Things That Go Bump In The Night -


He threw firecrackers in the fireplace and scared everybody half to death. Bad Governator, bad bad Governator.


Then there’s this: Oumuamua! (say that three times fast) It looks like a cigar-shaped rock, but Harvard says it might be an alien space probe…


I’ve read about this…

Pretty creepy!

What is it doing here?! :thinking:


At a very high speed.


These are the stones from the cave of Archangel Michael in Mt Gargano Italy.


@TLM.Fan To answer your question I do remember Apollo 13 as “Houston we have a problem”.

I haven’t seen that movie in twenty plus years and while I have heard of the Berenstain Bears connection to the Mandela Effect I have not heard the Apollo 13 connection.

Also to my understanding the Mandela Effect took place on December 21st 2012 and was part of some sort of cosmic event that the Mayans predicted.

I have heard about CERN and their experiments and the supposed story that’s been floating on the internet about people disappearing and being taken to Hell and demons coming into our world through black holes.

I don’t know what to make out of any of that stuff maybe it’s true or maybe it’s not there are certainly a lot of mythologies about Hell Mouth’s and the most famous epic poem being The Divine Comedy deals with such in Inferno.


They’re harvesting antimatter for a bomb.


We we all know that you guard a secret under ground labatory in one of the national parks under the guise of a park ranger and that you’re part of AKA project… Smokey Bear…





If you ever want to see a really weird growth, key into cretaceous horns. They are skin growths that look like the person is growing horns. It can be on their face, hands, anywhere at all, and should be removed.


Are those caterpillars or larvae of some sort? What’s going on? are they being cooked?


Most likely going in the Curmudgeon Coffee :coffee:


This explains a lot about me… :thinking:


Go stomp on critters smaller than your foot. Now, look closely at the spider. They can carry 100 babies on their back. Or a lot of babies in their back. An Irish jig should get them all…


You’re funny, in the best possible way! :heart: :grin:

I know that they can lay a lot of eggs…Oohhh, I don’t even want to think about THAT, either! Closes eyes…! :persevere:


I have often wondered what that “nightcrawler” was supposed to be…

When I first saw the video clip of it on the ScyFy show “Fact or Faked,” I was wondering if it really was a real creature, or if someone was trying to fake something, and if it was a person walking on stilts, maybe…?!

I don’t know…

It’s creepy, whatever it is supposed to be…:thinking:


I almost feel like giving up on staying off here during the Nativity Fast because I have been in a depression…

Either way I’m not on here all day

In one of my past blog post I shared some pictures of carvings from Native Americans local to the area and the Nightcrawler resembles these Native American spirits.


I think that that is one of the theories that that paranormal investigator was thinking about…

Was it some type of Native American spirit/being?

From what I had gathered, he didn’t seem to think so? :thinking:

I’ve mentioned this before, but I try and tend to keep an open mind about these kinds of things, especially since I have experienced some strange things myself.


Well it’s kind of like the weird thing that I saw at the train depot twice and never saw it again in my life.

There are photographs connected to UFO phenomenon of weird amoeba like things floating in the sky.

As most know I don’t believe in aliens at least not the kind that snatch people up and give them free health exams.

The fact of the matter is that there are things that we simply just don’t understand.

Here’s the problem the carvings look completely identical to the nightcrawler so as far as I am concerned it is connected to Native American lore.

How people want to classify it is their business but I think it’s probably more spiritual than extraterrestrial.


I saw a TV show on this years ago.

The camera footage showed something like a crane walking.

The subsequent investigation resulted in a lot mysterious drained batteries for the investigators.

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