Things That Go Bump In The Night -


I don’t see how it would we bring up the late Art Bell a lot and Coast to Coast.


John B Wells?


I saw the most disturbing photo on Pinterest… It was of Sasquatch holding a Extraterrestrial Grey holding a book and placing an outreached palm containing a DNA sequence with UFOS and Pyramids in the background.

It was an obvious spin on the Madonna and Christ Child… :rage:

That’s the kind of Gnostic garbage that I like to debunk and take a hammer to. :hammer::rage::orthodox_cross:


Unplugged… :mobile_phone_off:


Ready for Battle.


Deus Vult!!!

On a serious note I’m trying to detox from CAF…



I repeat Agent Smith’s dialogue all day to everyone.



That is scary.

I wonder if saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for a dying person helps keep off these evil entities.


I would think that it could only help.

That, and also praying that the person would pass peacefully in the company of their Guardian Angel and the other Angels and Saints, too.

I’ve also read that we can pray to St. Joseph for what’s called a happy death.

From what I understand, I think this is also so that we can pass with everything peacefully.


This is the one I’d be worried about. :scream:


I keep a photo, stuck into the corner of my dresser mirror, of the deceased daughter of a cousin, at age 2. The girl suffered a rare and painful disease but managed to survive to adulthood, married and had two children of her own.

Curiously she was followed in death within 18 months by both her father (my cousin’s husband) and her own husband. My cousin (the girl’s mother) keeps the cremated remains of husband and daughter, in her house. As a Catholic, this disturbs me, hence the photo on my dresser, which reminds me to pray especially for the souls of this family.

My cousin told me about a strange occurrence shortly after her husband’s passing. It was Christmas time. She had arranged some glass ornaments on a table. From another room she heard loud noises. She returned to see the ornaments had landed clear across the room, as if having flown horizontally. Unbroken!



My eldest didn’t like them I guess she strictly only likes the purple bag… I thought they were good.


You’re right, that is worrying!

I think I know the cause behind all this, it’s the d d d d d d d …Down lights!


What is a downlighter?


Quite right. My mistake, I’m talking about the down lights, you know those small ceiling lights in rows that make your ceiling look like an upside down airport runway.

I’ll edit it thank you.


Thanks for the clarification.


Got to love Mexican folk lore… :scream:

This film and La Llorona looks creepy…

Links below the cover art was too freaky didn’t want my post flagged.

I don’t watch horror movie’s… I believe too much in the things that go bump in the night…


@StephieNorthCo I’m debating about turning off my alerts for Coast to Coast on my phone because I never actually listen to the shows most of the time.

They always have this new age garbage on there.

Art Bell had some weird people on his show but he also had priest who happened to be Exorcist and a few pastors and people of faith it wasn’t just all this weird New Age Extraterrestrial religion type stuff.

I think that the main difference from Art Bell and George Noory is a Art Bell would talk to people that believed in this stuff but George Noory actually does believe in it and promotes it.

Art Bell believed in Extraterrestrials and Shadow People and weird stuff but he also believed in God.

I think there was under lining of his belief in a higher power and even in Christ that was kind of in the backdrop of that show but would come out when he would talk to people like Father Martin or spoke about his wife.

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