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Hmmm. Ya just never know. Didn’t we have zombie apocalypse posts in this thread?


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@Cruciferi From the pits of Hell they came from the pitts of Hell they shall return!

Which means they will be in Fresno CA…

Okay so people wanted to know why I abruptly disappeared and was mistakenly burried alive in the Curmudgeon Cemetery?

I drank too much Curmudgeon Coffee and appeared quite dead…

I was also laying low for awhile because I have been staying out of trouble.

I also needed to regroup myself and decide how I want to continue with this thread series.

@SteelArchangel @oldgraymare2 @StephieNorthCo @BoomerangToo and a whole lot of other folks… You were here on the original CAF TTGBITN and on to the new format that were using.

When we started this thing we are hot on the trail with the hundredth anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima and the recordings and writings of Malachi Martin.

We have since then found more interesting and reliable sources.

2017 was kind of an odd year and it was a little bit of a letdown but then with the 2018 summer of shame there’s a lot of content to be discussed.

2017 was a very subtle year and 2018 was explosive and 2019 I think is going to be even more explosive.

There’s that scene in Ghostbusters where is Winston and Ray are talking about how the dead keep rising and that maybe the reason the dead are rising is because it is the end of days…

It’s this very creepy pensive scene that kind of I feel is metaphorical of this dialogue that we’ve had over the years.

Unfortunately a lot of the content that I feel is a continuation of this dialogue might be in conflict with the forum rules and I will not be able to share those videos.


This content is from Dr. Taylor Marshall & Timothy Gordon and even Patrick Coffin.

Two out of three of those individuals were former Catholic Answer apologist so very educated and reliable people.

They have had a lot of guests including Patrick Coffin, Michael Voris, Fr. Donald Calloway, Fr. John Hallowell, Fr. Longdecker, Fr Mark Goring and James Grein.

Subjects include Fatima, the current sex abuse scandals, Freemasonry, Communism, Bella Dodd, Blessed Archbishop Fulton Sheen, the Rosary, Lord of the Rings & JRR Tolkien, and the legitimacy of Father Malachi Martin.

It’s all good stuff it’s fairly PG-13 but very critical and so I won’t be able to post those or discuss too much of those videos on here.

I have brought that up in the past but I’m kind of putting it out there now that this is sort of the direction that I feel would have been in continuation with the trajectory that a lot of our conversations were based on early in the thread series.

Also in general it’s very upsetting subject matter and I don’t think most of us can be polite in our language about various figures and scandals that have come to light.

I think in the future I’m going to start a YouTube group message for the old timers and people interested that will be a lot easier to share content and have less restrictions.

I have been suspended a whole bunch of times and I decided to take a break and distance myself from the forums especially on the main forum.

Most importantly my wife and I had another child and we are looking forward to her baptism this Saturday so we ask for your prayers.

I want people to continue to post on this thread and have fun with it and help others who are inquiring about spiritual warfare and the unknown.

I want to be able to continue talk to my friends on here and I want to be able to help people when I have the opportunity to do so.

I also need to keep moderation about how much time I spend on here and I will be taking a break from here during Lent and really trying to be on here very minimally.

I think things have calmed down enough on the forum that I can safely come back on here and give some updates.


Congratulations on the new edition to the family! My prayers will be with you and your family this coming Saturday. THT


Congratulations Governator. And its good to see you back .


Thanks for all the prayers and congratulations.

Father Malachi Martin can we trust him?

So far I’ve seen two video analysis on him one from the YouTube channel Return To Tradition and the other from Dr. Taylor Marshall.

Don’t confuse the first channel with that website Tradition In Action they are completely separate and have nothing to do with one another.

Dr. Marshall and Timothy Gordon throw some pretty hard hitting curveballs that really made me question Father Martin and brought a lot of disappointment to me.

For one I don’t think it was the best episode that they have done and I felt like there was a lot of missing pieces to the puzzle that is Malachi Martin.

They bring forth some very compelling circumstantial evidence that maybe he was having an extramarital affair, and maybe the actually was laiscized, and that there’s a 1997 letter from the CDF about his laicization, and his spiritual history with writing very liberal books like Jesus Now.

They also make the case that if Father Martin was really a saintly person why was he on shows like Coast to Coast and not on EWTN with people like Mother Angelica?

The missing pieces that come up as red flags to me is that he was offering up private Masses, he appeared to be performing exorcisms that were with faculties from Rome, and he apparently knew Father Gabriel Amorth.

The other part of it is that Ralph Sarchie who unfortunately is a Sedevacantist knew Father Martin through the Warren’s but it would seem that Ralph worked more with Bishop McKenna as an exorcist assistant.

