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I’m pretty sure the black hole at the center of our Galaxy has been confirmed.

Gravity etc would be interestingly changed over what’s currently established given passage thru another galaxy. Pretty sure that would take divine intervention.

I think our Galaxy is 100,000 light years across. If another galaxy were to pass thru, at the speed of light, that’s 100,000 years.


@Cruciferi @StephieNorthCo What I have heard is that the Earth is increasingly getting closer to the black hole in the center of our galaxy.

With Eric Gajewski the tradcatknight channel I don’t really listen to the guy that much.

Occasionally he has some really interesting guest and he does have a lot of good resources for obscure end time prophecies.

Lately I’ve listened to some of the Bernard Janzen interviews from the last couple years wanting to know what he thought of the Hostage To The Devil documentary since Bernard Janzen did a series of interviews with Father Malachi Martin.

My priest tells a story of a rabbi who was asked what one should do when one finds themselves in an argument with another person and the Rabbi says to stop and think for a moment what if the person is right?

So as much as I think the whole planet X Nibiru thing is bunk I do take a moment to question what if what if there’s something to this maybe it’s not exactly the way they’re saying it is but maybe there is some object or some cosmic event that is cataclysmic and is coming our way?

Aso I’m an idiot because I checked when I was half awake but Ash Wednesday isn’t this Wednesday it’s March 6th not February 6th… :roll_eyes:

Sometimes Lent does land in February though.


I still don’t know what to make out of Father Malachi Martin he had some interesting views that perhaps we’re not Gnostic in of themselves but we’re very close to gnosis.

He would comment on remote viewing and on the middle plateau sort of this psychic or mental realm that spiritual beings could look into or communicate by.

Here’s the thing I’ve contemplated this myself what if before the fall human beings had more in common with angels with our spiritual essence then we do now.

Angels and Demons (Fallen-Angels) communicate by thought with images into each other’s imagination and in our case for the purpose of inspiration or temptation.

What if before the fall and original sin man could actually communicate to one another and to the good angels in such a way?

This isn’t really Gnosticism because it’s not the belief that human beings were once spiritual beings and then through the fall they became physical corrupt beings.

Gnosticism rejects the physical but what I wonder is if while we possessed perfect physical bodies and souls with that came the more angelic abilities.

The Saints in their life and afterwards possess these abilities since many Saints could see spirits, talk to angels, rebuke demons, have visions, have some sort of cognitive ability to tap into the supernatural.

Father Malachi Martin never really went into this but he did talk about the middle plateau what he thought was the psychic ability and that all humans possess this ability but that it was very dangerous to tap into.

He’s gotten a lot of flak because the Church condemns remote viewing another divination practices and rightfully so but I think he was misunderstood perhaps about what he was actually talking about.

I think what he was actually talking about was that each of us possesses the ability to tap into the supernatural and we see proof of this to the Saints.

People like Padre Pio and the flying nun Sr. Mary of Jesus of Ágreda, Joan of Arc, the list goes on.


Indeed we are getting closer to the Black hole. However, it will take millions if not billions of years to make any difference. Space is big!

I’m not sure MM would be classified as Gnostic per se, but it sure came across as such, at times. There were a couple Art Bell interviews that got somewhat contentious with call in listeners.

I think we all have a nascent ability to tap into the Supernatural. How does St Paul put it? We see imperfectly that which will be clear in Heaven.

After St. Thomas Aquinas had his vision, he stopped writing the summa. One of the CA apologists (don’t recall who) conjectured that he could not put into language that which he saw. That’s why it’s unfinished.


@StephieNorthCo Here’s the recording where Fr Martin talks about the others or the world that pre existed before Adam and Eve…

If this is true it explains Saint Anthony’s encounter with the satyr and faun and other mythological creatures.

Perhaps Bigfoot is a leftover.

It’s very odd I could say he was a kook but he also helped translate the dead sea scrolls so he was a very educated man.


I’m betting that “Big Foot” is simply sightings of the shaman from various Indian tribes.

