Things That Go Bump In The Night -


Ohh nooo!

At least I’m glad that there was a logical explanation for that.

Sometimes I “think” that I’ll be seeing something, and then it turns out that it will be those “eye floaters” that we can all have appear, at times. :pleading_face:


Supposedly, he’s a type of a “shadow person.”

He turns up–this sounds rather funny, but I wouldn’t want to see one–wearing black–a black trench coat, and a black hat, like a black fedora.


Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows. Bwaaa haha.

One of my favorite radio shows.

The byline at the end of each show was equally good: The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay.


@StephieNorthCo Alec Baldwin… :male_detective:


He would be best known to you youngsters. :slight_smile: Orson Wells played the shadow in the early ones. He was replaced by Bill Johnstone and Johnstone, in my opinion defined The Shadow. Those shows are wonderful, in my opinion. The radio show ran from 1930 to 1954. I missed the '30s shows, first time arround, but not the later ones.

I still can picture in my mind that old Fada radio at night time listening to those shows.


You’re around my dad’s age so he grew up with all that stuff too.

I remember seeing audio cassettes of The
Shadow advertised in Wired and Brainstorm catalog.

I’m not sure either one of those retailers exist today I know for a fact Brainstorm went out of business years ago same as The Nature Company.


Sirius has an old time radio channel (142?). When there’s nothing on on EWTN, or Relevent Radio, I’ll often flip it there.


Far out, man!

I’d heard of binaural beats before, but falling asleep has never been my problem. I think I have sleep apnea, though it hasn’t been properly diagnosed, and this has been causing the headaches and feeling of exhaustion.

I have to deliberately sleep on my side, even though I’m more comfortable sleeping on my back. I use those adhesive strips to keep my nasal airway open so that I don’t breathe through my mouth, And I’m trying to lose some weight. These are all things that can help before seeing the doctor and doing expensive sleep studies and cpap machines. I slept better last night, thankfully, and no headache this morning.

We’ve got to do whatever good things we can to stay healthy! If those soothing sounds help you, it sounds good to me.


Once my daughter had a very strange experience when she was 5. We were talking when suddenly she turned her head and looked visibly shocked. Her eyes focused on something and it was moving around a few inches. She said to us “what…what is that?” And for several minutes asked what that was, and tried talking to it, and even tracked it with her hand. We recorded most of it too. When we asked what it looked like, she couldn’t put it into words.

It’s never happened since, and she’s not one to make up stuff like this.

She had a bunch if mosquito bites and the night before, I rubbed some Benadryl cream on the bites, and when I looked it up I read that overdoses on that can cause hallucinations. We had never used the product before, so maybe that was the reason. But I don’t know…


I have heard about this skull-shaped image inside of Hurricane Michael. It has been on the news lately.

Here is a link to it from the Springfield News Sun website, where you can take a look at it. It is pretty creepy…

Here’s another creepy skull image of an artist’s image of an asteroid that is set to pass Earth next month. The actual radar image can be found below, where you can see it. This is from the livescience website:


It reminds me of The Fifth Element with the flaming ball of fire in the shape of a skull.

makes me wonder if its predictive programming for the chastisement… :comet:

Scary stuff…


I have been trying to listen to “Le Sommeil n’a pas quitte” by Massenet but the pronunciation is a big mystery.


Nov 11, this year, 2018 is exactly 100 years since Armistice Day ( now Remembrance Day) (Veterans Day ) (when World War 1 ended


Love boxers. :+1:



My brother in law was the landlord of a supposedly haunted public house. People used to feel someone rush by on a particular narrow landing. One night he awoke in bed to see an old lady sitting on his legs and he couldn’t move, he shouted at the apparition in Anglo Saxon which meant basically “go away” and it did. Ooer. True story.


Prays the rosary, stays up to bring in the 101 anniversary of the miracle of the Sun… Gets Raptured…

It’s okay I come back in Avengers 4.


Gadzooks! This in my kitchen!

Totally unexplainable…(unless someone guesses I’ll reveal all in a day or so)


Baby kitten


How is that eerie hand from hell (obviously) a kitten!

If too many people guess I’ll tell all sooner if you like.

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