Things That Go Bump In The Night -


Perfect Lenten readings! Enjoy.


Have you read it before?

I’m thinking of prepping we might have to fight off Bigfoot when he comes down the hill looking for a snack… :gorilla:

He’s gonna be pretty peeved when he can’t get his Jack’s Links beef jerky.

Weird interview and weird group of folks one guy sounds like the comic book shop owner off Simpsons… These folks come from my neck of the woods.

I posted an interview with Kathy Strain awhile back ago I want to purchase her book.

These dudes remind me of the lone gunmen from X-Files. :laughing:


They Died…


When did that happen?

I haven’t watched the show in forever.

I haven’t seen the last two film’s and reboot. :thinking:



I had a copy at one point… there are some technical mistakes in the book, but generally makes at least as much sense as the “other side” mantra. He brings up many valid points. Is he correct and accurate? No one, repeat, no one has ever successfully predicted the future.

George Orwell has come closest. :imp:


Well before you even posted the picture of the book and I took interest in the author I kept thinking global warming was a bunch of crap because every year it seems like it’s getting colder.

It’s definitely an interesting theory because he’s not arguing that the whole planets going to be covered in ice but there are going to be parts of it that will be frozen. :cold_face:

We definitely live in an orwellian society. :eye:


My own humble personal opinion is the agenda to “prove” global warming has blinded science from accurate science. Too much doesn’t make sense.

We need to be good stewards, but to think WE, us puny humans, are “in control” is hubris in the extreme.


Definitely people also have an unhealthy obsession with the environment…

I mean obviously you should be responsible and throw your recyclables in the recycling bin and do your best to upcycle and reuse things.

I’m not advocating not to give a crap I’m just saying that it doesn’t trump human life the way that some environmentalist want to indoctrinate population control and quite possibly in the future eugenics.

On a side note all the paranormal and weird stuff that I am learning as the years go on about Fresno is startling I used to joke about Fresno but now I really realized I live at the heart of strangeness.

The stuff with the Yokut indians and Bigfoot really interest me.

They also have a spirit being that resembles the nightcrawler that Fresno is also known for.

Anyone here have any experience with Sasquatch?


( My thoughts all along. Shhhhhhhhh … )


It also seems that there is overwhelming stories of Sasquatch being carnivorous and ill-tempered.

Trying to gather information for my next article I am finding that I’m just going to have to put a generalization because there so many variations on these creatures from the Native Americans that it’s impossible to put it in one short blog post.

Basically there are ones that are benevolent and there are ones that malevolent and there’s even variations with hair colors the red haired ones seem to be the most aggressive.

What they are I don’t know a lot of people think there’s some sort of primary or hominid something that there are extraterrestrial or there Nephilim some sort of Giant.

All I know is there’s too many stories amongst people within the United States including the native people and around the world with these types of creatures for it to be nothing there is clearly something out there.


I’ll be gone for Lent for those who don’t know and I’ll be blogging still.

I’ll have someone post those here but otherwise try to keep the thread open.

I’m offering my Lent up for The Pope the clergy and the Church.


Hey. Where’d everyone go. Here’s an interesting Bigfoot thingy.



He’s supposedly here in southeastern Wisconsin.

We have lots of wooded areas here, with lots of state parks and forests and old farmland here. Lots of places that he supposedly would like to inhabit.

I was just telling my husband last night that Bigfoot was supposed to be inhabiting this state forest park that my husband and I used to really enjoy visiting when we first started living in Wisconsin.

We would go hiking there, and take a picnic with us.

We never experienced any Bigfoot sightings, though.

This state forest is huge though, and encompasses thousands of acres of forest.


I think there’s Bigfoot sighting in a lot of places. When I lived in Oregon, there was certainly evidence of bigfoot. Real or hoax? That’s a different story.


It’s all demonic :imp:


What, not angels with big feet?


First of all, sorry to switch subjects!

I’d guess this has come up before, but hopefully you’ll forgive me for asking it again - I’m a little reluctant to pore through three thousand posts…So: has anybody here read any of the works of Montague Summers? He was a English Catholic priest (of slightly dubious standing, it must be said) of the early twentieth century who wrote on a number of preternatural subjects, like Werewolves, Vampires and witchcraft. I’m rather interested in these subjects in a peripheral sort of way. Anybody read them? Are they worth picking up at some point? Are there any other good books on such subjects, preferably from a Catholic, or at least Christian, point of view? Many thanks for any pointers!

As for Bigfoot, I’m pretty sceptical. Just seems like too big a stretch to credulity. I actually find the possibility of Skinwalkers, Faerie and other such “spooky” things a little more plausible.

Anyway, I’d love any thoughts on literature on the subject. Or I could just start a new thread. :sunglasses:


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