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The other thing is that if you look at history there is a lot of misinformation that is taught in public education that my generation was taught.

A good example would be the inventor of the telephone was made deaf by having been pulled up into a train by his ears by an angry conductor.

Then there are things like if you swallow gum it takes 7 years to digest or the folk story about George Washington cutting down his father’s cherry tree.

Years ago if you wanted to find out that this was all misinformation you had to go to your library and hit the books but now with the internet the information is at our fingertips so it’s understandable why people might think that they’re from an alternate reality.

However there is the serious possibility of those in power rewriting history as seen in the George Orwell novel 1984.

This is actually pretty much true history is always rewritten by those in power.

That’s why we are taught in public school about how horrible the Catholic Church is because of the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

Who was in power in the United States other than Freemasonic Protestants so it is no wonder is the Church was villainized for decades in public education and is villainized now in a Pagan society.

Now it is not just the Catholics but the rest of Christendom that is villainized by those in power who are anti-christian and thus Antichrist.

The point is not that public education is bad because it is not there are a lot of fine public schools and public school teachers the point is that misinformation exist due to ignorance but also sometimes those in power controlling the information.


We aren’t told a lot of things. I know this because I have a lot of questions.

Even the Catholic Church withholds information to be fair, it took a long time before the third secret was made public. Even now many people think there’s more to the secret than we were told.

Blessed Jahenny. I read a bit about her and I found her prophecies to be confusing and frightening and depressing. Having said that, I suppose a prophecy is a prophecy and if it doesn’t suit, well that’s too bad.


@Lee1 Well it’s kind of like what the gentleman in Tumblar House said about prophecy on the video that I posted about the Catholic Monarchy.

Prophecy only makes sense after it has been fulfilled.

I didn’t post it on here but Taylor Marshall has some really good videos lately and one of them is on the Third Secret.

In it he and Timothy Gordon talk about how there is a part A and Part B in all the secrets except for the third one

Part A is the prophecy and Part B is the explanation and while we got a part A of the Third Secret we did not get a Part B with the explanation and so that’s the missing part of the Third Secret.

This theory I have actually heard before from some speakers such as John Salza and a few others like John vennari and Father Gruner.

They all talk about there being a second letter in the Third Secret but Taylor Marshall puts it in a more eloquent and I think sensical way.


That’s interesting I didn’t know about part A and B etc.

You know I find it tricky balancing my ideas of a loving God with prophecies warning of impending retribution and annihilation. There seems to be a disparity here which I grapple with for a while and then ignore.


Sadly there has been sort of what I call the government grade-A lunch program that has been served to Catholics the last 50 years.

To give you an example I had to sponsor my wife’s best friend who went through a program that was not RCIA but was for Catholics that needed to receive first communion and confirmation.

My wife’s friend had received her first communion but hadn’t been confirmed and her marriage wasn’t blessed in the Church.

She was blessed to have been confirmed and had her marriage blessed on the same day thank God.

I had to sit through the Deacon teaching the class and he said such things like Vatican II turned the priest around and made the Mass less archaic.

That’s not even remotely accurate and had nothing to do with that Vatican II just like communion in the hand had nothing to do with Vatican II.

One had to do with a novelty and the other had to do with a sacriligious disobedience born in Germany and an attempt to resolve the issue through an indult for those countries with the tradition to vote on the matter which was then illegally voted on in the United States.

But that’s just it that’s the history apologist have retroactively explained.


Communion in the hand was done in the early Church but with a cloth over the hand to collect particles of the Blessed Sacrament and it was done during a period of persecution.

With the legalization of Christianity and the development of clericalism which is a good thing the Church took measures to preserve the Eucharist so as not to comitt sacrilege.

Apologist will use a quote from St. Irenaeus but they will only quote a small segment and exclude the rest of the document which some historians believed to be dubious and not actually written by him.

The document speaks about rubbing consecrated wine over one’s lips and eyes which there again is a sacrilegious practice consecrated wine must be consumed.

That’s an example of a false narrative that has been taught to faithful Catholics for the last 50 years and it’s not historically accurate.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not on here debating on the legality of communion in the hand but one has to concede that it was born out of bad fruit and that people are not taught or given true information in regards to it.

The priests were not turned around to be more inclusive or create a Last Supper scene the priest faced the tabernacle to lead the faithful in worship of the one true God.

In the West ad populum was used but it was always done facing true East unless of course there was no true East in which case normally the priest would use ad orientem unless the architecture prevented him from doing so.

