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I don’t. I always visit cemeteries in the morning, and it’s just peaceful… unless the maintenance crews are mowing the lawns. Here in L.A., even our cemeteries need private security, so a guard is usually keeping an eye on me every so often, making sure I’m not there to vandalize graves or cause some other kind of trouble.


@christofirst Well I would kind of hope that anybody using that website will be taking pictures during the daytime hours… :scream:

I’m still not exactly sure how one finds a marker for a specific person since the plots are usually random there aren’t any alphabetical orders… :thinking:

Do you cheat and go into the office and ask?

I’m kind of curious because I want to know how I get started doing this.

I have heard some creepy stories involving one specific cemetery that some guards that I knew over the years separately was posted up at.


There are some cemeteries with burial records and even locations of graves posted online, so it never hurts to look. Sometimes the cemetery maintains this online, and other times it’s a genealogical society. There’s no shame in asking at the office, unless you have a lot of time on your hands to wander aimlessly around a cemetery looking for a specific grave, which can be like finding a needle in a haystack. The trouble is, most cemetery offices want to only help family members find the graves of their kin, not random people looking for graves. This has been my experience.


That makes sense. :thinking:



If that fellow doesn’t ease up on his pipe, he’ll be joining the others in that cemetery before he knows it!


He smokes like a freight train… It takes awhile to get used to but otherwise he has a lot of interesting stories.


Here’s an interesting grave I came across some years ago. Rev. Padre Luis Amezcua y Orozcu was a Catholic priest exiled to Los Angeles from Mexico during the Cristero persecution of the 1920s. He died in a car crash while driving from Los Angeles to Tucson, and for a time his gravesite became a shrine visited by hundreds of the faithful praying for his intercession. Apparently, he was a very holy priest, much loved by his flock, but now his grave seems to be mostly forgotten, just one of many at Calvary Cemetery.



Has anyone has a chance to check out the Vatican WikiLeaks? I just barely heard about it.

So what do you guys think Aliens mummied under the Vatican?


Illuminati Confirmed :eye:


My guess: if that were so, I would think the Vatican would have the whole would we baptize Aliens, are they saved, is Christ their savior, did they fall (sin), etc thing fleshed out a bit more.

Having said that, the Church doesn’t move on something before it HAS to, but still…


Thomas Aquinas talked about the possibility that Christ could take on other nature’s and that if there were other world’s Christ could have put on there nature.


Aliens? Maybe it is time to weaponize space?

Opens desk drawer. Checks status of 10mm 1911 in drawer. Closes desk drawer

Where’s the Adeptus Mechanicus when you need 'em?


Let’s just hope the aliens are allergic to water and stupid enough to invade a planet that’s made up almost entirely of water and has regular snow and rain.

Also I hope they don’t burrow out of people like in
Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher that was nasty…


I should be well protected then tonight… mini-blizzard.


Yeah sure…


Ya know… I think I’ve seen one of those in Florida.

Remember boys and girls… save the last stick of dynamite for yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Let’s talk about it…

Lots of folks including internet personality Tradcatknight Eric Gajewski is convinced it’s going to hit…

Many people think that Fr Malachi Martin was silenced over planet X and that it will be here someday.

Someday keeps getting later and Eric Gajewski says we’re traveling through a binary star system.

So let’s play devil’s advocate I’m not an astronomer or an astrophysicist let alone a regular physicist.

Are we really passing through another Galaxy and how long will we travel through it?

Is the third secret a black hole I have heard there is a black hole at the center pf the milky way galaxy?

I only have until As Wednesday folks let’s get this ball rolling before go on my forced exile.

I’m not entirely convinced I don’t think the media would keep a lid on this.


If it exists, it’s on the outer fringes of the Solar System and isn’t a threat.

I highly doubt that was the reason.

I’ve never heard that before. Anyways, it would take many centuries to pass through a Galaxy.

Well, that Secret had to do with the Pope being killed. Don Bosco also saw a similar event occur.

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