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I’m flat footed, pigeon toed, out of shape and I have arthritis.

I’m also 31 so not too many years left to serve in any capacity for military or police.


Maybe but I know a lot of people tend to think that God will use Russia to punish the world and in WWIII we loose.

Who can say it might be scare tactics or they might have better technology than us.

Obama did our military no favors… :confounded:


In the Central Valley it’s cyclic maybe about every 5 to 10 years we have severe droughts that make Fresno look like sandworm ridden Arakis but then we have very wet years.

This has been a very wet year I’m wondering if we will get snow in Fresno?


That is probably a relatively common viewpoint. It’s probably accurate. But, as the saying goes, we can’t really predict the future.

We have proven over and over that we refuse to learn from the past.


In that bowl (valley) is the Central Valley, Fresno and Clovis.

I’m not far from the Sierra Nevada mountains.


I’m off to bed but here is a recording of the author of Not By Fire But By Ice.

The host has bad audio on his end and I in no way am endorsong him or the commercials in case people think I’m getting new agey.

I just find interesting stuff and like to share it.

You order a copy of Robert Felix’s book for $15.00 and he will sign it.

I’m thinking I’m going order myself a copy.


When I was just a wee little boy, full of health and joy
One Christmas morning I received the marvelous little toy
A wonder to behold it was with many colors bright
And the first time I laid eyes on it, it became my heart’s delight

It went zip when it moved, bop when it stopped
Whirr, when it stood still
I never knew just what it was and I guess, I never will

The first time that I picked it up I had a big surprise
For right on it’s bottom were two big buttons that looked like big green eyes
I first pushed one, then the other, then I twisted it’s lid
And when I set it down again, this is what it did

It went zip when it moved, bop when it stopped
Whirr, when it stood still
I never knew just what it was and I guess, I never will

It first marched left and then marched right and then marched under a chair
And when I looked where it had gone it wasn’t even there
I started to cry, my daddy laughed, he knew that I would find
When I turned around my marvelous toy, chugging from behind

It went zip when it moved, bop when it stopped
Whirr, when it stood still
I never knew just what it was and I guess, I never will



I heard that song first time on WWSW I Pittsburgh, with ever so slightly lyrics, e.g., whirr when it went 'round


I learned it at a Catholic summer camp!


It’s actually an old song. Must have been perhaps early to mid '50s when I heard it. Got curious a while back and found it via Google search. 65 or 70 year old memories can be suspect.


The coming ice age?

Great. I’d rather be too cold than hot. I am now dreading the coming spring and summer. I wish winter would linger for a while. I prefer winter.

The cold never bothered me anyway.


Yeabut you’re a polar bear. Right?


Just being true to my nature. :grin:

Seriously speaking, I think all seasons have their strong points but winter is my favorite season.


Anybody up for a game of Quintet? :cold_face::game_die:


Does anyone watch Newsmax? I stumbled across it, and tonight appears to be UFO conspiracy night. On now is “The secret KGB abduction files”, followed by “Roswell top secret” .


No but I have long wanted to discuss Putin and the KGB because I saw a documentary a while back that basically says that the KGB and the Communist party just reinvented themselves.

It’s all smoke screen.


Typically, Russian anything contains some element of smoke screen. It seems to be part of the mindset, so it wouldn’t at all surprise me.


I don’t believe to my perception there is anything inappropriate in this documentary mind you haven’t watched it in awhile.

I believe it is clear of anything derogatory no foul language or sexually explicit content.

If for any reason this violates the CAF standards please remove my post no harm or forum violation intended.


Obey :octopus:

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