Things That Go Bump In The DAY

Welcome to Things That Go Bump In The DAY! This is the thread for all matters which, at first seemed supernatural, but turned out to be perfectly normal, explainable events. Whether it’s seeing the shadow of your (perfectly healthy and alive) neighbor, hearing footsteps from Grandma, or seemingly “spotting” a man with snake-eyes before realizing you just had bad vision–discuss it all here! :wink:


A few years ago, I was standing in my backyard enjoying the night when I saw what looked like an orange blob of fire, about the size of a basketball, silently drifting through a tall grove of douglas fir trees. I was thinking “what the heck?!” :open_mouth: :thinking: I ran inside to get my camera and took a few pictures before the fireball drifted off through the trees and over the hill, out of sight.

I was pouring over this strange sight in my mind, thinking about ufo’s, ghosts or whatever when I suddenly remembered that it was the Fourth of July. I did a little research on “floating fireworks” and finally realized it was a Chinese lantern. I had never seen one before. It turned out to be something totally ordinary, darn it! :unamused:


Hmm, do rampaging rams count? Or cranky kangaroos


My brother and I were driving back through country roads and both saw a clear floating ball with light,we were near a swamp and I think it was swamp gas,what we would have called a jack-o lantern


For those who are curious, this thread is about experiencing seemingly supernatural events that turned out to be absolutely normal, natural occurrences (e.g. You see a shadow walking about and it turns out to be your sibling/parent/spouse; Seeing beams of light in the air which turn out to be your neighbor’s flashlight etc.). If you’ve ever experienced one of these completely natural occurrences, this is the place to discuss them :smiley:

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I once saw a chimpanzee / dog hybrid turned out it was a wayward Raccoon that some how ended up at my work.

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So I love this idea by the way.

Were you a fan of the original?

Yeah. I love that thread, and I try to keep up to date with the latest posts. :smiley:

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We went to an outdoor shooting range in the US and my daughter thought she saw a piglet in the distance …
it was an ardvark:) we’d never seen one before.
A raccoon would be cute,I only saw dead ones.


Tapping sounds began on my wall in the family room. It went on for about 3 years or so.

The tapping would travel. First perhaps 2 or 3taps on 1 wall, then it would move to the next wall and so on around the room very slowly. Sometimes it would be 10 taps. It was not consistant, but it always went from 1 wall to the next one.I checked outside for any animals holes etc to rule out that a mouse was doing this but it only happened in this room, so I knew it was not a mouse. Dh said it was the siding popping. I told him it happens on the inside walls too, so that was not it either.

So i looked on the internet and it said some type of spirits do this type of tapping,and I was beginning to think that’s what it was. I read a few articles and stopped going into the family room alone because it was scaring me.

Then one day my dh bought a new porch light. I had taken down the old one a few years back to paint it, and I forgot to attach some wire. The light worked though, so who knew all wires needed to be attached?

The family room was on the same circuit. So the tapping sounds were electricity arching or something like that. Now we have no more tapping.

I also stopped doing any electric work in the house.:slight_smile:


Today I saw a cute picture of a baby animal sleeping. At first, I thought it was a piglet. I noticed it had “hands” and somewhat different feet, and it was a flesh color.

Upon reading the caption, I discovered it was an aardvark. A baby one. He was so cute!

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EVERYTHING was going BUMP this morning. We are having a very windy cold front come through and some of the gusts were so strong it felt like the house shook.

I was alone in Church one day at Adoration. I sit all the way up front in the 2nd pew. Of course our church creaks and cracks and I’d turn around often to see if anybody had come in. But once while I was alone, someone from an earlier Mass had not laid the very thick hymnal down flat on the pew. They had leaned it standing up against the side of the pew. When it slipped and fell flat it let out a loud BANG. I about jumped out of my skin. But I realized I’m in Church with Jesus if something’s going to happen there is no better place to be.


One day, about a month before she passed away, my mom told me she saw Jesus. She pointed to a corner of her room and said she saw Him. I was thinking “Woahhhh! Really?” I’d heard about death bed visions, and I was wondering if she was going to have any.

As I was pondering her comment, she then added, “But it wasn’t really Him!” So now I’m like “hmmmm” :thinking: She then proceeded to laugh hysterically and go “Woo woo!” while running her hands in a circular pattern all over her bedspread. Then she’d stop and grin and giggle like a school girl.

That’s when it hit me - it’s the marijuana! She was using it for her cancer. Yep, she was high as a kite. I wish I had thought to video her. It was the last time I saw her really happy, and I would love to go back and see her like that again. Death is a hard thing to get out of your mind.


I distinctly remember one night as a child when my Parents and Siblings were asleep and the lights were out. At this point I was the only one awake, which was rare. I turned on a small lamp in my room, picked up a notebook to scribble in it and then suddenly I heard a “CREEK!”–I jumped at the sound. Frightened, I then hid under my bed, and hesitantly resumed my doodle…“CREEK!”–I almost Bumped™ my head against the bed in pure fright. Since this was obviously the work of devils, I quickly prayed to the Lord to expel all of the demons from my room, but to no effect–“CREEK!”. At this point I began desperately reciting whatever prayers I knew at the time, but it was futile. By this time, I was also able to clearly hear footsteps echoing throughout the house; Little by little, they began getting closer… and closer… and closer… and closer… until–“CREEEEK!” I ran out of my room–crying, and proceeded to desperately knock on my parents’ door (which had a lock on it). Finally my Dad came out and he sleepily asked me “What’s wrong?”.
“There’s a demon in my room!”, I said.
“Yeah! I keep hearing this creeking sound and I can hear them walking around in my room!”

My Dad laughed.
“That’s just the wind, silly. There’s a storm outside.”

At the moment I stood defeated, utterly humiliated by my own ignorance; a shameful indifference overcame my being, and a somberness filled my heart. All that was left in my power to do was say “oh” and silently return to my room. :neutral_face:


One time I thought I saw a UFO turns out it was just an airplane…

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When my daughter was perhaps 9 she was dead certain her doll (her favorite) hissed at her from on its shelf.That doll was never even her favorite again :grin:

That’s legitimately creepy you don’t have a natural explanation?



A man who seemed to be using a mob technique to track me, which I cannot discuss in detail. Not sure if it’s nothing yet, in a month or so I may find out, lol

Anyone who is excited to know these things is an idiot. Life is better without knowing evil things.


Could have been an over tired child :slight_smile: …I just don’t know …

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