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It just seemed to me rather safe and slightly sugar coated some times. I think it was rated-R but I have absolutely no idea why. I’ve seen edgier documentaries on the History Channel about exorcism that what Friedkin made in this film.

I’m always trying to find quality films about the subject of exorcism.


I have only watched both documentaries Hostage To The Devil and The Devil And Gabriel Amorth each once.

A lot of the Eastern Fathers speak exstensively about the spiritual battle.

From the first few pages of The Philokalia On The Prayer Of The Heart says a lot about the tactics of the evil one.


I am unfamiliar with some of the Eastern knowledge on this. Are there any good resources that you know of?


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In the beginning of that youtube video about bizarre skeletons. I think the fact that the dinosaurs collapsed mid-fight is evidence of the great flood of Noah.


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Writings from the Philokalia: On Prayer of the Heart

Talking Back: A Monastic Handbook for Combating Demons (Cistercian Studies)

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