Things to Confess


Um ok so hey guys first post here. So i’ve always been “catholic” but im just now becoming a practicing one. so i was planning on going to confession (first time) sometime. and theres a sin im totally not proud of that i’ve committed three times. (though only twice with knowledge of the grave matter)

So i’ve kinda “felt up” a girl a little bit 3 times without their knowledge…and i’m wondering how i should confess this…

the reason i ask is because there is a bit more but i dont want to get too graphic on the forums so i’ll just leave it there…i guess what im asking is would i just say “impure touching” without the girls knowledge 3 times? does that only include touching with the hands or what?

I mean this all happened a while ago. and im a teenager by the way. not that that’s justification but just to get things kind of in focus


Well, I cannot tell you how to confess your sins, but definely there is no need to b graphic and go into too much details…

Btw, I hope that the rest of the sings you are equally not as proud of as this one… somehow we always feel ashamed when confessing sins related to sexuality, and not so much ashamed when it has something to do with the lack of forgiveness and charity etc :wink:


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