Thing's That Go Bump In The Night


Hi @Governator,

I cannot imagine writing a grimoire.

I don’t even like writing the word down, let alone thinking about it! Ugh!

I guess that maybe he felt like he was doing the right thing then? I don’t know…

All that I can say is “ick!” And, perhaps, “Run the other way!” :running_man:


I think it’s more like a medieval urban legend like how people say Walt Disney was frozen.


Perhaps you are right, then.

I hope so! That would be better, than to think that he actually wrote it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Keyword “supposedly” but who knows there was a supposed Pope who drank blood to try to stay alive.

People did weird things back then and not all Pope’s were good men but they never taught heresy.


Yes, you’re right about that. That they did, regarding “weird things.”

Speaking of blood, that reminds me of the “blood letting” that the physicians used to do back in the old days of medicine. They used to do it for many diseases, and they used leeches for lots of things, too. Shudders :hushed:

But, that’s what they believed in doing then, so that’s what they did.


Yeah they did some strange things.

Which makes me then think of vampires. :vampire:

What do you think immortal demon possessed individuals living through the centuries in the shadows controlling the puppet strings of society.:scream:

Or… A race reptilian humanoid beings perhaps a third race between angels and humans that can shape shift and control society through the wealthy and politically powerful.


Ohhh yeah…! I mean…Ohhhh Noooo! :dizzy_face:

I know what you’re talking about…! Runnsss the other wayyy! :running_man: :scream: :weary: :exploding_head:


Alright would love to have some people post on here.

Here’s kind of an eerie urban legend but there’s a twist.

These aren’t your average ghost stories where a person finds out they picked up the soul of a families loved one lost to a vehicular accident.

[Collected via e-mail, April 2009]
A lady was driving and saw a young man walking beside the road. Never before had she picked up a stranger, but she felt that she was to pick up this man so she did. He had a hood over his face and she was not able to see his face at all. She began driving and said to him “Son, where are you going?” He said to her “My lips are near the trumpet.” She turned to look at him but he was gone! Startled, she pulled over to the side of the road. As she sat there, a police officer stopped to see why she was parked by the side of the road, telling her that it was too dangerous for her to be there. “I’m so shook up I can’t drive” she told him. “Why, what”s wrong?” he asked. She said “If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me!” He asked again what had happened and she told him. The officer said to her “You are the fifth person that has told me this!”

[de Vos, 1996, collected in the Netherlands in 1991]

A man driving along a busy motorway sees a hitchhiker and stops. The hitchhiker gets in and straightaway announces the End of the World. The way he speaks makes a deep impression, but when he says he is an angel, the driver looks round at him incredulously, and at that very moment there is no one there; he has dissolved into thin air. The driver’s surprise is immense. He stops the car, looks around him, and sees a police car approach. “You are by no means the first to tell me this story,” says the officer when the driver tells him his tale.

[Brunvand, 1981, collected in 1972]
My friend John Hogan who I went to DeSalles High with told me this. He goes to St. John Fisher College now. His fiancee and her aunt who’s a nun, were going down the Thruway and they picked this hitchhiker up at the entrance. They were coming from Syracuse and going to Rochester. The guy wanted to know if they had ever heard the gospel and if they knew Jesus. Then he’d go, “He’s coming soon” and then next thing they knew he was gone. They stopped at the nearest service area, pulled up to the gas station attendant and rolled down the window to report it. They were pretty shook up and felt kind of dumb. The guy said he wasn’t surprised and would they believe that about twenty other people had reported the same story.


[Brunvand, 1981, collected in 1978]

Someone Miss Packard knew, unfortunately, I cannot remember the person’s name, was driving on a deserted road towards Holbrook on a cold, rainy night. As she was driving, she saw a figure on the side of the road, soaking wet trying to thumb a ride. She felt sorry for the person, stopped the car, and a young man sat down in the front seat. After a long period of silence he said, “Jesus is coming again.” She turned to look at him, and he was gone.

[de Vos, 1996, collected in 1984]
In February 1602 an unnamed vicar and two farmers were traveling back from the Candlemas fair in Vastergotland (at this time of year the vehicle they used must have been a sleigh). On the road to Vadstena they were accosted by a “nice” and “lovely” female dressed like a serving-girl who asked for (and was given) a ride. At a wayside halting-station they all alighted to get some food; the girl, however, only wanted something to drink. A jug of beer was procured for her. The vicar observed she did not take it up and found it was filled with malt. A second jug mysteriously changed from beer to acorns and a third — apparently under the vicar’s nose — to blood. At this point the serving-girl announced (as if interpreting these omens): “There will be good crops this year. There will be enough fruits on the trees. There will also be many wars and plague.” With which she vanished.

[Collected via e-mail, September 2012]

The story is going around that a woman was driving on the interstate and she saw a man walking. She felt very impressed to stop and pick him up and resisted the ideal. She had never done anything like that before. Then she felt like she had to stop and pick him up and she did. He got into the car and said “Everyone does not need to be concern about who is going to be the President, because there is going to be a great disaster happening before the election.He just dissappeared and she was so shock she could not even move to drive away.

