Things That Go Bump In The Night -


Black Eyed Kids, Black Eyed Adults, Slenderman, and Jinns…

It’s a segment of Coast to Coast not an entire episode but very creepy stuff.

Personally I think all these fancy words interdimensional creatures, tulpas, and Jinns I think are all just fallen angels and evil spirits.

Maybe some of those entities were kicked out of heaven because they stayed neutral but ultimately that would not change their diabolical nature.

Irish monks were responsible for preserving and incorporating Celtic mythology into a sort of pious folk belief that Leprechauns and other Fae creatures we’re actually fallen angels that took neither Gods or the Devils side.


It’s wierd. I think, in passing, at one of the flea markets we occasionally attend, I saw two black Eyed kids. I don’t know why, but for some reason they immediately invoke fear.


@StephieNorthCo What do you think they are?

My guess is I think they’re just purely demonic I don’t think they’re actually extraterrestrials from a different dimension.

I also think a lot of it could just be tied to witchcraft and the rise of the occult.

Let’s face it a lot of the founding fathers were Freemasons and a cultist and a lot of people in the country are involved in that especially government officials.

It’s really hard to say because on one hand the idea of Nephilim and Giants and devil human hybrids is condemned by the Church since Angels including fallen ones don’t have material bodies.

I think that the government using science to open portals to other dimensions and to communicate with other life-forms has tapped into the spiritual realm and that these entities like Black-Eyed Kids Men In Black the Grey’s and Reptilians all these are really just manifestations of the spiritual realm.

If not that then perhaps maybe Father Malachi Martin was right and that there were inhabitants prior to the formation of man from the clay of the Earth and we have leftovers things that are not really human and not really completely animal either sort of an in between man and animal.

We do have accounts of the early monastics such as Saint Anthony of Egypt encountering fauns and satyrs out in the desert.

But then there’s always the what if factor that maybe there are other life forms in this universe and in other dimensions and maybe there are inhuman forces of evil that are material in nature.


Demons are spirit. If they are taking on bodily appearance, I wonder about that form.

My suspicion is they are alien, and how they fit into God’s plan will eventually become evident. Maybe they are being manipulated by demonic forces. That might represent their own test. Maybe what we see is their own “fall”.


They invoke fear because even though they look human, their all black eyes says they’re actually not.

I am assuming that the entire eye not just the iris is colored black.


I wish that the Eldar or the elves of Tolkien really did exist.



An interesting but controversial man…


Actually I go bump in the night if i go into the bathroom without
turning on the light.


@Cruciferi what do you think of the BEK?


They seem like a good Company :nerd_face:


I always get this creepy idea of sitting in my car at work minding my own business when some black eyed kid comes to my window and I scream like a girl and inevitably slam my door open knocking them over then slamming it shut locking it and peeling out of the driveway.

They seem to be attracted to people that have fallen away from their faith.

I’m already on edge I’m about to burn somebody with my Saint Benedict medal.


Creepy. I’m not sure what to think.


@Uliana988 I am just glad I don’t seem to be susceptible to seeing things of the other side.

The weirdest thing that I have ever seen that I couldn’t explain and I only saw twice and I saw only at one location ever was the sky blob thing.

It looked like a fleshy amoeba that sort of zoomed or skipped by in the sky.

Many years later I found photographs of such things connected to UFO phenomenon.


Ooohh noooo!


That would have been really frightening!

:bed: --> :running_woman:

Runs to hide under the bed!


The eyes creep you out, but the just-slightly-off overall demeanor is at least as bad.


I remember my siblings had these books… :scream:

Let the nightmare inducing fun begin… :zombie:


How often do you see them?

I believe you have given two accounts?


Maybe three times over the last 30 - 35 years. None prior to that. Encounters “in passing” rather than direct.


Are their eyes really all black and what age do you think those kids are?

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