Things that go bump in the night


Now I don’t believ in ghosts etc. But over the years I have had strnage things happen.
Lying in bed, would feel that something was walking on my bed, at first thought it was my brother trying to scare me but there wa no one there, I changed rooms but it happened to them as well. Would feel like they were walking on the sides and then be lying on my legs.
Knocking on my chest of drawers, cear knocks, not wood creaking, three times then stop, then maybe again.

So what is it my over active imagination or can it be something. :blush:

Wierd not really a question pertaining to anything really moral but didn’t know where else to put it.

If anyones has any idea on what it might be if it’s not my imagination :confused::


Ms Sparkles:

There is a possibility it is psychological.

From a Catholic perspective there is something you can do that will effect spiritual influence if that is what it is. (If your not Catholic, this is a hindrance on it’s own.) Move more to religious devotion in your life. As you do, favors are more likely to be granted. Nothing provokes more these wayward spirits more than degrees of religious determination. (sometimes lack of religious devotion is the cause.)

Start saying sincere rosary. Place religious items in the rooms. (The Holy Mother is especially detested by them, and it makes them uncomfortable to be in proximity to items that are her likeness). Have a priest bless the house and rooms if possible. Get holy water and sprinkle it around your room. Especially, on a regular bases go to confession and receive communion after. Go to mass. Continue and don’t stop.

If what you are experiencing is psychological then it shouldn’t get worse. Otherwise, be prepared for even stranger outcomes.

One caveat. Whatever you do, do not try to establish communication with them even if you think it’s a deceased relative. No seances or ouijia boards, pentagrams and so on. These will diminish the graces that you possess that prevents things from getting worse now. The only thing that will work is what you do for yourself. And as I said, self improvement improves your friendship with God and St. Michael who will always come out the winner.

Let us know what happens. We’ll take it from there.



I agree 100% with AndyF. I also had this type of problem. I didnt believe it was ghosts, or tried not to believe it, but I would always feel there was something there, and would hear strange noises. It used to scare me a lot. I prayed to God for them to go away, and now everytime I go to sleep in my prayers I ask that He protect my family and myself. It did the trick, however I have a glass door in my room that leads to the outside, and for some reason every once in a while it sounds like someone throws a rock at it, but when that happens I pray and ask for my fear to go away. So my suggestion is to pray, and get a bottle of Holy Water. Hope that helps and something works! :slight_smile:


We had a lot of this in our old farmhouse when four of us five girls were teenagers. I also knew another family that had this problem. We were told it was an energy field that is created when there are a lot of teenagers in a house.

Prayer would be a good way to overcome it because it would turn you away from whatever was happenning that was generating the field.

There is a prayer that begins “Visit this place, O Lord, and drive far from it all snares of the Enemy.” I pray that when I am having an anxiety attack and it works.


Generally when demons or witchcraft is around you will experience things like unseen animals in the house, whether it’s a cat walking in your room and jumping on the bed in the middle of the night (when you have no cat) or strange noises in the walls.

The usual gradually implemented steps to stop this apply: holy water, blessed sacramentals, house blessings, etc. and most of all an increase in personal holiness and renunciation of sin.


Thanks all.
Andy, at the moment the praying bit is proving to be very very difficult.
I’m not sure what has changed, just finding it exceedingly difficult to concentrate long enough to even say a small prayer. Just give up now.

I suppose the best way to combat it would be to just persevere.


Does this happen as you’re falling asleep? If so, it’s probably normal. I used to hear the sound of a horse; like, theres a horse in my bedroom! Don’t become afraid of it. My psychiatrist said that a lot of people experience strange stuff as they drift off into asleep.

God Bless.


If it makes you feel any better, I always have tons of trouble trying to concentrate on prayers. I’m not sure if it’s just the way my brain’s wired, but it takes a ton of effort from me, even for just a Hail Mary. So, you’re not alone!:thumbsup:

Anyway, I would echo what everyone else has suggested, and probably emphasize getting your house blessed. Can’t hurt, and it might just help!


