Thing's That Go Bump In The Night


Thanks for sharing that was a really interesting story.


I remember watchin’Harvey’ and then looking up what a ‘pooka’ was. These jinn sound as if the are made up of the same stuff. I’d avoid them, and even if they appeared kindly ignore or avoid them.


I’ve always been very intrigued with the supernatural. I do have a very strong fear of it though. Won’t let my kids play with Ouija boards, etc.

Here’s a story:

About 20 years ago, we visited New Hope, PA. It has a main street with many types of shops. We walked into a cool-looking shop with incense burning and strange symbols. They were playing a type of music that I thought of as ritualistic. I quickly realized that it was a witches store (for lack of a better name).

Once I realized where I was, I immediately felt something push my chest, as though it was trying to prevent me from going further. I also had some shortness of breath and a feeling of dread. I excused myself and went outside, where I quickly felt better.

I’m convinced that something evil didn’t want me in there. Or maybe it was my guardian angel protecting me?


Another way to look at it…people 100, 200 yrs from now, will be looking back to the times we are currently living in, and doing the exact same thing, Im sure many of the medical things we consider to be safe and normal right now, will eventually be proven either wrong or totally inaccurate, just like we joke about things like bloodletting in the past, how could those people taken part in that or believed it would work…same thing will be asked in the future of accepted practices today, how could those crazy people in the early 2000s have done those things, how could they not know better!!!

Its just something to think about!


What do you guys think of HARP?

I have seen some videos talking about this.

A lot of UFO phenomenon and the sound of trumpets.

The Trumpets might be sirens to be fair but definitely very eerie.


Check this out.

This guy also has a lot of videos on encounters with Big Foot.

I wonder if they are really all the same things Giants, Trolls, Ogres, Oni, Sasquatch and Yetti.


The púca (Irish for spirit/ghost), pooka, phouka, phooka, phooca, puca or púka is primarily a creature of Celtic folklore.[1] Considered to be bringers both of good and bad fortune, they could either help or hinder rural and marine communities.The Púca can have dark or staunch white fur or hair. The creatures were said to be shape changers which could take the appearance of horses, goats, cats, dogs, and hares. They may also take a human form, which includes various animal features, such as ears or a tail.

The púca has counterparts throughout the Celtic cultures of Northwest Europe. For instance, in Welsh mythology it is named the pwca and in Cornish the Bucca.[2] In the Channel Islands, the pouque were said to be fairies who lived near ancient stones; in Channel Island French a cromlech is referred to as a pouquelée or pouquelay(e); poulpiquet and polpegan are corresponding terms in Brittany.[3][4]úca

I was curious so I looked it up.


Fairies were to be avoided. The Irish don’t see them as ‘Tinkerbell’. They often said mad people had been touched by the A Fairies, very scary.


Yeah there more like Warick Davis in Leprechaun.


Ive met my gaurdian angel a few times. The first I can remember I was either late teens or very early 20’s when I was going to my (then) boyfriends house. It was late, got off at the exit, and was the first car in the far left lane at the red light. There were other cars behind and to the right of me, waiting on the light. When it turned green, something just told me don’t go. Not an audible voice but the message was received loud and clear enough that the people to the right of me had already started thru the intersection in their lanes but I stayed put, not much more after that, I wanna say some people started honking, but I really don’t remember. But either way, someone was watching over me bc no sooner than I started to rethink the Don’t Go message, a mustang came flying thru his (SUPPOSED) to be red light and would have T-boned me had I gone, based on where I would have been compared to the people on my right who had already gone when the light turned green.


