Things That Go Bump In The Night II The Revenge

He’s already changed locations, have to keep the Shapshifting Reptilians off his trail…


Or just maybe he scadoodled like this


Or are they???

That’s what THEY want you to think. :lizard:


Hey man, long time no see. Shoot me a PM if you got a second…

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Followed the link to Strange But True Stories; those are good. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If true then …

It is very sad for Emilie to be inflicted in such a way, given that all these (unwanted) occurrence affected her life and career. Perhaps this was more diabolical given that these occurrences meant that she had to move from one job to another. It was mentioned that she had thought about being inside in the classroom rather than in the gardening (42 students witnessed this) and being in with a sick colleague which seem more like bi-location. The other examples are not quite right.

There is no mention of her spiritual believes of religion that I can find.

Emilie’s story was based single one testimony, Baroness Julie von Goldenstubbeon who was a member of both high society and a spiritual circle in France, 19th Century medium with much claim to healing. What of the many supposedly mass of people who witnessed this said phenomena. I think today there would be a lot of cross referencing.

Various authors like American writer and politician Robert Dale Owen, the French astronomer Camille Flammarion. The Russian parapsychologist Alexander Akasov.

Emilie is supposedly to be loosely based on a person called Octavie Saget, born on January 13, 1813 in Dijon. The surname Saget was first found in Burgundy (French: Bourgogne), an administrative and historical region of east-central France, the surname can be found though out Europe.

Death and its Mystery was published 1921 and written by Flammarion, Camille, 1842-1925 was a French astronomer and author.

Further reading based on testimonies from testimonies of Baroness Julie von Goldenstubbeon: Internet archives - Book: Death and it’s Mystery

Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World. was published in 1860 and written by Robert Dale Owen 1801-1877

Further reading:
Internet archives - Book: Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World

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From Governator’s Bedtime Stories site:

and here is the cctv footage from that Niagra Falls hotel of the Men in Black referred to in that story:

So there. :slightly_smiling_face:


So, who are the Men in Black? Probably Tall Whites:

Again, so there. :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought the tall whites had technology to alter surveillance cameras. You’ve been manipulated!


According to the Millennial Hospitality video, Charles Hall says they manipulate human brains with advanced electronic microwave technology. They know what you’re thinking by the use of this technology. They regard us as hugely strong gorilla type beasts and are very afraid of us as they are very frail, but they have IQs that are much much higher than ours and so they have these microwaves that induce hypnotic states, paralyzer and pain waves from small hand projectors, etc. Humans, in turn, are terrified of them.

According to Charles, one of the Tall White graduation ceremonies is to take a human they are familiar with and trust and have the Tall White training graduate (trained to interact with humans) armed with nothing at all and protected by no force-field armor, go up to a human. The Tall White walks around the human, who stands still, while small groups of awe-struck Tall Whites observe the interaction from about a half a mile away, amazed at the staggering bravery (or perhaps fool-hardiness) of the Tall White graduate. The graduate even turns his or her back to the human from only a few feet away, engaging in nothing more than simple trust to survive.

A Tall White trained to interact with humans can chatter away with humans without the need for armed force of any kind.

Charles was a human they trusted. :slightly_smiling_face:

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They also known as Horlocks, but my guess besides Government Spooks is that they are Warlocks or Satanic Priest.

Maybe Androids from the future, some speculate Aliens are humans from the distant future.

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Smoking Cornell Diehl Haunted Bookshop listening to spooky tunes…


New David Paulides stuff:

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What is this “God frequency thing”? At first glance it seems like something someone selling magic crystals would mention. But maybe it’s just relaxing music :laughing:

It’s called Binaural Beats, basically two separate noises when heard your brain combines into a frequency that effects your brain differently depending on the frequency.

It’s great for getting better sleep, meditation, etc, but some folks will put a weird spin on it like digital drugs, or new age type crap.

Promises that it will get you high, give you sexual release, or open your third eye.

I use them for sleep and migraines or to block out my wife’s TV when I’m praying the Rosary.


@Chistian-ity Binaural Beats it is not a Catholic/Christian type of sound to listen to. Best to listen to Gregorian Chant or the like.

To be fair they have Binaural Beats with Gregorian Chants and Christian Hymns.

The noise frequencies in of themselves are just noise, it’s the weird music put over the frequencies or art and titles on the video or recording that can potentially open doorways because people seek those experiences out.

It’s the factor of curiosity, or to obtain power, that opens the doorway otherwise it’s just a good way to get rid of a headache or fall asleep, I even used them to help me focus better when I was studying.

Like a lot of things it’s what you make out of it and what your intentions are.

You can make the same argument that music can effect a person’s personality and mental state, it certainly can, but that doesn’t make music intrinsically evil, just that some music is bad, and there are some new agey crap attached to some Binaural Beats but remember it originated out of science, not the New Age movement.

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