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@anna That’s a beautiful story thanks for sharing. :heart:


Russia!!! :scream:


Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!! Oh, wait. Different movie. Sorry.


Instead of sitting through long, boring meetings I wish my daughter would spend time talking to me. But she won’t. I was thinking maybe she could astral project and leave her body at the meeting and her astral projection to me. (Just a thought. She probably wouldn’t miss anything important. A bunch of talking heads with big egos, maybe.)


Supposedly :roll_eyes:… Cardinal James Francis McIntyre, Archbishop of Los Angeles from 1948 to 1970, had a close encounter with an extraterrestrial being (or beings) at what is now Edwards Air Force Base in Lancaster, CA, in 1954! So says this website, among others…

This alien encounter allegedly happened in the presence of President Eisenhower…

Rev. Msgr. Francis J. Weber, archivist for the L.A. Archdiocese, finds no records in the late Cardinal’s personal files to support this bizarre claim… unless, of course, he’s also in on the conspiracy!!



:joy::rofl: That was so cheesy! I love it. :laughing:


Yeah I know my stud is good at Godzilla toys for Christmas. :yum:

His favorite films so far is Godzilla versus Hedorah otherwise known as Godzilla versus The Smog Monster.


I’ve gotta find a time so see those! I haven’t seen one of the old ones since I was a kid. Godzilla vs the Smog Monster scared me as a kid, but I loved it. My husband hates Godzilla movies though, so I’d have to watch them when he’s at work (same with the 3 Stooges). Where do you watch them? We don’t have Netflix (cancelled the service).


I had every VHS released or taped off cable except Destroy All Monsters.

The 90’s Heisei series didn’t get released in the US until the early 2000’s on DVD.

I had the Imperial Godzilla toys if you watched the original Roseanne there is one of these toys in the background behind the couch.

I had the Trendmaster toys and a piggy bank.

Hedorah was one of my favorites.

I have one of the Bandai figures I want to get my son one but there over priced at $30 - and up.

I might order one after Christmas for him.

That’s one the things I don’t like about toy collecting is that Bandai will release something and it will be out of circulation so then sellers jack up the price but then Bandai ends up reissuing and repainting the figure anyways. :roll_eyes:


My collection of figures…

My real life encounters…





Really its a lovely story.



Long time no see mate.

I used to post here under the s/n of “punisherthunder”. Don’t know if you remember me or not, but I’m back on here after a delay and of all things have a part time job writing about such things that this thread is about. Any way to do PM’s on here?


Good to see you back it’s nice to know that we got the whole gang back on here.

Yeah we can actually have a whole thread in message form.



I love this YouTube channel.


@Uliana988 Yeah he has some interesting videos I hope he makes one on the Eastern Orthodox take on the state place of purification in the East what we call Purgatory.


I found a really great YouTube video a couple months back about Czar Nicholas II and the Fatima prophecies.

The gist of the video is taken from the writings of the Czar’s tutor Charles Sydney Gibbes who later on became a Orthodox monk.

He took on the name Nicholas to commemorate the Czar.

Mr. Gibbes voluntarily traveled with the family after Czar Nicholas II abdicated the throne in March 1917 and resided in a village in Siberia.

In his journal he recounts a conversation that he had with the czar about the Fatima prophecies in Portugal.

Czar Nicholas II made the case to Mr. Gibbes about the Fatima prophecies and his belief in them.

The next year 1918 the royal family was murdered and Mr. Gibbs escaped and returned back to England.

I can’t post the video because in the end it calls Pope Francis an anti-pope. :roll_eyes:

It’s always a bummer when somebody has to put something really stupid at the end of their video.

The point that I wanted to share is interesting fact that Emperor Czar Nicholas II believed in the Fatima prophecies and he would later be martyred with this whole family who were then later canonized into the Russian Orthodox Church.


If you haven’t read either books I highly encourage Paul Thigpens Manual For Spiritual Warfare and Saints Who Battled Satan.

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