So maybe not “met”. But the next “encounter” was November 4,2010, not even 24 hours after my son was born 6 weeks early because of my severe pre-eclampsia. I still to this day don’t know what exactly I experienced, but the image of a large dove rising and falling like an ocean wave, only a bright, huge, dovish shaped light “flew” thru the huge hospital window and stopped at the foot of my bed to become a beam of light , but you sense a man like person talking about the child is blessed but speaking in biblical , “thou, thy, etc” terms. I wrote down everything that was said but, seven years and 2 moves later, I don’t remember and can’t find the paper. My hubby also had his own separate visit in the comfy couch beds dads get to sleep on :slight_smile:️.

Believe me, I know how crazy it sounds and, big as my faith is, I was the first one googling “can this drug (pre-eclampsia drug…can’t think of the name right now) cause hallucinations”!


Considering there are billions upon billions of galaxies, it is more reasonable to assume there is other intelligent life than to assume there is not


Check this out.


@spiritualsoldier please tell us also about the tears of the blessed mother chaplet and your experiences with it.

I have heard of the sorrowful rosary but little about the chaplet you mentioned in another post.


Thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:


I unfortunately have several others to share that are not so good in nature, but I never know how, as a Catholic, to pursue my supernatural interests without feeling like I’m dipping a toe in the demonic. As a younger evangelical, I had played "harmlessly " with Ouija boards that may have kept open doors that never should have been opened. :flushed:But even before doing that stuff in middle/high school, I’d always “seen” stuff, had a few crazy prophetic dreams, etc and younger Jess thought I’d tackle the "charismatic ", which, needless to say, did not go well. But, thankfully, hubby was cradle Catholic, I was a reluctant Catholic until RCIA and joining the Church in 2012​:grin:. So, all my rambling to say, even with all my curiosity and interest and experiences, I’m very cautious about how I handle any unusual things that normally I would have jumped in. That’s why for years I’ve mainly lurked on End Times Speculation, never really knowing what to contribute, but getting my “fix”!


You know what this thread is really here to talk about both.

I encourage more stories about positive experiences but most people have an abundance of negative experiences so it balances things out.

I think in the older two threads people didn’t want to get involved because they thought the thread centered around the demonic.

We do talk about the demonic and spiritual warfare and encourage people to post here with those issues so we can direct them to helpful resources.

We also talk about the weirder stuff like Bigfoot, Yetti, Chupacabra, etc.


Check this out everyone is freaking out about the 23rd and some are saying all the natural disasters are caused by HAARP which is weather control.

Is it possible that the elite are causing devastation to bring people to their knees so that they will worship the beast?


Thanks for sharing this story with us.

I’m glad that you listened to that voice, and that you weren’t hurt. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your story reminds me of another situation that I had too, with my Guardian Angel, which I will share here.

I was driving my car some years ago, sitting at this short intersection in my car, waiting at a red light.

I heard an inner voice suddenly telling me to “MOVE!,” urgently.

I didn’t have time to stop and think, but I did what it said and I listened to it, and I moved my car up, even though I was in a precarious spot, sitting closer up into the little intersection.

Many people don’t think about this intersection, as it comes off of a main intersection with a stoplight. It comes upon you, after turning a corner. You don’t expect to come on to it so quickly, so you really have to pay attention to it, as it comes upon you rather suddenly.

I looked up quickly into my rear view mirror to see what was going on. There were no other cars in front of me, or around me, when suddenly from behind, two cars appeared behind me, one behind the other.

The one car slammed into the rear of the other car, rear-ending that other car, and pushing that car forward up towards the back of my car. Luckily, there was space between that car and my car, because I had already moved forward.

If I hadn’t moved forward into the intersection when I did, I would have been the car that would have been hit, instead.

So, I had avoided a car accident, by listening to that voice when I did, and by listening to what it was commanding me to do.


God is always watching out for us, though sometimes we can’t believe or feel it.
When my husband was hospitalized with a serious infection, I was very concerned, and prayed for him.
I had checked my bank account that morning, and had $333.30 in checking.
When I went to the hospital to visit my husband, he was in room 333. I looked up the significance of the number 3, which seems to be that God is sovereign.
The coincidence was very reassuring.

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