremist” group. Mainstream.

Yes, it may not be as bad as an abortion clinic or a strip club, but to be honest, I would be concerned if a mosque opened up in my town. And yes, I’ve known Muslims “as people” but that doesn’t change my view of a *mosque *that teaches to kill human beings, for whatever reason. It only adds to the culture of death.


Because the Catholic Church never executed people for heresy.


The question your’e raising is –

How important are mosques to the spread of radical Islam?

Based on recent video footage of undercover cameras in mosques where we see radical Imams preacing in no uncertain terms that death to the infidels etc… I would say mosques are critical to the spread of terrorism and the SYMPATHY for extremism.

Im not so much concerned that there are radicals, Im concerned that there are symapthizers or radicalism supporting and spreading this mindset.


There could be extremist Christians living in your neighborhood too. There might also be lesbians, or gays, There might be gasp Protestants around the corner from you.

Why is it suddenly ok to treat Muslims in the country the way we treated Irish Catholics in this country just a little more than a century ago?


Interesting, Sam.

Let me clarify my original post: I wouldn’t be afraid of the mosque being in my neighborhood. I am concerned, as a faithful Catholic, about sharing the fullness of truth with others, including Muslims. We should not presume on anyone’s damnation, but neither should we presume on their salvation. This includes Muslims.

As stated above, it is an opportunity.


I’m not really raising any question, because I know the answer, having as I said lived with Muslims. The message is by far most often spread, as is all Islamic and non-Islamic learning most effectively spreads in this day and age, by books, tapes, videos and dvds, not to mention the internet. A man speaking in a mosque is not nearly as effective!

Rather like you’re spreading yours by means of CAF rather than getting up in your local church to speak :wink: - and I’m only comparing methods, not commenting on the content of your and CAF’s message as opposed to anyone elses.


Here’s what I want…

  1. Who is the preacher/teacher/Imam (the guy in charge).
  2. I want an investigation into his backround.
  3. I want transcripts from his sermons.
  4. I want the immigration status of every member of the mosque.
  5. I want to know the countries that each have originated from.


Based on some of the responses, maybe that is over reacting. But given the world we live in and 9-11 it may be a reasonable response.

I think some responses are not based on first putting yourself in my shoes. If it was your neighborhood you would be a little more realisitic.


ok I got your point.:slight_smile:


It’s human nature to be a bit “rude” to newcomers and the different.

It’s not “OK” to threat them that way,… but it is understandable.

When something becomes understandable, it becomes “manipulable”.

When something regarding human nature becomes “manipulable”, it becomes correctable by the authority whom the “perpetrator” respects.

Who do the “perpetrators” respect enough to obey?

What does the Church say regarding these “different newcomers”…?

If the “perps” aren’t Catholic, what authority do THEY respect and obey?


Yet another freakin’ reason to make more Catholics…


Is this level of sarcasm really necessary on Catholic boards? :frowning:

The fact is… I stress the word FACT… neither the Irish Catholics of a century ago, nor any ‘extremist Christians,’ nor any Protestants that I know of go around killing 3,000 people in a day or preaching that we should kill those who don’t accept our religion, nor practice terrorism in any way.

Executing people for heresy?? It’s been at least 500 years. Terrorism is going on NOW. It is wonderful to see so many do not live in fear, but I think it’s wrong to ridicule someone who, looking at what has come out of Islam, DOES have some concerns.

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