Things I miss from my kids' childhood


My kids are 22, 18 and 16 years old now, and though I am grateful that they can finally feed and dress themselves, I sometimes grow nostalgic for the days when they were little.

I miss reading bedtime stories.

sitting with one of them on my lap in the rocking chair

shopping for toys at Christmas time

holding a little hand while crossing the street

buying new school supplies (ah, there’s something about the smell of a brand new box of crayons)

having them all home at night and safely tucked in bed

Are there any other nostalgic parents out there?


Sounds like you’ll be ready for grandbabies in a few years :smiley:


Mine are still little (5 and 2) and you are still making me…:crying:

Oh, how I pray for one more - even though I’m really getting too old!



the child who has a total meltdown and temper tantrum loaded with parental guilt trips, then comes drooping tearfully in 15 minutes later to curl up on your lap, with “I sorry, mommy, I wuv you.” Hint they still try this as teens.


I hope they don’t still say “wuv”… :slight_smile:


I was thinking the same thing…my older two girls got “High School Musical” bed sheets for their birthdays this year from their aunt and uncle. OH my goodness, as soon as I put them on, my middle daughter (age 3…but will be 4 on 8/31) threw down her Dora that she has slept with for the last 2.5 years and said, “Sleeping with Dora is for babies…” I thought, WHAT??? YOu are still my baby!


Mine are 21, 19 and 16. Our 19 yr old is out of the house; he’s in the Navy (coming home on his first leave tomorrow!).

I miss seeing them all tucked in and asleep before I go to bed.

I miss getting love notes and poems from them.

I miss having little kids who want to help make cookies.

I miss having a little one in the front of the grocery cart.

I miss reading about the saint of the day at lunchtime.



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