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You can post personal stories, or discuss some of the posted topics.

This thread and the originals provided a place for users to ask for prayer request and spiritual advice when dealing with the unknown and diabolical.

I actually encourage and welcome more stories about God and his divine intervention through the intercession of his angels and saints then spooky stories.

This is not a thread to glorify the devil.

In fact this is a thread to glorify Christ through his defeat of Satan and to discuss and speculate about the unknown and where that fits into our Catholic faith.

Glory be to Jesus.:latin_cross:

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Something really creepy and weird happened to me and I need an opinon
Something really creepy and weird happened to me and I need an opinon

I always ask my Guardian Angel to stay close to me, and I will pray and ask for his help and intercession, too.

I sit at what you would call an old side board or an old dining room buffet when I type on my Chromebook. It’s in our dining room area. I use it as an office space on the top of it, and the bottom of it is used to store dishes and other miscellaneous items.

It’s to the right of our front closet door where we can hang our coats.

One night I was sitting and typing on my Chromebook and I was becoming very tired. I was thinking that I should get ready to go to sleep, but I was still on my computer, when I started to doze off.

I was getting sleepy enough where I began nodding off while sitting upright in the chair, and I was starting to tilt sideways in the chair.

The next thing that I knew, I felt a very strong, muscular, and invisible powerful arm, push me back onto the chair in an upright position, from my left side.

That action woke me up, and then I went to bed after that.

I ascribed that action to the intercession of my guardian angel.

If I had actually been left to fall over out of the chair, I would have slammed my head and neck into the closet door.


That’s a really great story.

I would say that when I get in a bad way in repeating sin like being uncharitable it’s like the veil thins.

I will see weird shapes zoom by or lights sort of materialize like a flower or incense unraveling.

I think it’s God’s way of showing me that the devil is working to tempt me and to get my head on straight.


That’s interesting, too.

I used to be really distracted when we would go to Adoration.

It’s hard to describe, but it’s like these really harassing thoughts would be running through my head.

It was really distressing, but they stopped after some time. When I was there, I just kept praying to my Guardian Angel and to our Blessed Mother for help, and then they stopped and calmed down.

Sometimes it’s like the closer that you try and get to God, you just seem to get harassed by evil.

That seems to be what happens, but that is when you just keep on praying and keep your blessed sacramentals close at hand, too.


I have had that problem in Mass.

I had a friend who was seeing stuff for awhile.

He would see demonic stuff at the corner of his eye.

One time we were working an event and he and I kept talking smack about people at work and people there.

Well he saw something like a cross between a serpent or a platypus almost like a serpentine weasel.

After that we shaped up.

So I think with some people God let’s stuff crack through their vision enough for them to see what’s really going on.

I see black blurrs move by sometimes they have been cats, rats or possums and other times I found I couldn’t explain them.

Only happens when I’m doing bad spiritually or know I can do better and am falling into repeat sin.

Even just venial sin not loving my neighbor or judging others.

I have another story I’ll share later on my break but I thought I would share that bit about my Evangelical friend.


Wow, that’s really interesting, too!

You never know what different gifts or abilities people might have. I find it all very fascinating.

Most of the time something negative that I have recently experienced will be in the form of a dream or a nightmare. Ugh.


There’s more to that story but for his privacy I won’t share it.

Check this story out it’s really interesting.

The other half of the video is more on living a Christ centered life.


Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll take a look at it when I can devote the time to looking at the whole video.



How did you get the image, mine didn’t appear like that?


I used YouTube you can play the video on the thread.

Probably depends on what the software is compatible with.

I’m on my phone but I can upload pictures like this one of my son.



Emojis taking too long to load.


Okay this is sort of a near death or brush with danger premonition.

I was walking around work when suddenly I got a bad feeling like I was going to die or come close to death.

I accepted my fate, repented for my whole and left the the rest up to God.

I imagined Jesus on his thrones in a Halo of rainbow light like the book of Revelations and then I heard not in a vocal sense but maybe in the way of an intrusive thought the voice of my grandfather who I missed very much.

He said keep doing what your doing and you will be alright.

I found two men in front of the vending machines.

One man was standing on the side of the coke machines.

I asked what he was doing and he said he was taking a whiz.

I asked if they lived on site?

They stated no and I presumed they were on the paper route as I saw one man with a messenger bag.

I asked are you guys with the paper.

They stated yes.

I then observed wires and a keypad protruding out of the man’s bag.

I knew he was hacking into the Coke machine to steal the money.

I asked what it was for and he said he was a security guard like me and that he worked for an alarm company.

I knew that alarm instillation is not private security and he wouldn’t be allowed to take his work equipment home.

I told them if they didn’t live on property they had to leave and escorted them off property through one of the pedestrian gates.

I went back to the Coke machine and found that the Coke machines side was gnarled from a crow bar.

The next night I went to investigate the Coke machine for clues and found a crow bar and long screwed driver behind the machine.

I wrapped it up in paper towels and dropped the evidence into the rental drop.

If I hadn’t been cautious or got there a little later I could have been hurt or killed.


Are you in the upside-down!!! :scream:

We will help you escape from the Demi Gorgon and that weird giant spider thing. :space_invader::spider:


I can’t wait until season 2 of Stranger Things.

You might enjoy this.

It’s a blog post I wrote about Fresno CA where I’m from.


@oldgraymare2 @muzhik check this out.

End Times Speculation. ☈

Hi @Governator,

Watching that was kind of freaky…

I felt kind of unsettled at the end though, looking at those spots on the sun. They looked like holes, you know? :worried:


I remember when this happened it got reported in the local news.

It was not here locally but it made news.

My old parish is an OLPH RCC… Small world.

I hope @punisherthunder gets back online.

I think if we can get some conversations going on in here this will be a lot cooler thread now that I can directly share photos and videos.

@mikekle should pop on too.

Some of these look like drones or satellites.


Yeah reminds me of some of the stuff you and I have talked about. :fearful:

Makes me think of Fr. Malachi Martin.

Late night filled with tomorrow’s anxieties.

It’s one of those really intense quiet night’s.

Reminds me of when we were all on here talking about Fatima and Fr. Martin and listening to Art Bell.

I’m going to take a break from the internet and go pray the Rosary.

Been trying hard to get my spiritual life in order.

Decided not to post in the political post a few times.

It’s not worth it it’s just one giant hamster wheel of negativity.

Would love to see some old peeps and new peeps on here.


Here are some more interesting videos.

The last video mentions Pope Honorius III.

This is a medieval forgery like the Keys Of Solomon.

Wikipedia says the following.

Honorius is also purported to be the author of a grimoire.[11] “In this text called The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, he supposedly discusses the value of occult knowledge in the Church, and how by summoning or raising demonic entities, one could learn to control them. The supposed author uses his faith in God and mixes with it the teachings of King Solomon; it contains invocations of demonic entities for every day of the week. He talked about the priest needing to fast for a certain amount of time and the sacrifice of animals in order to help with the binding of evil spirits.” [12] All this would be in contrast, however, with the pope’s insistence on bishops knowing Catholic theology and as being contrary to the Catholic teaching on witchcraft or sorcery as also seen in both the Old and New Testaments and early Church councils (Catholic Encyclopedia, article “Witchcraft”).

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