Things That Impress Me About Pope Francis

Hey all… I finally got back to my posting on the $20,000 cost for cardinal outfits…my mistake…the amount was overall not monthly. So I stand corrected on that… thank you for pointing things out. A lot of good points were made in that the cost of clothing as high cost in the beginning and then depreciating over the years made sense…

I did not personally make any statement other than to over-read the money amount… but the article is very neat and it can be found at

I do believe this is a non-catholic source which speaks to the blessing we have in this current pope … enjoy.

I would of quoted that mistake in the last posting, but I left to other things for a few days and when I got back the thread was closed… this is the second time my thread has been closed without me even having a chance to participate…I wonder if part of the closing process could involve informing the poster…just a thought…


As this has nothing to do with this thread title what is your purpose?

Restarting closed threads is against the forum’s rules.

Might I suggest contacting a moderator or forum administrator if you have any questions.

I am not starting a closed thread I am focusing on the article… which is the article I was talking about in the last one about the cardinals clothing. Have you checked the article itself? Its a great tribute to this pope…


who is the forum moderator? How do I connect with him or her…

the purpose of the thread is to look at the article :slight_smile: Radical I know… but it was the article that I misread the cardinal clothing budget… but there are like 14 other things about this pope that are remarkable…that is the focus I am talking about this time around.


Thread and article are unrelated.


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