Things That Go Bump In The Night II The Revenge

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I have unearthed the beast from the grave, for a thrilling revenge of strange tales, and macabre legends…

TTGBITN is a thread where we explain the Unknown from a Catholic perspective.


True story told to me from a coworker.

My coworker grew up in a what he called a haunted house, he told me that at night with all the lights off, the shutters and blinds closed, there would be a light shining in one of the rooms in the shape of a cross, and no matter how hard they tried to find the source there was no natural explanation for it’s existence.

One night the aunt woke up to see the disembodied head of a man glaring angrily at her, she became afraid and closed her eyes beginning to pray, when she opened her eyes she saw the head again this time the man smiling before disappearing.

The family was a devout Pentecostal family, and practiced a charismatic spirituality speaking in tongues and discerning spirits.

I told my coworker that his story sounds like a spirit in Purgatory and explained the doctrine of Purgatory.

Remember to get your November prayers in for the deceased and all the Holy Souls, especially during Advent leading up to Christmas when most souls are released from Purgatory.


Why was it closed before? Umm, how about I kick it off:

Are they pirate ghosts or ghost pirates?


It lost steam, I was the only one posting before it closed.

There might be on the old thread there are almost 4000 post to go through.

But if you can find some feel free to post them and remember Goonies Never Say Die!!!


Story from a vacation I took when I was five years old. Note: I’m not great at story telling.

We had been going to the beach for a couple of days before this incident so nothing was out of the ordinary. As we were walking to the beach we got to an intersection and for some reason I just started running… In busy traffic!!! Everything seemed to go in slow-mo I distinctly remember the blaring of car horns as they swerved around me. As I was in mid run my parents told me that it was as if I had been physically turned around by a person, and I returned safely to the side of the road with my family.

To this day I believe that my guardian angel had a direct affect on whether or not I would be living to this day. Thank the Lord!!

Tid bit: we went there about eight years later and the intersection that I almost got ran over on had a crosswalk (which it didn’t have before).


That reminds me of the YouTube video with the angel or time traveler moving the guy out of the way, not sure it’s real, but your story reminded me of it.

Thanks for sharing your story, definitely your guardian angel. :+1:

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So glad this thread is back. I will try and remember to be more active here and the prayer requests thread too !


Glad to hear, I just finished this book.

Hungry Souls: Supernatural Visits, Messages, and Warnings from Purgatory


Sounds right up my street !


I have found myself recently revisiting an old love of listening to strange sounds caught in the ocean. A lot can be debunked, but still begs the question if there is more out there in the big blue sea, since we only know 5% of our oceans and new animals are being discovered still.


Maybe it’s the Biblical Leviathan, or Cthulhu… Maybe Dagon and the Deep Ones???


Leviathan still enters my mind for some of them that still remain a mystery. The “blue 52” sound, I don’t think it’s been debunked yet, is theorized to be a rare whale hybrid that is alone.


If leviathans are a thing… I’m not going swimming in the ocean anymore :grimacing:


What do you guys think about mermaids’ existence? Honestly I think it’s possible but I don’t think they would look like how cartoons imagine them… I think they would look fishier (pun intended).

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Like creature from the Black Lagoon?

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Red Dwarf imagined mermaids the other way re fish parts vs human parts.




Any urban legends from our area? :wink: I was hearing the radio a couple months ago about ufo sightings all over central. Pretty cool to hear people talk about.

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Tons of UFO sightings, Bigfoot, and other things…

Were in the Nevada Triangle, also a few air bases so experimental aircraft’s are a possibility.

I did see a organic UFO nearly a decade ago, it was a gelatinous flesh hued blob with tendrils or cilia that zoomed by in the night sky above my head near the telephone lines, the phenomenon happened twice in the same area over two nights, and I have never seen anything like it since.

I use to think it was a ghost maybe a demon, there are photos of similar things to what I had seen sometimes labeled as Sky Beast, or Sky Fish.


Thats pretty strange. I dont ever recall seeing anything out of the ordinary around these parts, although I wouldn’t be surprised if others seen things. We got the mountains and forests right near us so thats one place for stories to emerge ;=;

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