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In my opinion, it’s proof of extensive Human Trafficking.


A few years ago I woke up in the middle of the night and instantly felt fear. Over to one side of my room it seemed very black and that something evil,was in the darkness, I was petrified. I prayed the Our Father incessantly for as long as I could until I felt almost exhausted then suddenly on the wall opposite the darkness three circular lights appeared in a triangular pattern, two at the base and one at the top and I instantly felt complete relief. In my mind it was the blessed Trinity.
I relaxed totally and I had a very loud thought, it said “look out of the window.” I didn’t want to, but after a few moments I looked out and way across the back of our property was a house being built and in the upstairs window was a very bright lamp of some sort. From the angle it was at I couldn’t really see how this had made the triangle of lights on my wall, also my curtains were drawn and I didn’t have three gaps which matched the patterns, thirdly the light was three to,p four hundred feet away. Fifthly, why would this light come on at around four in the morning in an unoccupied house.

I shared this story with an Anglican vicar and he listened to my description of the lamp etc but pointed out that the timing of these events was …too coincidental.

(Not long after this I started making enquiries about joining the Catholic Church.)


Do you think they are all human trafficking? These disappearances are too bizarre to be limited to something as mundane as that.


I agree with your vicar. Timing and context is everything.


There are a few possibilities; however, none of them involve aliens or Bigfoot.

It’s either…

  • Accidents
  • Suicides
  • Murders
  • Human Trafficking


Years ago I remember people suddenly leaving home and family was called fugue. But apparently it’s now thought of as a rare psychological condition. It still seems possible that running away from it all can’t be discounted?


I’d say that there’s a big difference between leaving Home and going Missing. The latter usually involves the Police.


Yes true, I’m talking about people years ago. From time to time someone would say that they were going to the shop or pub to buy cigarettes and never be seen again. Sometimes these people were suffering from what they called fugue, in those days this was explained as a sudden impulse to simply leave their families, jobs etc and disappear.

I don’t recall details but I do remember one or two people returning years later or being discovered living elsewhere.

Just saying it may account for one or two of the missing.


I think that it’s a fascinating subject, but also kind of sad, too.

Imagine going hiking or camping, and never coming back again, or a friend/loved one/someone that you know does this, and you never see them again. It’s a scary thought.

Another thought is some other kind of abduction, like for some kind of a cult perhaps.

A friend and I had been talking about this some years ago, as this had been common where she was living many, many, years ago.


Yes, it’s very sad and scary. I can’t imagine the horror of having a loved one vanish without a trace. A lot of these strange National Park disappearances occur just when the rest of the party is out of sight for only a few minutes. They literally turn around, and the person is gone. No sounds, no tracks, dogs can’t find the person, helicopters with infrared radar can’t find the person. It’s really freaky.

One story stands out in my mind. A middle-aged man and his elderly, crippled father went out to the forest to do some rock collecting. The son helped his father out of the car, and helped him to a boulder a few feet from the car and sat him down on it with his pick and shovel, water, snacks, etc. The son then went a few yards away, out of sight of his father but still within earshot. He looked around for some interesting rocks for about 15 minutes, didn’t find anything, so he went back to the spot where he left his father, but his father was gone. All of his things were still there but not him.

The son thought perhaps his father made his way back to the car, even though he couldn’t walk without help. He was not at the car. He looked everywhere, and finally drove to a ranger station and asked for help. They launched a huge search, dozens of people, horses, dogs, helicopters with radar, the whole thing. They never found a trace of this man. Dogs couldn’t find a scent. No evidence he was dragged off by animals. What happened to this old man? It’s stuff like this that keeps me up at night!


Thanks for posting about it and letting us know that this topic was coming up on the show, as I was able to listen to the show.

I heard the clip on the show that was played about the man who ended up missing in Minnesota, a few years ago.

I remember hearing about that story before.

They don’t know what was happening to him in that clip as his cell phone was recording it, but they eventually found him in the Mississippi River. :disappointed_relieved:

I really wonder what is happening to some of these people?!

What/who is causing them to just suddenly disappear like this?!

I guess that is what we would all like to know. :pensive:


Apparently a replica of the Arch of Baal was erected in DC just before the Kavanaugh hearings began.