Actually, I disagree. You really need to talk to your priest about this and ask for a blessing… possibly as protection against evil spirits. While the church does teach that ghosts don’t exist, that does not mean that there are not other things out there, including demons, who can interact with us even in physical ways.

Like I said, talk to your priest and ask for a blessing… simple perserverance may not be a suitable response in this case.


Things sometimes do go bump in the night for perfectly normal reasons. During the daytime as temperatures warm up, houses expand. Since the physical structures of houses do not heat up evenly, and since different building materials expand at different rates, it is not unusual for houses to groan, bump or make other noises due to uneven expansion. Usually we do not hear this during the daytime because other sounds tend to drown this out.

At night when houses cool off the process reverses itself. But since houses are usually quieter at nighttime than during the daytime, sometimes we hear those noises that houses make when they contract unevenly.


Yes that is another sign of a demon at work, the temptation to not pray, to find no pleasure in prayer, and to be distracted from prayer.

Do put your full will into the prayer. While it is also good to try to excite proper feelings in yourself at times to help your prayer, if you do not succeed, do not be troubled but do your best on willpower alone, this type of prayer is good because it is a sacrifice. :slight_smile:

Be thankful to God for all the great gifts He gives you every hour of the day, and trust in Him as he welcomes you to this next stage of your spiritual growth and work to serve Him in life.

The earlier books of the Philokalia, the portions by Catholic saints, are very helpful in regards to the details of the mental struggle with the spiritual that is the primary vocation of the Christian. :slight_smile:


OK…after reading your other post and this one, I think there is much more going on here.

I change my advice in the other post to …say the prayer to St Michael the Archangel…especially before you go to bed at night. Bless the house with Holy Water, put those crucifixes, etc back out…and go to confession. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I suspect that you are not in a state of grace…and that makes you very vulnerable to demons, evil spirits, etc…

I think your lack of desire to pray and to live your Catholic faith is a direct result of what is going on in your home.


Ms Sparkles:

Prayer may bring little to start. This may be due to testing resolve and sincerity. So many have been granted a wish only to stop praying later. Prayer belongs with every daily activity, it becomes a way of true life.

As well has external phenomena, they can also disrupt your thought processes. For instance I have problems with finances at the moment. When i pray the rosary, I find myself drifting to thoughts of my anxieties and remedies instead of focusing on the mysteries, even though my resolve is strong.

You are correct. Whatever the remedy, resolve and perseverance are never sacrificed. Eventually with grace it will result in a stronger bond with the Holy Mother and will weaken the temptations and intrusions. Prayers to the eager Saints is a great help, especially in this situation that Crusader for the afflicted, St. Michael. Whatever is lacking, we can assure one thing and that is we will never give up. We cannot expect help if we aren’t committed.



Hallucinations and tricks to the senses happen all the time. These can be physiological. Optical illusions and medications are a case in point. The important part is to combat the fear. Say a “Hail Mary” an “Our Father”, put your trust in faith not fear and there is nothing The Liar can do.


Fear can play tricks on the mind. Most houses have their own noises built in, the wall settle, the heat or air conditioner makes creaks etc, etc. Add to this the possibility of some animals around the outside or burglars breaking in and people can be terrified whenever it’s time for bed.

I make a habit of saying a few prayers before sleep. It assures me that no matter what happens, I place my trust and safety in the hands of the Lord. First off, IF it is something demonic, God’s angels will be my first line of defense. Second, if some burglar or murderer is breaking in, my life will be in the hands of the Lord. Even if I were destined to die that evening, my last thoughts were in prayer. No burglar or murderer can ever take that away.


I occasionally get the same feeling.

Sometimes, it’s one of the cats strolling across my bed. Usually, it’s just the covers settling around me. If I am lying on my left side, the pressure from my own heartbeat can cause the bed to vibrate just a little.

In any case, there’s probably a perfectly natural explanation for what you’re feeling.



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