Things That Go Bump In The Night -


Water stain


No, but I can see how you could come to that conclusion, especially if you make your eyes go squinty :wink:

Also I should say that this photo has not been altered in any way, it is as it appeared :grimacing:

By the way this floor covering isn’t dirty, that’s actually how it’s supposed to look.


Looks to me to be a shadow of a hand on the other side of the barrier. Shadow from sun and hand being underneath. Note you can see a slight darkening on the “wall” where there is less light due to the shadow.


I wasn’t looking at it well I thought it was a door or your kitchen counter.

I thought a black fuzzy kitten was under the lip or something.

My guess is it’s the shadow off the keys you have hanging on the wall.


It’s the hand of evil :raised_back_of_hand::smiling_imp:


Mary will crush his itty bitty seraphic fingers…



Okay @Lee1 what is it?


I didn’t set this up, it just happened spontaneously and I noticed it!
Ha! (We have downlights.)


I had a weird dream it involved some weird Slavic name that I kept writing down wrong but after the name was = 32 and on the bottom it was 310.

Gbeto Prius = 32

The first and last name kept switching at one point it looked like Pariah or Priah and the last name looked Slavic.

The rest involved a Masonic sect of Assassins. :scream:

Maybe it was about a Ghetto Toyota Prius that is possessed by Masonic spirits and used to asssinate their enemies… :flushed:

I don’t know I tried looking it up didn’t get anywhere.


My priest has a Skoda Yeti. Said to him “you don’t see many of those around Father.” He said “no, well you wouldn’t would you.”

(I had a recurrent dream once.)


Maybe, as dreams tend to be sorting thru those scraps of film on the cutting room floor, a comingling of another thread on the forum. Someone was going to replace their Prius. Both a new Prius and a Yugo were offered as possibilities. There’s your Slavic name. :wink:

Combine that with the Illuminati thread and you’re there.


My neighbours called Yugo, but his surname is Nekkst.



Is all the letters I can remember but the first letter was G.

Who knows. :crazy_face:


I think you have to be asleep to understand your dreams.

Having said that and this is true, no joke. I kept waking up repeatedly throughout the night once with this name which I knew was important and that I had to remember in the morning. Over and over again and it was driving me a little nuts. So first thing it popped into my mind, just a name, Ishmael. So I washed, dressed etc and went on the internet and looked it up. Firstly it was the name of an OT character who was described as being at war with everyone all the time (as I was at that time) and secondly the name meant “God hears.” That was extremely poignant because I’d been wondering a lot if my prayers had been heard at all!

A lot of my dreams, like yours I expect, are odd, but sometimes they are amazing.


Dreams are surprising that way. After my spouse passed away, I got a couple “meet me at the Gold Coast Inn” dreams. I had never heard of it, and an Internet search turned up some obscure place in Michigan. Michigan?

Our house needed, badly, repainting outdoors. A week or so later I got a cold call from an industrial firm offering to paint the house, as they had just finished at Disneyland. Disneyland? Spouses favorite place. Period.

The firm name:Gold Coast. They got the job.


Gbeto is a type of female warrior from Africa.

Even in my dreams that didn’t make sense and I knew the mispelling was off.

The only accurate part was 32 310

32 is associated with Freemasonry and 310

Some numbers for National Guard regulations come up and reverse something about septic sludge being used for agriculture.

I think my mind is just making stuff up. :roll_eyes:


I seem to remember heaven being described as having Golden walls and streets, somewhere? The Gold Coast inn maybe just outside heaven?


Governator, I’ve gotten to know you very well over the last five minutes and I’d say, my semi professional opinion you understand, based on almost everything I know about Howard Keel is that you’re mind is just toying with you.


A little broad?

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