Starting to get things together for the “Haunted Garage”. This year, it will be throughout the front of the house. Two additions (so far) are a giant spider and a giant fire breathing dragon. Here’s a partly assembled spider.

For scale, the dog is a 75 pound boxer.


I’ve never heard of this. Thanks for creeping me out! What a scary, bizarre thing to have happen.



I love the giant spider! :grinning:

It looks kind of creepy already, and you don’t even have it set up as you would like yet!

I bet that it will look awesome when it’s completed! :open_mouth: :scream: :spider: :spider_web:


The guest who was on Coast AM was David Paulides. He has written several books in his “Missing 411” series.

He writes about people especially suddenly disappearing while visiting the National Parks in the U.S.

He has talked about this while on Coast radio. They’ll just suddenly vanish while hiking or camping with their friends or loved ones, and no one can find them. There doesn’t seem to be any explanation for what has happened to them.

When Mr. Paulides has tried to get records about it from some places, he is met with resistance. :frowning: :thinking:


Yes, that’s the creepy thing! Like the pediatrician who vanished while skiing at Bear Mountain Resort, CA. She was going down a run, while her husband went down a different run. He got to the bottom and waited for her, but she never showed up. She just vanished in the middle of the ski run with other people skiing all around. There were no tracks leading off into the woods, nothing, zip. It’s like she just went poof.

The next year, her remains and equipment were found in a remote rugged canyon that was impossible for her to get to on her own. The searchers had no idea how she got to this canyon from the ski run, and there was no evidence that animals dragged her over there. They had 10 dogs, 50 people and two helicopters with radar looking for her and they couldn’t find one clue as to her whereabouts until they found her remains the next year in an unexpected place.

Around that same time, another woman about 65-70 vanished without a trace just taking a short walk around her campground before dinner. Same place, Bear Mountain. A man disappeared while skiing on Bear Mountain around that same time, also. Freaky. :grimacing:


I don’t know that I’ll be on Catholic Answers much anymore but what I can say is this the answers to the present are in the past.


I’m just going to get this stuff off my chest and move on from here.

A lot of the things that I spoke about on the old forum that people thought I had little faith about or was a complete kook has now come out in the open.

I said in 2014 that I thought the Synod of the Family was something to be concerned about because the topic of homosexuality.

I was told I had no faith and as the years progressed we had Amoris Laetitia and the Dubia Cardinals and some of the Papal statements.

We now have the current crisis in the Church with the Mccarrick scandal.

Also in the past I talked about the Masonic Communist infiltration of the Church.

Mostly these last couple years I talked about Freemasonry.

So now Matt Fradd from Ascension Presents has interviewed Michael Voris and actually heard some of the things that he has to say.

Michael Voris relates his experience in seminary and relays a lot information that we have heard from more stable sources such as Father Ripperger and other priest who cite Bella Dodd’s testimony to Congress and her book School Of Darkness.

Matt Fradd from Ascension Presents is extremely mainstream Catholic and granted he did this on his personal YouTube channel but he is still well known from his material on Ascension Presents.

When you have a mainstream Catholic source considering what is considered by some to be a radical traditionalist Catholic source has to say on a matter that says volumes.

Taylor Marshall who I don’t really know that much about and I don’t really know how he’s perceived in the Catholic world but I assume that he is kind of considered moderate falling between mainstream and traditional has loads of this information on video cast being uploaded.

Now there are even a few news outlets from what I understand talking about some of these conspiracies and they are not theories any longer they now being substantiated by facts in the form of statements and evidence.

This has been coming down the turnpike for centuries.

Everybody wants to know what the Third Secret of Fatima is or at least the part that hasn’t been revealed if it truly has not been revealed… But we already know.

The answers are in the past the prophecies of St. Hildegard and St. Catherine of Siena, Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of Lasalette and Our Lady of Fatima and after Fatima of Our Lady Heede and Our Lady of Akita.

Some people even connect the Divine Mercy prophecies of St. Faustina to the current events.

I don’t feel better, vindicated, or redeemed because of these revelations because the matter fact is the truth is a heavy, arduous, cross to carry, it’s lonely and it’s the road not taken by most.

The only thing we can do now is just pray. :prayer_beads:

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