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I don’t believe any of the people I cited have said they knew the time or day of the second coming.

What has been predicted is future wars, and the conditions of the end times but not when they would occur.


Trial, Tribulation & Triumph: Before, During, and After Antichrist

A Very Good Book!


Some interesting stories in here.

St Anthony meeting hippocentaur and a faun.

Various accounts of Cynocephali which we know is a mistranslation of Canaanite but was used to represent Canaanite people or barbarians who were generally cannibals and partook in human sacrifice.

St Martha and the Tarasque very similar to The legend of St George.

St Columba and the Lochness Monster.

Christopher Columbus and UFO’S.



Hmmm. Some of those kinda almost make a case for UFO’s being time travelers from future to past more so than alien visitors.


Just like in Godzilla vs King Ghidorah… I just wonder if they have those Steve Rogers Bionic Man, Terminator rip off? :thinking:

We need more of whatever he had in his coffee


Here’s a story…

So while my Mother-in-law was working for a short while my Father-in-law, would take her to work on the fastest route which passes the local cemetery.

One day shortly after All Souls Day my Mother-in-law tells me that my Father-in-law won’t drive her that way anymore because they saw what looked like two red eyes staring out at them.

Then a little later my Father-in-law tells me that he saw two red lights a good distance away from each other too far to be eyes at one of the ends of the cemetery.

So my first initial reaction when my MIL told me was… Well yeah of course there are demons in graveyards that’s where evil spirit’s dwell according to scripture. If more people visited their loved ones graves and prayed for them and the holy souls in Purgatory there would be less evil spirit’s wanting to lurk around.

My second reaction after my FIL related his version clarifying that they didn’t see eyes was that even though probably most cemeteries are a bit haunted there must be natural explanation for this all.

One night while driving to work I drove passed the cemetery and I see a red light and a blue light and they look like solar lights. I drive a little further a down and see a whole bunch of white lights.

Clearly these were solar lights you stick in the ground.

So today I wanted to visit my grandparents grave site and offer up the rosary for the holy souls.

I went looking for the lights and found them.

I never thought to put solar lights but I might just do this myself.

It would be much easier to find the headstones this way.


That’s a great story. However, I wonder if the solar light idea would give others who don’t think about that the scary idea of spirits around. And get scared.

In a wierd way, it’s almost a good prank.

However, it’s a good idea. Hmmm. Conflicted about this one.


I have seen battery operated and solar power cemetery candles.

These are disposable and can safely be placed in a cemetery without causing a fire.

Some of them are permanent and are expensive.

There are actually guidelines as to what you can and cannot place in the pots and on the headstone.

I think of it as a modern way of lighting a candle for our loved ones.

The nice thing about solar is that they don’t run out of juice and if you buy the good ones they hold up.

We put cloth flowers and I have been contemplating putting something more permanent.

The problem is that a few times the cemetery clears the pots and headstones.


Maybe a note on them (in permanent marker) would keep them from being cleared periodically.


I’m wondering if there is a form I can fill out in the office or something.

They have flower solar lights I would consider getting something like that.

I buy flowers from Dollar Tree but it’s still kinda pricey I might spend 10 or 13 bucks on fake flowers.

Kinda seems like they should be ¢75 cents rather than an entire $1.00.

It’s not a lot of money but then it does seem kinda expensive for fake flowers depends on how tight I am for money.


Here are what I’m talking about.

There are more expensive ones that you can stake in the ground and put actual votive candles in.

It’s much easier to go to Walmart or Dollar Tree and pick up solar stakes they have fancy ones at Walmart with flowers, crosses, angels, and butterflies.


@StephieNorthCo @oldgraymare2 I have developed a devotion to the holy souls.

Sometimes I offer up my depression or despair up for them.

Anyone else devoted to the holy souls?

They can prayer for us too. :+1:

It’s still November the month of souls. :ghost:


I’ve seen a pair of bright blue eyes looking at me from the graveyard of my former parish.

I was convinced there should be a logical explanation for what I saw and I went straight up to those eyes. I soon discovered a pair of blue solar lights.

Another graveyard story back in my University days. I was walking with relatives in a cemetery where my grandfather was buried. On the way back to the car we saw a white mist move from one grave stone to another. It was in our way so we had no choice but to go towards this mist that kept traveling between two gravestones. We weren’t scared just curious. As we neared this mist, we got instantly wet.

Turns out to be a sprinkler watering the grass.




