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Several years ago I worked with a woman whose mother was very ill, and had been hospitalized for weeks. I always included her mom in my prayers and one night was was lying in bed, praying for her healing and comfort, and heard a voice and then had a vision - which struck terror in me! This voice which I understood to be an angel, said that I shouldn’t be afraid, but I didn’t need to pray for her healing now, she was already home. My room was dark, but I then saw a hand gesture to me to peek through a parted dark drape and although it was hard to see in the brightness of the light I could see a young woman, skipping - (I know it sounds crazy, but wait). I asked if I could tell anyone about what I saw, and was told that seeing this was for my comfort and for the peace of the family. That was it. I got up and went out to the great room where my husband was watching TV and told him. I asked if he thought I was crazy, or hallucinating. He said no, but didn’t know what it could mean, either.

Several hours later, my phone beeped with an incoming text - my co-worker was letting us know that her mother had passed away earlier in the evening and she asked for our prayers. Wow. Now I was on the spot. Obviously I was supposed to share my experience, but I didn’t want her to think I had lost my mind. After some days I wrote out the exact things that I saw and heard, and gave them to her before work one morning. I stood there, hesitantly while she read. She got teary-eyed, and when I started to explain that I didn’t have any explanation for what happened, she said that for many years, her mom and aunt used to organize family reunions, and one of the games was a skipping contest, and her Mom always won! So that really weird fact was crucial to the whole narrative. This proved to be a huge source of consolation to her Dad and the whole family. And mine, too.


@Stilldreamn That was a really great and beautiful story thank you for sharing that. :angel:


So here is another very odd picture…what on Earth?

What could this be…I wonder, any ideas?


@Lee1 It’s obviously a fairy spider… Duh… :unamused::smoking:

It’s some sort of reflection… :thinking:


Is it sunshine going through some glass anomalies?


Reflection off your ouiga board.


Yes, it’s a reflection of the sun on the dvd packets, odd the way they reflect like that.

@sarcelle was right too

But @StephieNorthCo a very definate NO

Seek and ye shall find


@Lee1 Nope I don’t believe you…

Those fairy spiders have clearly already laid their eggs in your cranium and your brain is slowly being eaten away by baby spiders… :scream:


I’m confused, what don’t you believe?


I can’t say there watching me…

Oh… Oh no!!!




Ok. Then I’ll post what I wasn’t going to post to help with your situation.

I’ll tell you something, last night after praying the rosary I lay in bed in the dark thinking vaguely about the days events and suddenly there was a bright light at the end of my bed. It was like a jewel and say an inch or so and slightly oval but so bright like a sun or diamond, white light with a tinge of red in the bottom right corner. It was brief, perhaps only a second. True.

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@Lee1 What do you think it means?

Are you missing time?


If you mean the flash, then i think,it was meant to bring back my attention to prayer again, it wasn’t scary at all, I had no particular feeling at all just a brief shock and went back to prayer again.

If you mean me being out of likes so quickly everyday, I don’t know, maybe I’ve been giving too many likes and it’s a ration? I don’t always remember to log off, but I’ve logged off before and it doesn’t help with the likes thing.


Probably your guardian angel.

They say guardian angels bring your prayers straight to the throne of God. This is a sign that your prayers made it all the way to God.

That is comforting, I think.


You could be right, I asked if I could see him or her the other day, I did say it wasn’t important because I know I shouldn’t ask for anything like that really.

Sometimes I have odd things happen and of course they happen fast and life moves on quickly, then the impact of things hits me afterwards and I’m actually more impressed about this flash now than I was last night.

I am grateful for any crumb like this, it helps me a lot and I obviously need it.

Edit: that’s a wonderful thought sarcelle, thank you.

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Sorry, That was me :wave: I astral project and spirit travel at night… :ghost:


You have that power and you choose to stalk @Lee1?



Gary Busy has extra sensory abilities… :crazy_face:


NO Saint, seer, scientist, angel, Blessed Mother Mary, normal average everyday person knows when the end of time will be ONLY GOD KNOWS and that’s who we have to be in a personal relationship with each and every day. NOTHING ELSE matters more than that.


I think you should be bilocating really, also only during office hours please.


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