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Been listening and reading a lot of old Fr. Malachi Martin stuff. He absolutely, totally claims that Lucifer is has been active in all facets of the music industry for decades. It’s very compelling.


Can you post a link to the interviews you are listening?


Be very careful what you post with Father Malachi Martin.

The Art Bell and Sean Hannity interviews are fine but I wouldn’t post any of the Bernard Janzen interviews.

Needless to say some of the figures that we hear about today we’re spoken about 20 years ago in those interviews.

Very controversial stuff we don’t want to get the thread of closed…


It’s darn right scary the stuff he said he gave us a playbook 20 years ahead of schedule.

He was definitely a one-of-a-kind because there really hasn’t been another Father Malachi Martin since.

I was talking about this a couple dozen post up stream but there are some very interesting and convicting interviews out there on YouTube that would probably not be allowed on here but people can find themselves.

Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon have some really interesting videos on Father Malachi Martin, Fatima and some other stuff.

Someday I’m going to have to read Gabriel Amorth I still haven’t read Hostage To The Devil.

I’m trying to finish up The End Of The Present World and trying to read Tolkiens Silmarillion.

I have some pretty interesting spiritual warfare books I’ll have to share when I get home that are also on my reading list.

I’m still wanting to finish the Early Church Father’s by Mike Aquilna and I want to get into reading the Philokalia.

I don’t have all four parts I just have a collection of writings from the Philokalia on the prayer of the heart.

Heychasm or noetic prayer is interesting… I’m not very good at it…

Heck I haven’t been good about praying my rosary everyday either… :weary:


A great book I will say. :+1:


Thank you for this heads up.

I do think there re a couple of other priests who are also Exorcists, like Fr. Gary Thomas, Fr. Amorth, and Fr Ripperger who speak on some of the same things, like how sick popular culture is today. But they don’t seem to have Fr. Martin’s insider knowledge of some of the worst people in the World. Perhaps it’s because of the times. Fr. Martin was in Israel studying the Dead Sea scrolls, and at the Vatican and in NYC… he had met a lot of people through out his career.

I am wary of many YouTube channels and Christian Pontificators.


This is a more appropriate question for here.

As I said I think it’s a technological form of divination ripped right out of the pages of Richard Matheson’s Hell House.

I can’t advise that anyone would ever use one of these because it’s really on a spiritual level no different than using a Ouija board.

If a human spirit is trying to communicate and is asking for prayers usually something supernatural and not preternatural will occur.

Sometimes the spirits will use preternatural methods to gather the living’s attention so that they can pray for them but there are other times God creates supernatural events that would be otherwise extraordinary to communicate to the living.

St Pope Innocent III appeared to St. Lutgarda in fire and chain’s asking for her prayers and the faithfuls to pray for him and the Holy Souls of Purgatory.

Sometimes spirits will appear as apparitions in a reoccurring life event and this is an example of a human soul doing it’s Purgatory time on Earth.

This is why it’s important that Masses are offered up for the deceased for a total of 30 days.

99% of time what people deem as ghost and haunted places is caused by natural reasons sometimes even psychological or neurological but other times yes it is demonic.


I remember an episode of Ghost Hunters where the team was investigating a haunted house.

One of the evidence put forward as a sign of hauntedness was the toilet flushing itself. Luckily the members of the team were plumbers by trade and were able to determine that the cause was a plumbing issue and not a ghost that liked to flush toilets.


I agree 100%

My friend said her room is haunted and theres always cold spots and weird noises and her cross turned upside down once. I somewhat believe her because she seems very sure and we’ve talked about it a few times and she hasn’t smiled or laughed and has been real serious for someone as playful as she is (always smiling). I asked why her mom didn’t contact a priest (they aren’t religious btw) and she said her mom always says she has better things to do. Like well diddly darn if any room in my house is haunted I’m taking my family to a motel 6 and calling father right away :joy:

she offered an opportunity to come over and pray and she knows I’m catholic so maybe give a blessed rosary and sprinkle some holy water. I was ok with the praying and giving a rosary part but if the place is actually haunted I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to go in and douce the place in holy water.



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The same team investigated another haunted house where the owner said it was haunted because the faucets turned on by itself.

It turns out to be another plumbing issue which the team was able to fix.


Man, what’s up with all the plumbing issues of these houses.


They’re old houses.


Check out Youtube and you will see lots of older recordings that are worth checking out.


@SteelArchangel Return to Tradition has a good video it answers questions about accusations placed Fr Martin.

The Bernard Janzen interviews are good too.

We can’t post those here unfortunately.


I have a copy of Hostage to the Devil that I got several years ago. It was an older, hardback version that was actually quite costly. If memory serves I found someone on eBay who had a copy and I shelled out some $$$ for it.

I’ve wanted to read Amorth’s stuff but haven’t had a chance. There was an exorcist in Spain, Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea. He wrote a book that to my knowledge is only in Spanish, but there may be some English translations somewhere and it’s costly but also very very informative. . He’s a younger version of Amorth, but from things I’ve read he was removed as an exorcist and I’m unsure if it was mandated or if he volunteered on his own. He doesn’t speak English so his works have to be translated , but he’s very fascinating.


Did you see the documentary The Devil and Gabriel Amorth?

It’s on Netflix.


I haven’t read these yet but I believe one of them is a contemporary take on The Ladder If Divine Ascent.


Yes I did see it. It was quite short, with really that exorcism being the highlight. It left me with more questions than answers, but still I find its purpose and message very powerful. It sort of gets the word out about this.


My only criticism of that film is that they synthesized the possessed woman’s voice and I think that made it in some ways less credible.

I’m not saying she wasn’t really possessed but I think it was unnecessary to add special effects.

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