Thing's That Go Bump In The Night


@dallas_r It’s a Netflix series about MK Ultra experiments, psychic kids and parallel universes.


Interesting! I have never really been into Sci-Fi, but I will check it out.


yeah, good book, I read it twice.


I should peruse it again. It is pretty amazing. I just have so many books! :scream:

What impressed me the most by reading the books is the power of having a mass said for a particular soul in purgatory. Often the poor soul would simply ask that 3 masses be said and that sufficed. For some it was just one. Of course, all kinds of little things can help but mass was best, it seemed.


I heard of a case where 30 Masses were said and on the 30th the candles were blown out and that was a sign that the soul had moved on.

It may have been on one of the recordings I posted with an exorcists and either Art Bell or Christina Niles.


I’m not sure I can post this video it’s pretty clean but they show pictures of one of the titles of a Marilyn Manson song that has the F word in it and a horror movie poster.

Other than that the video doesn’t have any curse language in it.

The video is about a phenomenon of people’s eyes turning black when they are angry or in particular physically or emotionally abusive.

It also deals with the eyes being the windows of the soul, the subject of demonic possession and ideas in pop culture and actual murder cases like the Tate, Charles Manson Family murders.

Also the reoccurring theme of the word “RISE” and Satanist knowing where Christian families live and sacrificially killing them.

Clicking on the video I thought it was about black eyed kids.

That’s another cryptid we have talked about in the past on the Old CAF.

RISE OF The ‘Black - Eyed’ People (2017)

By: TheScariestMovieEver on YouTube.

Anyways some of what it talks about has been going on for awhile.


Makes me wonder if some of these Mass shootings where people just snap out of nowhere were victims of MK Ultra.

Probably not but the thought crossed my mind watching this video.


@dallas_r how’s The Spiritual Combat coming I have a computer and tried reading it before It was pretty brutal I kept finding sins I needed to work out.

It’s a good read to uproot sin.


Pretty good, I only read about 20 pages of it because some confusing stuff has been happening in my spiritual life, both good and bad. The bad is personal so I will refrain from sharing that, but the good is quite mysterious. I have a St. Benedict crucifix that I wear every day and the crucifix part (Christ’s body) came off making the crucifix a cross. I managed to stick it back on which lasted awhile. About 3 days ago I was saying a quick, random prayer, and reached for my cross. To my surprise, the crucified Christ wasn’t there making it a bare cross. I figured it came off at P.E. or something, but a little later I found crucified Christ in the pocket of my jeans. I have no idea how it got there because as far as I know, the small half inch figure doesn’t just “go into your pocket” and I wear special school gear with no pockets for P.E… I tried to figure out how the heck it got in there but couldn’t think of any logical explanation so I just declared it as a mystery. Weird stuff, have you had anything like this happen to you?


Like that not exactly.

I have weird things happen I couldn’t explain but couldn’t 100% confirm because I couldn’t see the incident occurred or was at the corner of my eye.

In fact when my spiritual life is poor I see things at the corner of my eye or the world seems to glitch like a video might glitch a bit.

I’m not sure if God thins the veil to get my act together or if it’s do to bring stressed out or on edge.

I don’t really expect things to happen either so it’s hard to say.


That’s really interesting!


This is sort of similar but different,I was having intrusive yuck thoughts a couple of years ago
when I was trying to go to sleep,Everytime I shut my eyes,so I asked Mary to help and I held my
scapular to my temple.All those thoughts/images just stopped.


I have been dealing with those a lot lately.

I usually will say “get behind Satan!” or a Hail Mary or Jesus prayer.

Now I find the best way to treat intrusive thoughts is to pay no attention to them because the more you fight the more they manifest.

I just ordered the Spiritual Warfare Bible RSVCE.

This will make my third RSVCE I have a expensive one I’m little peeved to find it’s lowered to 40 bucks but it cost me 80 bucks by St Benedict Press.


Sometimes I wonder if the hardships and struggles might be upped to offer up more,kind of a sign of the times.
Not easy days at present


My main issue that they stick the colored fact pages sporadically throughout the Bible.

There is a table of contents for scripture references to different Catholic belief’s found in the Bible.


When I get my new Bible maybe I’ll do a review on my blog or be courageous enough to make a YouTube video but I’ll tell everyone if it’s worth the $54.00.


I like your tactics :slight_smile:
I need to do a lot more reading,sometimes I have trouble absorbing and retaining information


I had a priest tell me that in today’s day in age it’s not uncommon that men today might need to go to Confession at least once a month.

I struggle a lot sometimes more than other’s particular with women and getting irritable.

I go to Confession sometimes even for venial sins every week to every two to three weeks.

I think even if your not committing premeditated sins it’s hard to get through a week in this world without feeling like you need a spiritual car wash.


I use a lot of YouTube that’s how I absorbed most of my understanding of theology.

I read a few books but mostly I listened to a lot of Fr Ripperger.


It’s like wearing spiritual armour isn’t it,getting to regular confession .Saturday morning here,just getting ready to go…it takes me 40 minutes but it’s so worth it.Id agree there with you ,you tubing sinks in pretty quick (thumbs up)
I used to go to confession weekly as a volunteer with the missionaries of charity some years back,and loved it.

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