Thief returns Jesus statue with sorry note



Thief returns Jesus statue with sorry note

Elmira, Ont., sculptor Timothy Schmalz says he feels “uplifted” and “happy” after his latest work was returned, along with a sorry note, to the downtown church from which it was stolen about a week ago.
The life-size statue, called Whatsoever You Do, had been sitting outside the Church of Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields in downtown Toronto since September.
Schmalz, whose work has recently been praised by Pope Francis, initially expressed shock when the statue was stolen last week by an unidentified thief. Now that’s it has been returned, along with an apology note, Schmalz said he feels “optimistic.”

“The fact that it’s back and this man actually had the courage to bring it back and actually even write down ‘I’m sorry’ on it really makes me feel optimistic about Toronto and people’s nature in general,” Schmalz told CBC’s The Morning Edition host Craig Norris on Monday. “Everyone basically does mistakes and this guy had the courage to fix it as much as he could.”

How very . . . . . . . Canadian.


Nice story! Elmira is very close (20 miles from my hometown). Thanks for sharing!


When the Holy Spirit moves people listen! :slight_smile:


I assume the owners of our local Catholic bookstore have little problem, if any, with shoplifters. Can you imagine the audacity of any Christian, Catholic or not, stealing a religious icon? I’m glad this guy saw the light.


Glad to hear it was returned.


One of my many inconsistencies…I don’t have to believe in a particular faith to respect their religious items. It’s the height of bad taste, whose going to want it, and my usually gentle father might do a temporary return from beyond to explain to me, in a very memorable way, why such behavior is wrong.


I note the bloke hasn’t turned himself in.

To some extent it reminds me of the story about the IRS (or ATO over here) getting a note with some money in an envelope, with apologies from the sender for not paying the correct tax.

At the bottom of the letter, there was a P.S. -

“PS - If I still feel guilty, I’ll send the rest.”


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