Thing's That Go Bump In The Night


I been doing research into Giants has anyone looked into this.

I know the Church says that angels are pure spirit beings and that Nephilim were the offspring of the line Seth and Cain however the Bible mentions giants as do most ancient cultures and mythologies and here they are.


I had listened to a guy a few years ago about the ‘pre-flood’ earth. He is NOT a Christian, but into Theosophy told me about how the Pre-flood earth was a high oxygen coupled with higher atmospheric pressure environment which helped create dragonfly’s with large wingspans (30 inch) and that humans were healthier and lived longer. That is how hyperbaric chambers help heal wounds and brain injuries. So on a rare weekend when I found some free time I looked up “Pre-flood” earth videos and websites, and they tended to agree with the High Oxygen/Pressure helped make people grow exceptionally large and of course they would get into the Nephilim stories.


That’s a pretty good point.

I always figured they were mutations from inbreeding or the demons altering the genetic makeup at conception.


I’ve heard people say demons and angels are huge. 13 feet tall. Theoretically, if you have a 13-foot demon breeding with a 5.5-foot woman, the offspring would average nine feet tall. On paper, anyway. :smiley:


Not at my house. It’s all done by hand :raised_back_of_hand::confused:


I guess you save on dishwasher detergent that way.


But my hands are constantly dry😩



The way that I understand it is Angels don’t actually have physical bodies and are pure Spirit beings.

What they can do is appear as a physical form such as humans, animals, or other types of angelic forms and they do this according to some theologians by taking the matter around them to create the appearance of a body.

Father Ripperger speculates that they bend light to create the illusion or set of a hologram of a person or thing.

However it is consistent that the angels and I would suppose even demons appear very tall perhaps even 13 ft tall when they manifest.



As far as physical bodies go, the Book of Enoch declares that the fallen angels took on physical bodies and bred with human women. And the angels at Sodom appeared to be physically real when they grabbed Lot by the hand and ran off with him. I wonder if they still have this ability or did God take this away from them so they can’t sin like that anymore? Some people think this is what the “extraterrestrials” are doing with their bizarre human-alien hybrid shenanigans.


Yeah I even speculated that the Aliens are either manipulated vegetation from other planets or lab grown bodies for demons to inhabit.

I’m not sure how it works but I do think that we are seeing a sort of Gnosticism in the Pentecostal sects of Protestantism with books that decide God or unseal blessings etc.

Don’t buy those books from John Eckerdt 99% of them are prayers of Bible verses put together and I mean pages like most of the book.

Notice the common theme of the seal.

I use to read these Pentecostal books about unlock blessings, prayers or creating convenants.

It seems the New Apostolic Reformation is trying super hard to recreate the Catholic Church without knowing it.

I also get that impression from some Christians that accept the Apocrypha but reject Catholicism or even Orthodox Christianity and think there is such a thing as angel technology and that the book of Enoch is the hidden knowledge Christian’s need to read.

One problem I see with the idea of angels using technology especially demons is that the fallen angels pride themselves in being pure spirit beings and have loathing for humanity.

Some have said CERN created the internet that there is common theme with black goo and black screens on cellphone and tablets.

What I will say in regards to those theories is that internet does elevate man to a crude angelic level in that angels travel and communicate by thought and what is the internet?

It’s also possible we may possess more abilities than we think and this knowledge and ability was lost during the fall.

We only use 5% of our brains who knows what we would or were capable of before the fall.


I like to think of the internet as a modern-day “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”. We certainly have been indulging in that fruit, for better or worse.


I agree.

Everyone’s got some new code or way to unseal knowledge sounds like snake oil to me.


Modern day Gnosticism at its best.

Hidden secretions, hidden knowledge, esoteric truths outside religion.

Jim Carey :crazy_face: and some guy that looks like he works for Whole Foods. :coffee::unamused::smoking:


@Daisy check out this insanity.


Ohhhh,poor misled guys…!


Where’s his shirt. :thinking:


This kinda closes out my last post and I will be focusing on this new AI singularity thing plus some of the themes of Serpent Seed Theory, Nephilim, ancient pre flood technological societies and of course other conspiracy theories and cryptids.

Enjoy… :ghost::alien::robot:


I have not been to this woman’s website but I happened upon her videos.

I don’t know about the rest of her videos but the first one is at least factual.

Sentient AI used as taxed workers which would boost the economy and put other individuals out of work.

Perhaps it’s like Skynet let’s just hope we can get hold of John Conner in time.


Governator - I could tell you and the others of a whole number of ‘spooky true stories’ involving myself and indeed other members of my family, but I would be typing on this keyboard for a day or two, so I will, for now relate just one that involved my late mother.

Way back circa 1951 {I was a very young child], when my father {in the British Army], my mother, my kid brother and myself, were in Singapore {my sisters yet to be conceived] - my mother, who had developed varicose veins in one of her legs was sent to the Alexandra Military Hospital in Singapore city to have an operation to set things right.

The ward she was in had a few beds, and there was a work table near the doorway that led to the main corridor. Early in her stay, she had just finished some reading, had switched off her light, and was snuggling down to drift off to the ‘Land of Nod’, when she felt the foot of her bed rise up and then drop down with a jolt. She opened her eyes and assessed the situation. The beds were made of heavy cast iron, and the floor was of concrete overlaid with linoleum - and yet there had been no sound - there was no one to be seen under the beds. Shaking it off as being down to ‘imagination’, she snuggled back down and had hardly closed her eyes before there was a repeat of the rising bed end, only this time it raised a bit higher, and the jolt was a little more abrupt - again no noise, nor indeed anyone under the beds. This was again repeated when she attempted to nod off to sleep {BTW she had said her night prayers] - this time the foot of the bed went so far up that her head became pressed against the head frame, and there was a very abrupt jolt - again no noise.

At this point my mother headed over to the duty nurse {she happened to also be of Irish extraction] who was at the work desk catching up with her paperwork, under the glow of an angle-poise lamp. My mother firstly said that she did not wish to make a big issue, but that the foot of her bed appeared to be rising and then being lowered with a noiseless jolt. The nurse in a very matter-of-fact tone replied that it was probably the spirit of one of the wounded soldiers who had been bayonetted in their beds when the Japanese troops stormed through the hospital early in 1942 - that there were many ghostly occurrences - and that a soul was just ‘asking’ to be prayed for. My mother said some prayers for that soul {or souls], and she wasn’t bothered again for the rest of her stay.

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