I’ve always been fascinated by bigfoot, and over the past couple of months I’ve been researching the heck out of this ‘species’. I’ve seen videos analyzing footage of bigfoot and proving that these creatures don’t have bodily proportions that can be faked by a person in a costume. I’ve listened to audio clips that capture what’s supposedly the bigfoot language. I’ve even come across conspiracy theories about the government covering up these creatures’ existence, even bigfoot attacks.

These creatures seem to have an otherworldly presence, psychologically haunting those who encounter them for a lifetime. Why would God create a creature like that? Are these creatures merely animals, or even the remnants of a pre-homosapien hominids? Veterinarian Melba Ketchum’s theory that these creatures were interbred from humans and an unknown species of ape, possibly the now-extinct Gigantopithecus, is an intriguing one, and it could explain why these creatures are so humanoid and why they have such an unnatural presence, because these things weren’t in God’s plan. However, as others have pointed out, the DNA study that came to this conclusion has no credible evidence to support it, nor does it make sense that a human could naturally conceive an animal’s offspring.

It doesn’t seem like any bigfoot DNA study has come to any conclusive evidence on this creature’s existence, and any photographic evidence of a dead specimen has been proven to be a hoax. These things have been spotted all over the world and have even been captured on camera, but why is it so hard to find evidence beyond this? Are world governments truly covering up these creatures’ existence (many stories of which likely come from delusions), or is this whole species a hoax created by the father of lies, the devil?

I admit, if these creatures are demonic manifestations, they would be a pretty elaborate hoax put on by them; I’ve seen fairly clear footage of a mother bigfoot holding her baby and even bigfoots traveling in groups. Plus, why would demons pick a humanoid ape species to masquerade as? Yet, common reactions these creatures have inspire are fear, paranoia, unhealthy obsession, confusion, and deception (i.e. hoaxes), none of which come from God (holy fear comes from God, but this isn’t holy fear we’re talking about). There are exceptions to these reactions from those who’ve encountered them, but the devil can disguise himself as an angel of light, even if the bigfoot can seem like an angel of light. Whatever these creatures are, I hope I never meet one.


@catholicmoviene There has never been a North American great ape so there is that but then there are stories in Native American lore and early American history of such creatures. They are usually carnivorous eating human beings or sometimes peaceful.

Sort of contradictory I know no scientific reason they should exist but too many accounts and evidence to say they don’t but that’s what we have so far.

There have been cases of wild men throughout the world so that’s a natural explanation.

Could be diabolical evolution has lead a lot of people away from God giving them a reason not to believe.

I don’t take an official stance on either creationism or evolution but I would like to believe in creationism.

In the long run it doesn’t matter because the central message of Genesis is that God made everything and he made it good.

Wild Men such as Sasquatch, Yetti, Yowie, or Grey Man are a mystery.

While the idea of fallen angel human hybrids would make sense angels don’t have bodies and can’t reproduce as they have no sex.

What might be possible is that pre diluvian world was technologically advanced like the legend of Atlantis and that these creatures are the product of genetic egineering gone bad.

Maybe other civilizations after the flood found their technology and picked up their work.

Who knows the more you try to make sense out of it from a theological point of view the less it makes sense.

At best I speculate that these creatures are purely animals with human intelligence but no souls.

They purely follow their instincts unlike human beings who go against their baser urges.

It’s possible monsters like these exist and like the Centaurs and Satyrs of St Anthony of Egypt’s time are misunderstood.


Anybody have any thoughts on this?


These mythical beings may have their origins in truth.

When the modern Melanesians arrived in the Solomon Islands, another group of people already lived there that were probably smaller than the newcomers. The original inhabitants were probably not as technologically advanced as the newcomers and were pushed out of their land. They retreated and occasionally emerged to steal food. They may still be there but interactions are so rare that their existence became the stuff of myth.

Hawaiians also have the same legends of the menehune who could have been the earlier inhabitants of the Hawaiian islands before the arrival of the Polynesians.


Cannibalistic dwarves basically pygmy’s little people or… A more advanced race of primates that have developed weapons…


You maniacs you blew it up darn you to Hell!!!


All through November I had a recurring dream, my husband who passed away two years ago this month kept asking me "why aren’t you wearing your wedding ring Babe’ [ I had put my wedding ring on his finger and told him to give it back to me when we met again ] I kept telling him that in my dream, to no avail. Then I remembered that before we were married he gave me a silver round ring he made. Went to my old jewelry box, there it was, I put it on my finger and the dreams stopped…Now, Joey and I can rest…True story, God bless us all

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