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Better on the eyes than Shaq… :nauseated_face:

Can’t go wrong with a pretty blonde. :sunglasses:


Is that Shaq or Will Smith?


Will Smith but Shaq was in Shazam a kids movie about a genie.


Oh sorry I didn’t even remember that. Nobody could do the Aladdin genie better than Robin Williams. For such a comedic genius he had such a troubled life.


I heard they weren’t doing him in blue but it looks like he might start out blue but then take on a more human looking form to blend in.

It hit me hard when he died I was upset with him more because he was a father but he was very talented and is missed.


I just WISH he had gotten help for his serious depression. To have done what he did he must have felt so alone and misunderstood. He was extremely funny but his serious roles in movies were very good too.


Anyone ever encounter a Jinn?

There was a guy somewhere on this thread early on that was talking about them I believe @drac16


If I ever do, I’m going on CAF Forums to ask of it’s a sin to get my three wishes.


Maybe one of the Catholic Answer staff will be in the next Aladdin movie I know Jimmy Akin was in The Lost World and Tim Staples was in Little Boy.

If you study in angelogy going off the scriptures, Proto Dionysius the Areopagite, St Thomas Aquinas, and probably some other Saints you get a picture of the angelic hierarchy and powers over the universe, celestial movements, weather, various elements, and human affairs.

Some people in the new age and pagan religions will call these elementals, sylphs, salamanders, etc but there basically all angelic or diabolical.

Jinn’s in my opinion are just a type of angel possibly in the choir of powers.


I’m pretty sure there are both good and bad representatives in all the Angel ranks. Jinn in the Powers rank? Yeah, that kinda makes sense. Possibly “Pricipalities”.


Makes you wonder if the three wishes is a form of Faustian pact… :genie::scroll:


Interesting conjecture. I think “officially” that can’t exist. One if the CA apologists had a segment on that a while back. (I get an hour or so dose of CA Live daily, commuting up I-5.)

Assuming it can, though, the 3 wish thing officiated by Jinn makes sense.


Well I don’t know Satanic contracts do exist but yeah ultimately God has ownership of all creation.

However we know that when we comit mortal sin we place ourselves under the Devil.


Sitting in the dark at work watching jinn exorcism videos and eating raisinets…


Watch out for those raisinettes if CruciferI shows up with his rsbbit.


Yeah those raisinets are high in fiber…

With all the weird noises this guy was making I kind of wonder if he needed some fiber himself…

So I’m watching this and wondering why the exorcist beard is lopsided…

Apparently there in France or some French speaking country and at one point the possessed person says bonjour.

I’m not entirely sure this is authentic or just a mentally disturbed person.


@StephieNorthCo @oldgraymare2

Here ya go looks like some scientists are trying to prove the existence of Jinn through parallel universes…

Back to work.


Considering spirits of the not so nice kind…

Check the last 10 minutes of the first hour of TODAY’S Patrick Madrid show. Very interesting. The podcast might be up later today or tomorrow.

Patrick Madrid is on Relevant Radio 6-9 AM Pacific Time.

Very relevant to this thread and recent discussion.


I was wondering, could Robin Williams have been bipolar?


I wonder what that thing was, that you saw? :thinking:

Pretty freaky…

I wonder if they’re there in the sky all of the time, and you just happened to be able to see it, or if they just show up at times, you know?

Makes one wonder…

Is it some type of life-form of some kind, like an alien life-form, or is it some kind of other interdimensional being, as you could call it?

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