Thing's That Go Bump In The Night


I looked into it awhile back it was basically a mistranslation of the word Canaanite.

St Christopher was a Canaanite and so he other saints with such ancestry are depicted with dog heads.


Seems simple enough. But what of the other cases of this race of dog-headed people having been spotted in other parts of the world?


People, gods and demigods as well as various monsters have been depicted with animal heads.

We see this in Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and Mesoamerica.

My opinion is it could be linked to animalism, spiritism, shamanism, and totems.

One theory that I have is this Father Ripperger talks about a phenomenon in demonic possession which he has dubbed morphing.

Morphing is what he describes as a demon creating the illusion of a person turning into an animal or a hideous beast.

It may very well be that what some ancient civilizations called gods were actually a group of magicians that were demonically possessed or were in some sort of satanic pact.


Seems plausible enough. What is your opinion on the existence of alien life, then?


The other thing I forgot to mention is we know from Native Americans and those in tribal villages from South America and Africa use hallucinogenic substances for spirit journeys.

It might be what was considered the medicine man or woman came up with theses deities that ancient civilizations worshiped.

With aliens my opinion is I have none.

I think most of the stuff we hear about is bogus but the possibility of other intelligent life I don’t rule out I just don’t think we will find out about it on basic cable watching ancient aliens.



I was once followed on my way to Adoration at 1am for several miles. I drove around the block and doubled back just to make sure I was really being followed. The person stopped after I drove into the church parking lot, but she got out of her truck, leaned on the door of the truck, and continued watching me. I didn’t know who she was or why she followed me, but it really scared me.


That’s creepy man.

Maybe she was possessed. :scream:


What happened when you finished and came back to your car?


Some people do things like that just for kicks. Give her a good turn and pray for her soul.


Governator - Yes, the concept of the ‘enemy of my enemy, is my friend’, often does not stand the test of time - so often those same friends, a little further down the political timeline, end up biting one on the ‘butt’.


Happened to me when I was young. 2am, about 14 miles of driving. I drove past my house, and all the way back through the whole town to the police station and pulled up to the front door. They left me alone after that.


There could be life, but not as we know it. (paraphrasing a dance tune from the eighties)


I haven’t been followed while driving, but it happened to me while walking a few times when I was younger during my teenage years, and then once while living here.

I was followed both by people/someone on foot, and by men who were in cars.

It can be very frightening, for sure.

Someone kept circling around the area where the bus stop was, while I was waiting for a bus, not long after we moved here.

I was the only one there, and when I noticed what was happening, I started walking away and went to wait some place else where I couldn’t be seen, until the bus came.

I had timed it so that I wouldn’t have to wait long for the bus anyway, and I was in a busy enough area.

I didn’t see them after I had walked away, but I thought that it was weird…

I have never been bothered since then, and I am careful of my surroundings.


It’s for people that do bad things to the innocent that I often wish for God’s justice…


I definitely understand that…

That’s why I like referring to St. Faustina’s Diary of Divine Mercy so much, as Jesus explains His Justice there, as he does His Mercy.


I imagine it looked like the "Wolf’s Lair in the Black Forrest.


Reminds me of Wolfenstein the PC Game.

I’m showing my age again. :smile:


Goodness. I think I had that for Apple ][.


Yep Doom, Hexen and Wolfenstein were the first 3D first person shooter game’s.

I’m not a gamer but I did play Doom.


Usually a combination Magnesium sulfate, high blood pressure medication and steroids for the baby’s little lungs. I suppose any of these could cause hallucinations, the Magnesium sulfate will make you dizzy and very tired. But that would not explain your husband’s experience…

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