Things That Go Bump In The Night -


My dreams are frequently like this. It’s like they are just outside of my line of sight. I know they are present, but I don’t see them. I have no idea why.


Kind of related.


Yes it’s funny not to see the ones you know clearly,same in my dreams.
On the other hand I had a dream last year of my Grandmother whom I never met,she knew my mum was expecting but passed away before I was born as did all my grandparents.In this dream she was a very definite character ,I knew who she was right away and her face was very clear.Peeling potatoes and talking to me :slight_smile:


I doubt he will be making any documentary since they tore the house down. A
girl had gone to the house after the family left and Zac was there. She
became possessed as well.


That is frightening. :astonished: I’m wondering, the lady who lived there wasn’t Roman Catholic, but I’m wondering if she considered it since. Maybe she keeps sacramentals around her and her little family now.

I’m considering getting a Holy water font for my front entrance.

I do know a beautiful lady in my small town who wears a four way medal and sells rosaries in her little shop. She’s a Protestant but told me she loves the Catholic sacramentals.


I remember that story about that family in Indiana.

That was really creepy!

Yeah, Zac did do a documentary, according to both the article, and his own website.

I guess he then decided to have the house demolished.

From what I was understanding too, people kept vandalizing the house, and they were also holding seances on the front lawn of the home.


I haven’t seen the documentary. He might not have released it yet, or maybe it was on and I didn’t know it. Anyway, the mother and her two children both had exorcisms by a Catholic priest in Indiana by the name of Fr. Maginot. The grandmother apparently was not affected by what was going on, but she was fortunate. She did see some of the paranormal things that happened, but was not involved in a possession herself. I am not sure if they ever became Catholic, but the last I heard they moved to Indianapolis and rebuilt their lives.


I think he wants to make a film because that is what he knows. He needs cash no doubt. He could potentially just have a web site, or book and describe what happened, but many of those who he wants to out will probably take league action against him to financially cripple him. So, yeah he needs donations.


I was on a trip the last two days so I have some catching up to do.

Well that’s probably true about Corey Feldman.

Not familiar with the exorcism story you guys mentioned.

Went to Hearst Castle well the visitor center.

This guy had all kinds of Greek and Roman stuff even this creepy fire wall with Pan looks like a satanic pentagram. :scream:

I tend to suspect of some places and people that are historically notorious.

Old places seem to be haunted wealthy types seem to be connected to Covenant and lodges.

Not sure about the Hearst family but William Hearst collected different artifacts from various religions.

He even had some Catholic stuff.

Curmudgeons ☕😡🚬

Curmudgeons ☕😡🚬

Curmudgeons ☕😡🚬

Curmudgeons ☕😡🚬

A friend of mine said he had a reoccurring dream where he would go to Frankie’s Pizza. The place doesn’t exist.… Anyways, he remembers going there and vividly remembers the owner Frank. Well after several dreams he goes there again and pays for his food. The server takes his credit card and shreds it in front of him. My friend exclaims “What’re you doing!” The server calmly responded “It’s okay, you’re done “. My friend tells the owner what happened and says, “I know that this is a dream but I like to visit “. Frank responds, “Ah it’s okay don’t worry about it “.

I’ve had lots of dreams. They’re seldom lucid but I’ve seen and talked with dozens of people I don’t know! Who’s to say that some of these aren’t Holy souls? Perhaps they need our prayers?


So why did Frank the pizza shop owner shred his credit card was the dream over or something?

I didn’t quite understand.


I had a dream last night that a woman at my church told me her time left on this earth is not long. But she referred to herself in the third person.

I woke up and prayed for her.

But it struck me later, that perhaps this dream was a warning to me. MANY years ago, I legally changed my name. This woman’s name is the same as my birth name. Could it be possible Our Lord is telling me that MY time is not long on this earth?

"Gird your loins and light your lamps
and be like servants who await their master’s return from a wedding,
ready to open immediately when he comes and knocks.
Blessed are those servants
whom the master finds vigilant on his arrival."

We should always pray for those who are very near death, especially those who are not expecting it or are unprepared…


The unnamed server shredded it. Frank just brushed it off. He hasn’t dreamed about it since :wink:


Well I hope not who’s going to make the coffee and what about your son?


Dying while my son is still so young terrifies me!

But if Our Lord does call any of us home while our children are young, He will take care of them. And our prayers will perhaps be even closer to God while we are in purgatory, and even more so when we are in heaven.


I have a reoccurring dream I have to go back to highschool at my present age.

I stopped having them when I went back to college for a bit and last night I had one again.

I guess it’s my mind telling me It’s not happy with where I am in life.

Sometimes I have dreams I fight demons and burn them out of people with my cross or rosary.


That’s true but If my wife and I both go they won’t be raised Catholic.

We can’t afford to die for their sake.

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