Things That Go Bump In The Night -


@oldgraymare2 Some people say that they are just life-forms that live in our atmosphere.

Others say that they are organic UFO’s and more or less just misunderstood animals.

Then there is the idea that they are psychic vampires… This is based off Gnosticism and ET conspiracy theories.

They call them Archon’s and if you Wikipedia that you get a few definitions of what Archon’s are by heretical gnostic cults.

The name and ideas have been incorporated into UFO and extraterrestrial conspiracies.

I didn’t read the whole article it’s too out there but you get the general idea.





Looks like Diatoms, Protozoa, and Paramecium to me.



More like…


It wasn’t an eye floater it was similar to some of the UFO sightings of sky beast but it was more fleshy like a blob of cilia or tendrils.

It just zoomed by and this happened to me twice in one week 7 years ago.

Each time I said “what the hell was that!!!”

Never happened to me since and I don’t know what I saw but it was at a train station.



I think that they may more than likely be floaters.



Is this what you were drinking?

If so, that would explain much.


They weren’t floaters I have had floaters this was an almost solid translucent blob of fleshy tendrils and cilia.

Floaters bob up and down this glided by near the power lines in my peripheral vision and this happened twice and has never happened to me ever since.


Stay home don’t go to the movie theaters… :scream:


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@Cruciferi @StephieNorthCo @SteelArchangel @oldgraymare2 right up your alley border patrol encountering ghost and Bigfoot…


Thanks. Will listen to that later in the AM.

Border Patrol do get a bunch of wierd encounters. Interestingly, there’s a BP Inspection entering AZ just past Yuma. They automatically Photo all cars. It would be interesting to view that log.

(Last time we were thru there, sis asked the agent who was stopping the cars if she could get some 8×10 glossies of her pictures).


My FIL and I went towards the Sierra Nevada mountains yesterday to take his sorta adopted daughter and my eldest daughter to the doctor.

My eldest has a stomach bug.

We were talking about the hiking trails which run all the way across the state and I couldn’t help but think of the weird and creepy stuff that must be up there… :scream:

Then I came across these interviews…


I heard the part of the story where the ghost of a young girl had no face. Reminded me of ghost stories in Hawaii about ghosts having no face.


That one weird former Border Patrol agent call to the old Art Bell show was a good one.

He was on routine patrol in the middle of the night, somewhere there in the bottom of Texas. Sees a fire in the distance. Pulls up and he said there were maybe two dozen people dressed in hooded robes standing around a fire, chanting something bizarre. He said it was so creepy he leaves out of there and meets a superior officer a few miles away for advice. The superior tells him that there are very dark things that happen out there and sometimes it’s just best to leave them alone.


Reference the area in the mountains east of Sandy Eggo. That place is “interesting”.

I kinda agree with both of those videos. There is something -er- odd about that whole range.

Even on the top of Mt. Miguel (which I have been several times for my job), things don’t work quite as one would expect.

Doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Go a bit further east, past Golden Acorn casino, to In-Ko-Pah road, and you come to that very interesting mountain man with his UFOs. I think he picked that spot purposefully.


@christofirst here you go. :+1:


I read Fr. Calloway’s first book, No Turning Back. I enjoyed it, but it also left me feeling a little jealous. He was such a bad dude as a youth, a real juvenile delinquent, and then seemingly just like that, he completely turned his life around. He didn’t have to struggle to change, as he recounts it in the book, it just happened. It was God’s grace, obviously, but so many of us pray and struggle for years and never experience such a profound change for the better. I know he’s worked hard since then to become an educated priest, but his initial repentance just seemed too easy to me, based on my own experience. It’s my problem, I know, not his :unamused:. Thanks for posting :slightly_smiling_face:

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