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Howdy all,

Have any of you guys ever listened to Jimmy Akin’s weekly podcast on mysterious phenomena?
Here’s the link:



@Cruciferi Yeah I skimmed through it sounds like the guy’s still jonesing for the girl uou the one that got away… He will outgrow her and realize one day it was never meant to be and that the two of them together were incompatible…

The voice yelling could be anything who knows the brain does weird stuff.

Sometimes I’ll hear a noise like it’s in my ear and wake up and it’s completely silent.

The brain can make a person experience sensations it once experienced before.



I see that the Governator is now back after his temporary banishment for throwing firecrackers into the fireplace.



Somebody asked before why you were banished, and I answered authoritatively and with complete self-assurance, that you had scared everybody half to death by throwing firecrackers in the fireplace. I had just posted a couple of long-play storm and fireplace videos somewhere around Halloween. :slightly_smiling_face:


I got suspended because I was uncharitable with a comment about Father James Martin.

@Cruciferi got suspended for posting a McDonald’s meme…

What can you do I guess it’s like my mom says they can’t get you for what you don’t say.


I once said that Mormon archaeology must be a very depressing field to be in, and I got an infraction for being insulting to depressed people. :roll_eyes:


They can’t get me for that because…


Not literally but it’s kind of a lot of ups and downs. :yum:


Do you turn green at times?


No like the original incarnation of the incredible Hulk I turn a depressing Gray…


I can’t tell which religion is the strangest Watchtower, Church of latter Day Saints, or Nation of Islam?

At their core there essentially gnostic cults

Forbidden or hidden knowledge and only certain ethnic groups have salvation ect.


I got an infraction too. I had posted a link to a site that was considered bad. I didn’t know it at the time; it might have been sedevacantist or something. I don’t really know what was wrong with it. It was an accident.

Oh, and lest anybody think that I have strayed from the topic of Things That Go Bump In The Night, that infraction made a loud bump in the middle of the night and actually left a great big dent in my account here. It scared me greatly, almost as much as the firecrackers that the Governator threw into the fireplace.

That said, I think the moderators here are not above either handing out totally gratuitous infractions in the middle of the night in order to scare us or of throwing firecrackers in the fireplace (they would you know, throw firecrackers in the fireplace that is . . . even on Halloween . . . especially on Halloween . . .).

Now I feel all nervous and jumpy . . .

PS: I know you said that you were uncharitable to Father Martin, but I happen to know that it was really for the firecrackers you threw into one of those haunted fireplaces . . .


That’s right I stirred up all those ghost…

All it takes is a little horseradish mustard and some firecrackers.



I don’t think I’ve shared this one. If I already did, just ignore it. Anyway, several years ago, when we got our house blessed, when the priest was putting holy water in the basement, I could literally feel things whistling by me, leaving. This may sound silly, but I found it eerie.


Woah that’s creepy thanks for sharing. :+1:

Who you gonna call? :ghost:

The Catholic Church. :latin_cross:


Just had another “presence” experience. That’s why I just logged on a few minutes ago. I used to work as a secretary for this computer repair company and one day, when everybody was out for lunch, I thought there was someone standing over to the side across from me - I didn’t see anyone but the presence was very strong & palpable. I don’t think it was The Force from Star Wars, either. I wasn’t scared though.

This just happened again. Maybe God’s response to my doubts I’ve been having lately. Maybe not. Could be my imagination. I’ve been very stressed lately.

I do like that saying in AA “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”


Probably your imagination stirring up old creepy memories… :scream:


I think so. :slight_smile: Although our brains are designed to look for patterns. (Well, He was the Designer, and must have made them that way for a reason.)

Once many years ago I had an experience like that, almost feeling like someone was standing behind me. I suddenly remembered something important. I had made a Novena to St. Joseph and there at my desk I remembered every request I made to him, and that they were granted. I remembered I should thank him for his help and intercession. So I found an organization in the ‘phone book’ (yes many years ago) with his name and called to make a small donation. It was a school for the deaf. A sister answered and asked me ‘Why would you like to make a donation?’ I told her that I remembered St. Joseph’s kindness and help and knew I should do so as a ‘thank you’ of sorts. Then I asked her why did she want to know, because really what did it matter? She told me that they were very low on funds and this very morning she had had several people calling in wanting to donate and she didn’t understand why.

Ah, so St. Joseph was calling in favors!

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