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Agree totally. Art had a way of both allowing people to express themselves, but still steer conversations in a viable direction. I don’t get the same impression with Noory. It like he simply doesn’t have any values at all… just money.

I have one additional advantage… Art was an amateur radio operator, as am i. I’ve listened to him on 75 meters. He had some interesting ideas. He also had quite a few detractors that he got quite adept at foiling. I think that helped him on Broadcast radio.


The Sun is not a monster!!! :sun_with_face::scream:


I would really like to do a podcast or videocast for Things That Go Bump In The Night but I just don’t know how to get all the stuff set up and it’s probably out of my budget. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you ever do a podcast @StephieNorthCo I’ll definitely volunteer as a guest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We can talk about life as a security guard and all the weirdness that comes with that job.


Never done a podcast, but we do have a studio with green screen and pro lighting. Sounds interesting…


@Start I hope they didn’t get you… :scream:

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Apparently Ghost stories on Coast To Coast. :ghost:

I’ll give it a chance but lately there have been mentalist and psychics on there… :unamused::smoking:


Bump in the night? Or knocking on your front door?


I must have missed this one…

Sometimes I do wonder and ask myself… What if?


@StephieNorthCo @oldgraymare2 so it looks like Blessed Marie Julie Jahenny didn’t speak about a planet but about a star and that is supposed to represent the Catholic Monarchy.

I still haven’t read her prophecies there aren’t really any in print and in any case I would want a good translation.


Interesting. One wonders… 200 or 300 years from now, are historians going to look back on our present time and say these were our last days ? And how King xxx the first should have been predicted? And how much better the current (future) Monarchy is than those old, outmoded forms of government were.


@StephieNorthCo It’s definitely strange because I think as Americans we tend to think of monarchies in the negative context as dictatorships in waiting.

My guess is that if this prophecy is true it’s in a future where the world is devastated and there isn’t much government anymore.

In such a world it would be easy to see how such a charismatic leader could win the hearts of many to bring back a Christian age of peace and prosperity.

Look at the 2016 election and how much our country has changed for the positive in that time and how many people feel that the current President has brought our country back to a more Christian age revitalizing American imperialism and the greatness that we once had.

Donald Trump as much as I like him has a lot of flaws and the majority of his followers tend to be Evangelical Protestants.

The Catholic King of this prophecy will be a living Saint and his reign will make Donald Trump’s Presidency look meager in comparison.

I guess for people that don’t like Donald Trump that may not be a good example but it’s the ideology of restoration of a good that I’m speaking of.


Do you guys think Blessed Fulton Sheen knew of the corruption when he said in the future the laity would defend the faith?


As we have kicked around before, Coast to Coast ain’t nearly the show it was with Art Bell. However, occasionally there’s a thing or two that comes up that fits in well with TTGBITN and the Forum.

One of the guests this evening was talking about things that have changed that are denied. The guest pointed to several Bible passages, a non other things. Interesting. (Guest was Michael last name not remembered).

Let’s go thru a couple examples he gave.
Originally, Jif peanut butter was Jiffy, but there is no longer any record of such. Fabreze fabric softener was Fabreeze.but that was denied and there is no record.

Let’s go to one of his Biblical examples. The Lion shall dwell with the Lamb. Isaiah 11:6, right? But if you go to any Bible, you now find it says The wolf shall dwell with the lamb. And it has always said wolf. When did it change? Sinister forces at work?

@governator, this is up your alley. The guest also mentioned Corinthians etc.

Thoughts? (I think I know what’s going on here but wanted a bit of discussion first).


I missed that recording for some reason I think I might have accidentally turned my notifications off for Coast to Coast or maybe my Sirius bill is due.

I think I owe them in November I keep forgetting to put my information on file for them to bill me. :roll_eyes:

Sounds like the Mandela Effect… :scream:


Why hasn’t Pope Francis canonised him ?


I believe there is a dispute about who has the legal right to his remains which has to be settled before they can check to see if his body is incorrupt to go further with his canonization.


I would say that it has been the theme of those in power who who are revolutionaries filled with the spirit of the Antichrist and Luciferianism the true Atheism i.e (rejection of the one true God) to redefine corporeal tangible facts.

The heresy of the day is relativism and her ugly twin sister naturalism when combined create pelagianism.

Put it to you this way certain facts that have always been true will be changed to fit the needs of those that live outside or reject the truth to keep their intellects darkened forever ignorantly bliss.

The true spirit of the Gospel is to give people truth (Jesus Christ and his Church) which as we know from the story of the young rich man is not always easy to swallow many are called few are chosen.


Some of this stuff can actually be explained by having lived in a pre-internet world.

I can still remember how quiet and simplistic the world was before the internet before the global consciousness.

One of the things that gets brought up in the Mandela Effect is the spelling of Looney Tunes.

Looney Tunes was part of the cartoon series called Merrie Melodies which had musical symbols in the logo and if you think about the logo background it’s actually a record.

When I was a boy there was a spinoff called Tiny Toones so there is some confusion as to how Looney Tunes is supposed to be spelled.

In Mandela Effect the idea is that in an alternate universe it’s spelled as Looney Toones and not Looney Tunes.

The reality is that Looney Tunes was spelled differently than Tiny Toones and before Tiny Toones debuted Rodger Rabbit was made which created Toontown in both the film and in Disney Land.

So it’s understandable why people might remember the spelling of Looney Tunes incorrectly or perhaps the official website being misspelled for a day or two.

It’s not even difficult to understand where perhaps certain products or children’s stories like Berenstain Bears may have been misspelled and not corrected for some time because of the lack of the internet to verify these spellings and facts.

I remember Sinbad the comedian being in a movie called Shazam but clearly Shaq was in that movie not Sinbad.

Sinbad having been pressed about this film and Mandela Effect recalls musing that he was dressed as a genie on a television marathon of the Sinbad fantasy films.

This is sort of like how I debunked The Reptilian and planet Nibiru hoaxes by literature and TV and movie tropes.

It’s an interesting thought and it’s an interesting theory and there is a little part of me that sometimes wonders what if it’s all true but some stuff if you really think about it can probably be explained.


This morning I was feeling a little insecure so I went to my nearest mall to hang around with security for a while but then he started to talk about a security blanket and I left. That guy has more problems than I do!

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