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Nice blog BTW.


Thanks I’m going to be rewriting a few entries, editing some, and reformatting my older post during Lent.

I’m planning on doing some entries on Jinn and other elementals, Giants, Sasquatch, St George, and St Patrick.



St George?


Where’s a knight in shining armor when ya need him?


Yeah there’s a superstition in Slavic countries that on the eve of St George day you put garlic in around your house to ward off monsters and evil spirits.

Apparently the feast of St George is when vampires like to come out.

I would think it would be safer on that day. :thinking: :man_shrugging:


Yeah. Seems counter intuitive that vampires would come out then. Hide? Maybe.


There’s a similar tradition for St Andrews day or the eve of his feast day.

Odd explains the garlic in the Dracula mythos which references St George day.


Yep that’s referenced in the novel.




It was all downhill after the Norman invasion.


Yeah. I was a lot younger then.


So apparently our military has been doing exercises in snowy terrain…

So either we’re going to invade Canada, we’re going to fight Yetis in the Himalayas or we’re joing the Battle of Hoth I think it’s obvious that we’re gearing up to fight Russia.

The apparitions at Fatima instantly came to mind.

I read this on Facebook today from the Fatima Center.

@Cruciferi I hope your prepared to fend off a Wampa in case we get drafted…


The other thing that comes to mind that @StephieNorthCo ironically posted in a message was a coming of an ice age.


That’s been the latest talk is the sun is cooling down and we might be entering a new ice age which could be another explanation of why the military are doing exercises in cold environments.

Where is Sid the sloth when you need him…


C2C-AM will occasionally dive into coming ice age stories. As a radio amateur, I am well aware of sunspot activity cycles. There are indeed a few scary solar issues. The lack of solar activity could indeed give us a “global cooling” thing. A massive solar storm, ejecting a flare just in the right direction could massively change life on this here mudball, too.


I just had a butt load of hail last night… I thought it might persist and turn to snow.

No luck not in Fresno.

The last time that it snowed in Fresno I was in 1999 and it was like at most an inch.

It lasted for 2 and 1/2 days and then it melted.

I remember my brother and I tried to go sledding with a trash can cover and we walked to the park and it didn’t work obviously looking back at it now there wasn’t enough snow and there wasn’t a steep enough hill.


I think with the slow changes we get due to precession, natural and perhaps not natural climate change, solar activity, etc, we may see a colder, wetter California.

I think we are past our normal annual rainfall totals just from these last couple storms that have wandered thru.


I’ll just miss the draft due to age. However, I have many other excuses ready…


I had a high school teacher (that was during the height of the cold war and USSR thingy) who made a prediction that still, to this day, is in the future. It was, the next big global conflict of WW2 proportions, Russia (he said Russia, not USSR) will be our ally.

I wonder… I wonder.

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