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I had a similar experience a very long time ago.


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So I just saw the new trailer for Hellboy…

I would post it but it has some language in it.

It looks like it could be good but it will never have the heart of the original Hellboy with Ron Perlman.

I felt like the original film really captured essence of Hellboy’s faith.

Hellboy is is right up there with the original Conan The Barbarian it might not be the most accurate adaption but it’s got a lot of heart.

I like the whole nurture versus nature message the idea that Hellboy is a demon from Hell half demon in the comics and he is raised Catholic.



@SteelArchangel @christofirst @StephieNorthCo @oldgraymare2 right up your alley…

I think it’s eery today because of the ubran legends surrounding the record being played backwards, the occult craze in the 1960’s -1970’s and the whispers about musicians selling their souls to the devil… :scream:

Creepy stuff Rock & Roll is…


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I’ll have to take a look at this when I have some more time.


I’ve heard that before, that Jimmy Page was into Aleister Crowley and black magic. Did that in any way contribute to his musical success, or is he just a man of many interests and talents? He seems to say now that it was just a phase he went through. Who knows?


I have no idea there’s a lot of myths and urban legends out there about rock and roll and I’m certainly not an expert on music.

If anything I am music illiterate.


I forget which band it was, maybe Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden, who said that when people were freaking out over their devil music, they were laughing all the way to the bank. They didn’t take it seriously. Of course, we know the demonic influence is nothing to play with or joke about, but they’ll have to answer for that soon enough, I guess.





A lot of shenanigans goes on in the music industry. A lot is urban legend, some is conspiracy theories , some is real.

If you have Sirius XM , the Beatles channel has some interesting programs on, some of which delve into that aspect of the Beatles music. Some of those were indeed planned into the songs.

I remember the “my sweet Lord” lyrics, first thinking, how sweet, then thinking, hey wait a minute, they’re singing hare krishna… what gives here?

A lot of rock stars were on leading edge of a lot of innovation, and combined with easy access to drugs, alcohol and other things, that’s a dangerous combination. Some did ok, others, not so much.

Having said that, various effects can be experimented with interesting results. I remember working on analog voice encryption way back when. When you are developing that stuff, you uncover interesting things. I got good enough that I could talk “encrypted” so that if I were speaking a sentence, I could speak it such that it sounded unencrypted, much to the consternation of the guy who was wondering what was wrong with his system… it wasn’t working. (I never told him either - hee hee).

So I can easily imagine how those artists could stumble on various effects, and learn how to use them.

Yeah, it can be spooky.


Roman Polansky adapted Rose Mary’s Baby and I believe shortly after that Sharon Tate and their unborn child were murdered.

One has to wonder if Roman Polansky had made a deal himself…

Later he got in trouble with doing some sick stuff with under age teenagers… :nauseated_face:


I think Polanski believed that 'Papa" John Phillips had something to do with the killing of Sharron Tate. (I know that sounds crazy, until you consider who Phillips hung out with.)

There is a whole lot more info in the book “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon” by Dave McGowan. Some of it my dad pointed out that the drug culture of the West Coast jazz scene was probably a huge influence that McGowan doesn’t address.


@egretps Without me going to Google when you say Papa John Phillips is this a voodoo crime lord thing?


Hi Gov.,

I can give an answer until @egretps comes back to the thread…

He was with the group the Mamas and the Papas in the '60’s.


Papa John Pillips was involved with selling drugs as well. Polanski was suspicious of him being involved with the murders.
There are so many things wrong with those ‘Manson’ murders books have be written.

Polanski a few years after his wife, unborn baby, and friends were murdered in his home, drugged and raped a thirteen year old girl.

Hollywood gave him a standing ovation in recent years at an awards banquet. So, their moral compass is off there.


Did Phillips have a connection to Charles Manson?

Manson tried to have a musical career and had connections to Brian Wilson of the Beach boys.


idk if Manson hung out with Phillips, but he (Manson) had a lot of interaction with ‘rock’ stars and other celebrities. Including Doris Day’s son, Terry Melcher, who had previously lived in the house Polanski was renting at the time of the murders. So he was familiar with the address.

Brian Wilson’s brother Dennis hung out with Manson as well. There was a People magazine article about this.

Edit to add: often family and friends of suicide and murder victims look for reasons and may grasp at anything. But what is interesting is that Polanski thought Phillips had anything to do with it. If you ever want to, reading up on John Phillips will take you to Dr. Hodel and the Black Dalia murder. That might make sense on why Polanski considered him a suspect. I suggest you brace yourself because it’s repugnant.


Right after high school I kind of snapped and went into some dark times.

There were a few attempts on my life and some pretty reckless and destructive behavior.

This was right after Youtube came out and I was talking to some internet friends and one of them was really into Charles Manson.

So what started out as just a funny clip of a crazy guy talking nonsense to an actual interest in serial killers and famous crimes.

Which really considering my familial background is not really that odd because my dad was a forensic criminologist and my grandfather worked for the investigative bureau.

But anyways I got into that sort of stuff and all the psychedelic occult satanic stuff that was in the 1960s I found it fascinating.

A year prior I was messing with witchcraft and wicca and all that junk and thankfully I got out of it.

I read Helter Skelter and then I read Charles Manson In His Own Words.

After I read the second book I kind of snapped out of the whole phase because I realized that Charles Manson was not some sort of hypnotic preternatural person that people claimed he was even law enforcement.

Charles Manson was a product of his upbringing and a broken home.

He was sexually assaulted in prison as a young man and then went on to have failed music career and then lead a cult.

The guy was hardly masculine he was bisexual and he was just a dirty bum that was really good at manipulating and shaking people down.

He took some courses with Scientology and obviously he used psychedelics to brainwash and manipulate people not unlike our own government during the mk-ultra programs.

I regret everything I did as young man and if it wasn’t for my wife and her family and the Catholic Church I don’t think I would be mentally sane.

When Charles Manson died I could have of cared less because I had an early realization that he was nothing special and that all the evil mysticism that was surrounded him was a joke.

Probably his most honest moment below.


Merry Christmas!!!

Since I’m Catholic and since the Church celebrates 12 Days of Christmas I’m not too horribly late in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas on this thread.

I still think the 1983 Christmas Carol is the best. :sunglasses:

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