When it came time to cover how one receives communion the Deacon taught people to create a throne with their hands and use the other hand to place the host their mouth to be consumed but did not cover how they could receive on the tongue or receive kneeling and on the tongue.

I went to the same Church to go through RCIA because I was only a baptized Catholic and I was taught both ways how to receive but this Deacon completely omitted the fact that you could receive on the tongue or on the tongue and kneeling.

The Deacon even entertained the idea and notion that he believed someday that women would be priests which my wife’s friend completely embraced.

That is completely theologically impossible for scriptural and logical reasons.

Sadly there is a narrative in the Church that has been taught to a lot of Catholics that is not accurate to history or even to the Second Vatican Council.

The biggest mystery for me is that if those in the council wanted to return to the Churches earlier roots why not lift the abrogations off the other Masses at Trent instead of creating a completely different liturgy?

The Tridentine Mass was not the only Mass of the Latin Rite there are other liturgies that from what I understand that can be offered in the Vulgate.


Yeah sorry about all the ranting raving today sometimes I write really long post.

Well I think it’s just one big long story from the Bible to the Church Age and Private Revelations it’s all connected.


Keeping this thread going while Governator serves out his CAF suspension, here’s something spooky, scary and thought-provoking, the Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory at the Vatican, especially appropriate now since it’s almost All Soul’s Day.


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If you have any questions or want further clarification, please let me know what I can do. I’m an accountant, not a writer, and I understand that I may fall short in explaining this whole thing. I also want to make it very very clear that researching a topic such as this may very well be an occasion to sin for many, and would certainly not recommend someone researching this topic without first asking/speaking with a spiritual director. This experience happened prior to me being Catholic. I have not really researched the mandela effect since becoming Catholic for this very reason, in addition to the belief that even if it were true, there is nothing I can do about it. My main goal is to get myself and my family to heaven, evangelizing anyone else that I can along the way. I just wanted to start a conversation about my experience in case other Catholics may have experienced the Mandela Effect.

One last thing…CERN is generally blamed to be at the center of this Mandela Effect by people who believe their experiences are real. From what I have researched, CERN regularly holds demonic/witchcraft rituals on-site, and seems to be very sketchy at best, whether you believe in the Mandela Effect or not.

Glory be to the father, and to the son, and to the holy spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

End of comment part 3.


I agree with you completely. These matters are certainly interconnected. No doubt there is a concerted effort to interpose new memories into our minds. Weve heard of this happening. We’ve seen this happen. We know this is happening. Yet, this ability to know also implies an ability to be known. I, myself, have taken extraordinary precautions to keep my thoughts private. I hired a team of doctors to perform a litany of telepathic tests to determine the level of risk. These tests were applied by the physicians, at least they had white coats like physicians, and humanly speaking all possible doubt as to the security of my thoughts was put to rest. Yet, I do, as a precaution, require the supervision of an exceptionally active and energetic administratrix to monitor this concern and tend to my brainwave dampening helmet which must be precisely calibrated according to lunar cycle. It should be remarked that her qualifications are so supernumary that I could not possibly name them here even if I was at liberty to do so. Suffice it to say that she is indispensable. Therefore, I am always vigilant to take assiduous care regarding her remuneration and ongoing employment as my peace of mind depends completely upon it.

(Self Portrait)

It cannot escape notice that these events you describe very closely resemble that novella of Gordito (II, 9), which relates the true history of Agro and Molgri, adventures nearly resembling the tragic tale of Amadeus and Agatina. Agro and Molgri are the children of two feuding nobles of Venice, Messer Guido and Messer Vinny, whose palaces, fronts for the family business, were across from each other on the Grand Canal. Agro chances to see Molgri at her window, and from that hour he knows neither happiness nor sleep until he has declared his consuming passion. A kindly nurse, an administratrix of sorts, brings them together, and in her presence they exchange rings and vows of tenderest love before the statue of Madonna of Venus, spending long nights in amorous ecstasy and bliss. For these unions were fast binding, although not a sacrament, indeed, until then had received the benison of Holy Church. It is a common saying to apply to any man: “Si, è ammogliato; ma il matrimonio non è stato benedetto.” Wherefore the spousals of the lovers remained a secret, so secret that certain details were later erased from memory so that the story would be lost to history much like the Apollo 19 mission and its extraordinary find. But let us not speak of that here.


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