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@oldgraymare2 have you ever read Mary of Jesus of Agreda?

It is a collection of her writings from The Mystical City Of God on the subject of the rosary.

I got a book for 5 bucks at a local shop and picked my friend at church a copy.

If anyone is interested call or email them to request a copy I don’t see it on their online store but they do sell them in Fresno.

@christofirst you should pick up a copy at your store. :sunglasses:


I should go to Cotters. I haven’t been there in over a year, or so it seems. I don’t like getting stuck in traffic, which happens a lot around here :roll_eyes::angry:, so I tend to stay close to home.

The parish where I go for confession on Saturdays has a well-stocked bookstore and gift shop, and I’ve been finding good books there lately (the pastor there is a straight-arrow guy, and he keeps out any authors or books that stray too far from orthodoxy). I’m almost sure I have an abridged single-volume copy of Mystical City of God here at home somewhere, or maybe I gave it away.



Hi Governator,

Just to confirm your order for one copy of Not by Fire but by Ice. Thank you. I will autograph it and pop it in the mail to you today. It will go via media mail, which could take 7 to 10 days before you receive it.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it.




That guy reminds me of some of the bosses I had in my life.



Really? It is true?


Hi Gov.,

I’ve heard of this, but I’m not familiar with it, if that makes any sense.

Thanks for posting the link to them for more information, though. I’ll have to check it out. :slightly_smiling_face:



Great post, Gov! I can’t believe I had never heard this about Ven. Mary of Agreda before. Or maybe I had heard it long ago and forgot it, but it seems new to me. Anyway, thanks for posting.


I have heard of her never focused a lot of attention on her and I have seen the series of volumes of The Mystical City Of God st Cotters.

For whatever reason my brain wasn’t connecting the dots I kept forgetting who she was or that she had those visions or that it was the same person.

I’m going to try to her read her writings in the book I have.


I don’t agree with him on Purgatory but here it is some videos on the Eastern Orthodox Arial Toll Houses… :scream:


So…all the chocolate chip cookies you can eat?


For those who missed Wed pm/Thurs am Coast to Coast, there’s an amusing “Fractured Fairy Tales” version of Abraham in Egypt segment that’s quite entertaining. Should be on podcast maybe tomorrow.

Timelines? We don’t need no steenking timelines. :slight_smile:


If you can find it and post it that would be great.

Where we’re going we don’t need roads… :sunglasses:


Fun to see there are some other Southern Californians posting here: I haven’t been to Cotter’s for years. Makes me think I’m due for another visit! :sunglasses:



Aren’t they just fancy werewolf derivatives?

I wonder if throwing cans of “Coors Lite” at them would work. Guess that needs to be a different kind of “silver bullet”.


Here’s an article I wrote on Werewolves.



This came today.

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