Things That Go Bump In The Night -


If it makes you feel better I used to be a modernist and a heretic. :wink:


Well I’m sure even with the graces he received came MANY struggles. He says himself in interviews that he struggles every day. His past is the past but satan is more than happy to remind him of it at every chance he gets.



I have since turned away from atheism years ago but to this day I have to make the commitment to Christ every moment of every day both in good and in bad times. There is no once saved always saved moment in time. It’s as Paul said, salvation is a journey.

It’s always a struggle especially with an uncertain future and my tendency to anxiety.


Hi Gov.,

These videos look interesting…and creepy!

I’ll have to take a look at them too, when I get the chance.


This would be a BIG bump in the night. Seriously I don’t think happens too often. NOPE no doggie door for us.



Doggie doors are also NOT skunk, possum, nor racoon proof. Each of those critters have their own -er- advantages.


If an alligator bust through my door being that I have children it would be dead and then it would be dinner…



Or a nice set of boots, Romancing the Stone style?


Got to grow out the 80’s mullet to go with it…


The 90’s were BETTER


Early 2000s is where it’s at.





I grew up with gen 4. Did you mis-generation me?


Pokémon Gold and Silver is where it ended…

Ho-Oh be praised!


Exactly: at Heart Gold and Soul Silver, gen 4.


It was all downhill after the 40s . What? With the Roswell coverup and all.


I played the Originals :blush: I stopped at Diamond and Pearl. All else is Heresy and shall be devoured by Giratina.


Do you not accept Arceus as your lord and savior?



I woke up with a hangover after drinking Night Train Express. Once.

That stuff was something like $0.85 a bottle back in the 70s.


I consider myself Ecruteakean and only acknowledge Ho-Oh.


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