I’m still scratching my head about what was trying to talk to me in the emptiness of the office a while back (ever have something calling to you?), and later what triggered motion sensing lights inside of the empty office that couldn’t “see” me. Have at least one staff member who thinks that the building is possessed. Perhaps it is time for some silver ammunition, a la Alucard from Hellsing, for my Sigs?

Very different from one time when I was praying alone in the church. I asked for Jesus to come and be with me, and I felt a presence that wasn’t there before. It was so unexpected that I reflexively gripped the P238 I was carrying in its holster, and put my thumb on the safety. Then, had a feeling of calm and peace come over me that I hadn’t felt before or since.


I too have wondered if Bigfoot is a Native American wildman, or some weird backwoods family.

Here’s another recording apparently Art Bell knew some stuff… :scream:

Now we will never know… :roll_eyes:



Yep. There’s a lot of “stuff” out there.

My theory is God had this all planned out at creation, including the right timing for the return of the Son, consistent with using"natural processes". To my mind, that’s even more impressive than just stepping in with a “OK, time’s up” event. Still might be in our lifetime, but I’m betting not.

I really think the Apocalypse (Revelations) is going to play out almost literally, consistent with St. Johns ability to convey the events given human thinking in 90AD.


@StephieNorthCo So do you think that there’s going to be a human animal hybrids maybe an actual dragon and beast Kaiju type creature?


Hmmm. Yes, human animal hybrids via science run amok. Dragon may be mechanical rather than animal, but I wouldn’t be too surprised at either the dragon or the beast being aliens.


@StephieNorthCo I don’t know if you’re on the message board yet but some of the videos I’m not posting here because I don’t know if they quite meet the forum standards.

The problem is this in the past two years that we would discuss these matters everything we were discussing was conspiracy theory but now many of the things that Father Malachi Martin and other figures in the Church spoke of have become conspiracy fact.

In the 1998 interview on Coast to Coast with Art Bell at about the 45-50 minute mark you will want to listen.

At about 40 to 45 minutes into the interview Father Martin discusses horrific event that was discussed in a previous interview with Art Bell about the murder of an exorcist and two others that he personally knew.

I don’t think I could say much more than that other than in a private email but one of the articles that I posted upstream will inform you what I’m speaking about.

Art Bell goes on to read the third secret that somebody had sent him via email which seems to be taken from or paralleling Our Lady of Good Success and Our Lady of Akita.

Father Martin states that this is not the text that he read but there are aspects of it within the email.

Father Martin alludes to something that would affect people in different ways and if people were to find out what the third secret was it would anger them.

Some people claim Planet X others extraterrestrials others going further to clarify as an extraterrestrial deception.

I do believe there is a coming extraterrestrial deception in the form of extraterrestrial savior’s that are part of the Antichrist system.

The problem with this and what Father Malachi Martin says is that people would react to it differently it would shake their faith and not just Catholics but people of all faiths and cultures so if there was an extraterrestrial invasion it would have to be a legitimate one.

Then again Peter Kreeft in his book Angels and Demons says that angels are the real extraterrestrials so perhaps it’s a demonic invasion under the guise of extraterrestrials and in essence truly is extraterrestrial.


Getting back to Revelations I do think that the scorpion monsters in the Book of Revelations are definitely a product of human-animal hybrids because I just don’t see them as helicopters or even drones.


You can see the beginnings of it with growing human organs on pigs. It’s a small step to -er- start adding “functionality”. Still, lots of research needed, so it will be a while.


Al Gore was right…



Our telescopes can detect objects the size of the moon at orbits nearly twice that of pluto’s. This object would visible to the naked eye if it were anywhere near the earth.


@AZ42 That’s what I’ve been saying all these years and I don’t know anything about space or astronomy it’s just common sense.

Of course they usually the detract common sense with cockamamie ideas like Project Blue Beam and chemtrails. :roll_eyes:

That’s why we can’t seem to be Nibiru don’t you know it’s the chemtrails… :crazy_face:


Sis worked with one person that was convinced the gummint was spying on them using incandescent bulb lighting!


Those are safe. Now these LEDs on the other hand… :scream:


Yeah. The new LED bulbs often produce a flicker which is what the gummint uses to control your mind. :roll_eyes:

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