Things are so much nicer here


It’s so wonderful to have a warm place to go where I can be myself, express my beliefs, and feel at home.

I feel like I just came in from the storm. I’ve just been insulted and attacked on a forum I’ve been a member of for four years basically because I’m outspoken in my beliefs about God and family. My stomach is in knots right now. I don’t even know why I let this bother me, but this internet group was like “family” to me.

I guess I just needed to vent. :frowning:


I have two memberships to two websites’ forums: CAF and WHT (webhostingtalk) :slight_smile: And within each of the sites’ forums, I still have to avoid certain forum.


Bless your heart…

That’s about how I felt while attending the Episcopal Church…:rolleyes:


Sorry, I know how tense things can get in debate. Four years is a long time, then it turns into a digression over your faith? I am sorry momma.

Is this concerning what you posted about smoking?

Big hugs, glad you are comfy here. I am too. You guys have been so awesome to me in just the lsat few days alone I am feeling very appreciative. :thumbsup:


That was part of it, but not all. There is one particular (“popular”) poster that has been hounding me and indirectly baiting me. I would even go as far as to call it harassment. I’ve ignored her until today when it blew up over something very inappropriate she said.

This has been brewing with her for months after topics came up about family size and God.

What really has me so upset is that she verbally attacked me and not one person came to my defense…people I considered internet “friends” for a long time.

Am I crazy or something? I mean, I know it’s only faceless people and just like DH would say, “why do you let it bother you?” (which is why I’m venting here and not to him :rolleyes: ). But man, I just can’t get this feeling out of my stomach.

I’m frustrated because I don’t want to leave the site, but I’m tired of being baited by everything I say, and harassed. So I feel like I’m at a crossroads where I either have to leave or put up with this persons attacks. :frowning:


:hug3: :console: God bless you for fighting the good fight, masondoggy!

Just take to heart what Jesus said - ‘blessed are you when men revile you and speak all kinds of evil against you unjustly for my sake!’ :getholy:


Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:


Those people have shown that they are only “fair weather friends” and really don’t care about you. Leave that site and never go back. It’s not worth this disruption to your peace. You can still pray for them :thumbsup:


I know how you feel Masondoggy. I have friends in a St. Gerards group on a public mom’s board and the rest of the mom’s board makes me feel that way sometimes (not my Catholic St. Gerards friends). I always look forward to your posts here on CAF and I’m glad you’re here.


Yes, I had to leave another board because I “wouldn’t play nice”. I cannot encourage people to continue sinful lifestyles, nor can I hide that my faith affects every part of how I interact with people and live my own life. Therefore I’m ‘judgemental’ and ‘hateful’, because I stand up for Christian morals. :shrug: Whatever. You’re right, it IS nicer here! And we do really like you here, too! :grouphug:


Here’s a new Catholic women’s forum that you might be interested in joining to replace the rotten one you left. :slight_smile:


They may be ‘faceless’ people but they are people nonetheless. They can actually be even nastier when they cant see the person they’re attacking.
I’ve had a couple of occasions on here, not a real attack but certainly uncharitable and it does hurt.
Masondoggy, Good for you for standing up for your faith! Remember they need prayers… tell them that you’ll pray for them, they may get angry but it’s just what they need.
I find in this world of so called ‘tolerance’ people tolerate everyone else but catholics.


That is the truth, isn’t it?


:hug1: I’ve been there, too. I just ended up leaving because I didn’t like how much it was bothering me. I had been there for 3 years at the time and it was hard to leave some of the people but 2 years later, I’m so glad I did.

I definitely agree with the PP who noted that being tolerant and non-judgemental doesn’t apply to those who are being intolerant and judgemental towards those who are Catholic and/or conservative. Very frustrating and hypocritical and now I find myself praying for them when I get angry thinking back to some of the stuff that was said. Wasn’t so easy when it had just happened, though. :wink:


I do pray for them. In fact, I was thinking this morning about praying a novena to St. Therese for this woman. She is a miserable creature. She has completely rejected God and anything good and she has a very hostile attitude about children. And she doesn’t hide it at all. Most people who dislike children tend to keep their views to themselves, but she has offended me more times than I can count by her comments. I try to be patient and ignore her, but sometimes there comes a point where you have to speak up and defend yourself when somebody is harassing you. That’s what sparked the blow up yesterday.

Thanks for the support and letting me vent. I feel so dumb for getting so upset over some “faceless” person attacking me. That’s why I can’t vent to people irl because they just don’t get it. But it’s upsetting all the same as if it was an attack irl. It’s not even the attack that has me so upset, it’s the fact that out of a group the I considered “friends” for four years, nobody came to my defense and basically gave her a pat on the back after saying some very inappropriate and offensive things to me. That what has me so upset. I really could care less what this woman says or thinks about me, it’s that nobody backed me up. I thought that’s what “friends” did? :confused: :frowning:

Sometimes I think people can be nastier to others online than they are to your face. I guess hiding behind a computer screen can bring out the worst in people.


People say things on the internet that they wouldn’t normally say face to face. Often times people abuse that priviledge, I know that I have been guilty of it a time or two. :o


You can get yourself a nurf brick and when you need to chuck it as hard as you can at your computer monitor. It wont damage the monitor, well … usually. It just bounces off and then you have to get up and go pick it up off the floor. Then you smile because it’s so dumb to throw a brick at a computer monitor. Then you think, hey while I’m up I should get some chocolate … ahhh that’s the ticket, CHOCOLATE!!!



I wonder what will run through DH’s head when he sees me throwing things at the laptop?


Heck, you didn’t tell us that you had a laptop! In that case, you just throw the laptop and forget the nerf bricks altogether!!! :smiley:


No thanks. Then I wouldn’t have a computer to stop in her and hang out with real friends. :grouphug:

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