A deputy stopped to see if she was okay and she told him what happened and he stated that she was the fourth person that had told him the same thing happened to them.


I can hear and talk to jinns. Jinns are kind of like ghosts; they have feelings, desires, names and so forth. I’ve never actually seen one, though. They typically talk to me when I’m alone in my room. There are friendly jinns and ones that aren’t so friendly. When I was in a hospital about a year ago [as a patient], a female jinn walked into the room I was in and asked me if I was OK. She was concerned about me, basically.

One time I was having a panic attack and a jinn told me to read a book, so I did. After a few minutes of reading, the panic attack went away. Those are just some examples of friendly jinns that I’ve come into contact with.

I’ve had tons of experiences with bad jinns, too. I’ve had jinns tell me to castrate myself or jump off a bridge. The bad jinns just seem to enjoy slandering me. They insult me and tell me that I’m worthless.


That’s pretty interesting some people think Jinns are beings that are between Angels and Humans or that they are a type of angel.

I would say probably in the rank of powers.


Well this looks a more interesting topic,


Glad to hear join in on the convo.

Awesome trailer and film score but terrible film.

I have a theory that Jinn, Roman, Greek, and Hindu gods are elemental spirit’s or Nephilim.

Generally speaking I accept the teachings that Nephilim were the product of the sons of Seth mating with daughters of Cain.

Recently I have heard of theories about Eve mating with the serpent and of course there is the mythological legend of Lilith.


Interesting! I’ve never heard of jinns before.

Do you ever have difficulty discerning between friendly ones and the not-friendly ones?


I have read up about the Djinn a little bit.

I have found them to be a really fascinating subject.

They are also known as “Genies,” like people used to think of in the old days, where you would literally “find a Genie in a bottle.”

There are some interesting theories about them out there on the Internet.

I have also read the same thing as you though, @Governator, where they’re supposed to be some kind of an elemental being or spirit.

I have also read that they have been around for thousands of years, perhaps even longer than humans have even been in existence on the Earth.

They supposedly can shape-shift and can take on a human form, among other things.

As @drac16 mentioned, just like anything, there are good and bad Djinn.


Check this article out it’s about a priest who exorcises Jinn spirit’s out of people in the Middle East.

Found some videos online but not of the same priest.

The Coptic Christian exorcism is a lot like a Deliverance service.

I don’t believe it requires any psychological evaluation so I won’t post any of the videos because I’m not sure that the people are truly possessed and even then probably not a good thing to post.

Also this is a very interesting video a 2 year old girl prophesizes Christ return.


I had an experience/vision when I was around 9 years old. It’s indirectly connected to a well known Marian apparition from the Balkans involving several visionaries.

One evening, my family was settling down to pray the rosary at the kitchen table. Facing me was a photograph of the Virgin Mary. It’s looks like a double exposure photograph of the Virgin Mary with a tree in the background, apparently taken at the sight of the apparition. My mom ran her fingers around the photograph, pointing out the symbolism of minuscule details. I found it all creepy and unsettling.

That night while asleep, I had my vision. It began with me being suspended in complete darkness. Suddenly I could hear fire and screaming. When I say I could hear fire, it’s not the sound of flames crackling over wood but rather more like a thousand blow torches simultaneously being turned on.

I could hear the screams of people and they were joined by more and more voices, soon reaching a deafening crescendo. The sounds of the screaming and fire merged into unison, as if one were to stand directly behind a jet engine.

The fire was coming up behind me and was burning with ferocious intensity and heat. I was now in a middle of a circle of fire and it was beginning to engulf me from all sides. A good description would be if one were to stand inside the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings movies.

The fierce noise would easily drown out my voice, regardless I screamed with all my might at the top of my lungs.


The moment I said this, POOF! I was gently floating forward surrounded by blue skies with clouds overhead and beneath me. I remember feeling peace and relief, knowing that something or someone had intervened on my behalf.

I immediately awoke and looked to my bedroom door. I was fully expecting my parents to kick it open because of my scream. But they never came. There was also a strange sensation that I was still floating. I was in bed with a blanket overtop but I couldn’t feel the weight of it nor that of my body on the mattress. After a minute or two, the feeling disappeared.

Additional comments:

I have a few things I could say about this and I have my own theories, but I will just leave it with this unless anyone has questions or comments.

Did I simply have a bad nightmare?
I’ve had plenty of dreams and nightmares, but I can’t remember any of them the next day. My experience happened over 30 years ago and while it is fading from memory, I can still remember it in great detail.


That’s intense. She’s right, though.


Wow! Reading your description of this experience gave me “goose bumps,” as we would say, or the experience of “someone walking up and down your spine!”

That must have been some experience!

Thanks for sharing it with us.

I have a very open mind, as many types of unusual experiences happen to me.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks and you’re welcome. I’ve only ever shared the experience to one other person.

But thought where better to share it than in this thread on our forum. :relieved:

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