Bishop McKenna was a legitimate Bishop that was in communion with Rome and he was not the only Exorcist that Ralph worked with.

Ralph was an official exorcism assistant working with exorcist that had full faculties.

The other part of it as we know from Father Ripperger is that if a person tries to do an exorcism and they don’t have faculties they’re going to get the poop knocked out of them.

So the accusation is that Father Martin was an unchaste man, he was having a affair with former Jesuit priest Mr Kaiser’s wife and bore a child with her, he became laicized so that he could marry that woman and that ended up not working out, he then began writing books that appealed to various audiences explaining his more liberal publications such as Jesus Now and when Blatty wrote the Exorcist and exorcism became popular that’s when he wrote Hostage To The devil and put on this Exorcist personna.

Dr. Taylor Marshall also points out that Father Martin was buried with his housekeeper.

Having done a little more research into the matter I found an article written in 2017 with an interview with the producers for the 2016 Netflix Hostage To The Devil documentary and they tried to figure out if Father Martin was a legitimate Catholic priests in communion with Rome.

My verdict is still out but there is just too much that’s problematic I would think for a person to be performing exorcisms to the degree that he was without being in communion with Rome and having proper faculties.


The only thing that I can do is if Father Martin was truly a saintly person is to ask that God would clear his name and all would come to light.

The thing is that a lot of the things that he said during the Bernard Janzen interviews have come to light as factual and the figures that he was talking about are the figures that we see in the headlines today.

I definitely think that Father Martin may have been more liberal in his earlier years and he may have had a change of heart.

I also believe that he weaved in and out of varying degrees of traditionalism and extremism and he had sympathy for a lot of different groups.

I would like to someday see in some official capacity that he actually was the heroic person that we believed him to be all these years.


Also before Lent comes I wanted to share some of these fun videos.

I smoke cigars and pipes and have been trying out new tobaccos and smoking methods.

Been watching a lot of YouTube pipe smokers.

This guy has some fun videos in his playlist story time.

Also I now have a find a grave account to do some minor genealogy and I’m considering trying my hand at grave site searching essentially uploading photos of requested entries.

Families ask to locate their loved ones gravesites so a volunteer will locate it and upload a photo and some information.

Here’s Father Martin’s grave site.

Blessed Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

Mother Angelica.

Also a great way to pray for the deceased and the holy souls of Purgatory.

@christofirst do you have an interesting or spooky stories about this hobby?


That is the entire problem with this forum, in my opinion. The illogical censorship here is the reason I frequently ponder quitting altogether. It’s always the best and most interesting threads that get yanked. Meanwhile, we have to suffer through endless vapid and stupefying posts such as, “I laughed at a movie about bank robbers, did I commit a mortal sin?!” not to mention the countless nauseating masturbation threads.

I’d like to be able to speak freely about Pope Francis, heresies, unapproved apparitions, bad priests, etc, without worrying about the wrath of the mods.

Congrats on the new addition! :baby:


Thanks. :blush:

Apparently there is no limit to how many people can post about a specific subject such as self abuse or scruples.

My advice post interesting threads. :man_shrugging:

Before Lent I’m going to start a group on YouTube essentially it’s a private message board that we can share videos on and have discussions.

In the meantime I’m doing my best to abide by the rules and stay off the main forums.


The private boards up most of you received messages but don’t be afraid to join it’s super easy if you already have a YouTube account your already set.

You snooze you loose. :sunglasses:


Bilbo! I mean-- @governator you’re back


Congrats on the baby. I’m holding mine now


CONGRATULATIONS on your new little blessing. Every possible grace to you all now and always.


I have the Spiritual Warfare Bible.


@Michael16 I think Paul Thigpen is one of the best spiritual warfare writers to date that’s not an exorcist.

You and @SteelArchangel might be interested in Evagrius of Pontus and his collection of writing through Cistercian Publications.

The title of the book is called talking back a monastic handbook for combating demons.

Basically this is a collection of the early Church Father Evagrius and his list of scripture that can be used to combat evil spirits and intrusive thoughts.

It would seem that in eastern Christianity that there are two types of demons the demons that are fallen angels and the demons of the mind that we would call personal demons which are past sinful memories and imaginations that come back to tempt us and test us.

I haven’t read the book yet but I flip through it looked what’s inside.


Thanks, Governator. I might check it out. One book that really helped me out was the Life of Saint Antony by Saint Athanasius. It’s heavily annotated. Perhaps I’ll thumb through that again.


If you like The Life Of Saint Anthony you should read The Life Of St Benedict. :+1:

The Secret Of The Rosary is another must read.


Yeah; I have a copy of the Life of Saint Benedict. I haven’t finished reading it yet.

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