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How many of you guys think that Hitler didn’t really die in 1945?

It’s been more heavily hinted that it’s not a crackpot conspiracy that Hitler may have actually lived his last days in Argentina.



I’ve heard about this more and more, where he supposedly went to Argentina to live.


I have heard this conspiracy in various forms for years and years, and I do not believe it. I think this is just misinformation most likely on Stalin’s part.


So no secret base on the moon equipped with dino riding she wolf’s and attack UFO’S…


It’s real, absolutely no question. Our only defence is to stay in a state of Grace at all times.


Agreed! There was an excellent documentary about this, maybe on History channel. Apparently it’s well known by the folks in that area of Argentina. I believe there was also a structure found in the woods that looked like Nazi design (whatever that is). Fascinating!


It was called ‘Hunting Hitler’. Yes, History Channel, I think. Absolutely fascinating!


In the 1970’s, my father was a British journalist working for an American national newspaper. I remember clearly him going down to Brazil and locating the whereabouts of Dr Josef Mengele.
The doctor disappeared when he heard about the proximity of two Western journalists.


My best friend is Argentinian and I have heard these stories. But I repeat, no matter what, the only defence we have in this world is to stay in a state of Grace. The Sacraments are there to protect us.


He definitely escaped. Lower ranking Nazis made it out. Some say he stayed in Argentina; however, he was probably moved. Staying in Argentina would have attracted attention from his loyal followers. Perhaps he assumed a position within the group of seven men that control the world?


I doubt it some of those guys were Jewish he didn’t exactly like the Jews.

What about the spear of destiny?

Charlemagne had it but he and everyone who has ever had it has died.


It’s more terrifying to think that a small elite control the world


I like this image of connections within a group.


Reminds me of this…

Kabalalistic tree of life and seven chakras.

Jewish occultism and Hindu Yogi.


Anyone have any Christmas miracle stories or prayer’s answered by God and St Nicholas?


Dicken’s A Christmas Carol

“If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips should be boiled with his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. He should!"



I think my favorite ghost was the ghost of Christmas Present.



The boogeyman is generally the dead of the netherworld. Father God battles evil by salvaging souls through His Son, Jesus Christ. Without Christ’s powers of divine restoration or salvation of the soul upon bodily death, we would all be evil and wicked in the afterlife. We could even be a boogeyman.


I always thought the Boogeyman was a cat burglar as a kid or sometimes a creepy monster made entirely of boogers.

Where does this lore originate from?

I have heard of the spirit’s of the damned haunting places and possessing people like Judas Iscariot but have never heard them referred to as Boogeymen

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