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Okay the unknown from a primarily Catholic perspective.

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Please tell me you didn’t think that “a little broad?” as a comment about an open-ended 21-topic thread was asking if you were a small woman, LOL?

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I’m really sorry, it’s sunday and I’m joking around today, I’ll need to go to confession and spend a great deal of time in there.



My input is that well-meaning people who dabble in the occult could be fairly likened to four-year-olds who play blind-folded on an interstate.

The commandments are there for our welfare and God is a jealous God for our welfare. It is better to stay far from the “unknown and diabolical” by refusing to be lured away into strange things and to suggestions offering us the powers of gods. This is always a ploy to make Lucifer into our real lord! We have the angels to battle the unseen powers on our behalf. We should do them the favor of staying as far off of that battlefield as possible.


Flying Nun Blessed Maria de Agreda, one watches the video, quite a bit on New Mexico in it. Fascinating time.


You aren’t the first person to ever point this out you certainly won’t be the last but don’t jump to conclusions about the thread or the people on it. :wink:

That’s why this thread exist because too many people get sucked into that stuff but not all of it is necessarily diabolical like the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, are even Bigfoot.

We live in a gnostic time so I approach these matters from a staunch traditionalist Catholic perspective. :orthodox_cross:

You’re going to find that I am probably the most close-minded person on this thread even though I’m the one that started it.

We don’t just talk about spooky things or mythical creatures that may or may not actually exist we do talk about our faith and supernatural things like angels and apparitions of Saints like the Blessed Mother.

We have even discussed Eucharistic miracles and miraculous icons etc.

Occasionally we will tackle Eschatology but that’s more of Muzhiks thing on the End Time’s Speculation thread.

I have incessantly repeated that I encourage people to share their personal experiences with God and the Saints and I would much rather hear about miracles than spooky things.

it is a free-for-all conversation on here I welcome all types of discussions but I will interject my very theologically staunch opinions on certain matters and people can take them or leave them.

The way that I look at it is about every year there’s about four or five different threads on the Demonic or Spiritual Warfare and so I created a thread series that anyone could ask these questions and people won’t freak out on them and we try to give them a good resources.

I think in some ways the worst thing you can do to a person to shut them down and cut them off and not answer their questions.

I think it’s better to tackle subjects like Aliens and Nephilim and Giants and all that weird stuff and answer peoples questions rather than further fuel the conspiracy that the Catholic Church is hiding these things.

There is a running heresy among Christians of all denominations about the Nephilim and Angel offspring.

This like all heresies can be found in the times of the Early Church Father’s.

People can take or leave my answers but the scriptures, history, and tradition are there and they speak for themselves.


Definitely I’ll have to listen to it again but there were a few Saints that could levitate and bi locate.


Hasta La Vista Baby!!! :sunglasses:



My background is that a parish house near where I grew up was haunted. By that, I mean that things happened there that don’t have a natural explanation. There were visitors who stayed there while the pastor was on vacation who wouldn’t stay there a second night. The priest who lived there was told when he arrived (and it was a residence for several priests) that they all just came to accept that stuff happened there. By “things,” I mean like a door opening and the person in the room being able to clearly hear footsteps coming into a room, only nobody was there. There were lots and lots of stories, and I never ran into a priest who didn’t believe they were true.

So–I believe this stuff is sometimes real. Sometimes foolish people try to con other people, but there is no doubt in my mind that things happen. I don’t know why they happened, but I was brought up to avoid having an unhealthy interest in these things. Don’t worry if you hear vehicles whizzing by, but stay off the interstate.


A simple Exorcism would’ve cleaned up the infestation.


Or praying for the souls at a Holy Mass sometimes Ghost are spirits needing prayers to be released from Purgatory.


The priests didn’t think the house was possessed, though. Sort of a bus station on the way out was more like it. For instance, one of the things that would happen was that a book would fall off the shelf all by itself. It would turn out a Mass stipend had been put in the book as a bookmark and the priest who put it there had forgotten about it. I guess it seemed unlikely to them that Ol’ Scratch was planting fake Mass stipends in the library at the rectory, you know? Still, they would never have dreamed of initiating any contact or anything like a seance.

He said that when he was a young priest and reported this he was told, “Ah, it’s just Fr. X, don’t worry about it.”
Other times, a parishioner who was dying would joke that he’d let Father know when he’d passed. One of those inexplicable things would happen, and sure enough he would get the phone call (which weren’t common phone calls, the parish being small). A lot of times it was something like that…someone died and they had some manifestation of it before they got the actual news that they’d be doing a funeral within the next few days.

That seemed to be the sort of thing that was going on, yes.


Nothing stirs in my House :house_with_garden: but me. All others shall be Cast Out!


It’s a moot point now. No one lives there any more (it is used as office and meeting space now) and I haven’t heard of anything happening in the past 25 years or so.


Perhaps… it was a cursed piece of furniture? :couch_and_lamp:


I have no idea. It never resulted in anything but prayers for the dead, so I guess that is why we didn’t attribute it to anything diabolical? It could have just been a thorn for the priests who lived there to deal with; who knows? Reminders to take the afterlife seriously? They didn’t know. There was only one priest there when I was growing up and being in a small parish he used his time to pray a lot of rosaries for the dead in addition to Masses said. There were grown-ups still alive who remembered back when the other priests had been there, though, so this wasn’t all on his say-so. If Ol’ Scratch was trying to stampede the sheep in a bad direction, he struck out in that house, though.


I hope this doesn’t violate any forum rules but I’d like to recommend a podcaster who delves into the supernatural. His name is Jim Harold and he has several shows that all pertain to things that go bump in the night. It’s really good.

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