Things bothering me - about a girl


Ok, so I’ve been talking to this girl online for 3+ weeks - met on Catholic Match. We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. We are just “friends” but plan to become more as we think about each other and stuff a lot.

Last night she added me on facebook. So I was looking through her pictures and there were some that bothered me from a friend’s bachorlette party. She appologized to me about them. We have talked about morals and I am the type of person who doesn’t drink, smoke, or do anything that other people or myself might think is wrong. She has good morals, but does drink socially.

I know I’m the type of person that I let things bother me too much. I couldn’t sleep last night after seeing some of the pictures and comments. It wasn’t anything big to most people, but I guess I want this perfect angel, which I know there probably isn’t. There was a pic of her kissing a guy for a game and another of a guy eating a peice of candy necklace off of her, and stuff like that. She said she felt bad for letting me down and I wasn’t sure what to say, because I was disapointed. We are both shy and haven’t really had much for relationships, but that night she had some fun. It’s the type of things I wouldn’t ever do and that bothers me that she did. Also, I haven’t ever kissed a girl and think that it is something very special, so that’s why her kissing one just for fun (a game) bothered me.

She ended up falling asleep while we was talking (It was pretty late and she had been gone all day with her mom until after 10 p.m.) and we are spose to talk again today. I’m just not sure what I am spose to say, since it is bothering me, but I still want to be more than friends with her. (As hopefully there isn’t any more than that)

I would appreciate any advice. Thanx.


My aoinion is that if you want to be more than friends, you shold talk to her about it. A good and helthy relationship is one that is always open and truethful.


Ok, we did talk this afternoon. It had been bothering both of us a lot since last night. (Also, I should have been a little more specific. - The kiss picture was on the lips, but nothing real, a peck. These things were part of games they were playing.) And she is conservative for the most part. - Her friend of course took picures and placed them on facebook of her being more “wild” than usual.

So we talked about things and we are both feeling ok with things now. I did end up telling her more why it bothered me and stuff (we have been very open and honest with each other about everything) and that helped. Because she also, hasn’t had what she would call a real kiss.

I do feel better now, Thanx.


Glad to help.


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