Things that annoy you in your Christian walk

This is a different sort of thread.

Interested in anyone’s responses.

I’ll start it off. What annoys me is filling out a questionnaire such as this:

What is your religious background?

__ Christian
__ Muslim
__ Jewish
__ Buddhist
__ Catholic

As if the first Christian Church is no longer Christian. :rolleyes:

And as a Protestant I absolutely hated being lumped in with the Pope and whatever he said or did.

Cell phones/ talking before/during/after Mass. His house is a house of prayer. I’m there to pray, go outside to do your thing.

That! Went to a funeral Friday - I expected talking, it happens at funerals. But what I found appalling were the cell phones that hadn’t been turned off! :eek:

What annoys me most is myself letting things get to me, that on further reflection, don’t really matter much to anyone but myself.


Cell phones during Mass bother me. So do people walking in 20 minutes late and climbing over us to sit down. But then i stop to think, why am i letting this bother me? I have no control over these people…nor do i want control over them. And i have to remind my judgemental self that they could have a very good reason as to why they are so late.

Screaming kids in Mass used to bother me, but I’ve become desensitized to it, thankfully.

The kids don’t bother me - they don’t know any better. It’s the adults who bother me - talking, not screaming. :wink:

I’ve been to all sorts of secular gatherings where adults will continue to chat while the main speaker is trying to be heard. Nobody wants to be the bad guy & shush them - except me, if I’m close enough. I don’t give a flying fig what they think about me - I’m there to hear the speaker. Before I learned how to do that, I suffered through a John Michael Talbot concert with the woman next to me singing along - EVERY SINGLE SONG. :mad:



Searching for answers, spiritual direction, and being told to talk to a priest and finding there are none that have the time. Going to a retreat where there is specifically priests ‘available’ for SD and confessions, only to find only one is available, the others have bailed, er, were called away.

Flip side, finding a godly priest willing to give me 15 minutes and answer my most pertinent question.

God keeps us in the dark for our own benefit sometimes. Because finding an answer to a question sometimes leads us to despair and more questions.

The World, The Flesh and The Devil

Been through that.

Very frustrating. Had to reach out to a different parish to get someone’s attention.

As you said, Catholic’s not being seen as Christian and having to explain it to those who don’t get it.

What bugs me are the persons who teach that Hell is merely annihilation; which means that a sinner is totally destroyed (which is what the Seventh Day Adventists teach). It bugs me not just because their concept is unbiblical, but more so because they think someone like me, who believes in conscious torment in Hell, is worshiping a cruel God. I get offended when someone insults God.

Another thing that bugs me is when someone waters down their faith in order to avoid offending someone. This is happening every day. Countless christians are accepting homosexual acts as a normal and permissible thing. We have to cling to Christ’s example; to deny ourselves and take up our crosses. We have to cling to the Scriptures and not change something just because someone is offended. Who cares about offending a few homos? :shrug:

Catholics who do not try to follow the faith. An example is Catholics who use contraception, and insist that they are right in doing so and do not need to confess.

The ability for some of our brethren to be able to take joyful music and sing it like it’s a dirge…


As a convert I get irritated when I have to explain to cradle Catholics why the Church does things the way she does such as reassigning priests at this time of year.

Catholics who do not try to follow the faith. An example is Catholics who use contraception, and insist that they are right in doing so and do not need to confess.

Things that annoy me in my Christian walk:

The rather annoying, judgmental, and uncharitable practice of some lay Catholics to impose their personal interpretation of Church teaching on others in wide-sweeping, blanket generalizations, while ignoring situational variables.

Often done in a mean-spirited, high-handed, and sanctimonious manner, these practices are neither Christian, nor are they helpful. Some situations are best handled in consultation with competent medical doctors and spiritual advisors. These uncharitable practices cause the greater sin of driving away potential converts and soiling the reputation of the Church.

Too often, we see creeping legalism and arrogance regarding Church doctrine from the incompetent and uninformed. Hypocritical observance of the letter of religious or moral law without regard for the spirit is the very definition of anti-Christ.

Yes liberalism is a huge problem. Swaying with the way of the times is very dangerous for the state of one’s soul, imo. Truth is truth, it changes not and just because a group of people take a vote on something doesn’t change that reality.

People try every excuse in the world to rationalize their own sin

Ditto on the talking/socializing at mass. Say hi, give a quick wave and talk to each other after. Yesterday at mass there were two guys talking about the one’s colon procedure in the communion line!

People that look at you like you’re from another planet because you actually love your faith, go to mass daily, listen to Catholic radio etc.

Myself. Trying not to get caught up in being overly scrupulous about things.


But if you stop and really think about it, if you truly believe that God would allow his children to suffer indescribable torment for eternity because they offended him, then yes…the SDAs have a point. I do not believe in annihilation, but I certainly don’t believe in eternal conscious torment.

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